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  • The word "cryogenic" means "producing, or related to, low temperatures," and all cryogenic liquids are extremely cold. Cryogenic liquids have boiling points below -150C.
  • The vapours and gases released from cryogenic liquids also remain very cold. They often condense the moisture in air, creating a highly visible fog.
  • Each cryogenic liquid has its own specific properties but most cryogenic liquids can be placed into one of three groups:Inert Gases, Flammable Gases, Oxygen.
  • Cryogenic liquids are shipped and used in thermally insulated containers. These cryogenic liquid containers are specifically designed to withstand rapid temperature changes and extreme differences in temperature.
  • Cryogenic liquids and their associated cold vapours and gases can produce effects on the skin similar to a thermal burn. Brief exposures that would not affect skin on the face or hands can damage delicate tissues such as the eyes. Prolonged exposure of the skin or contact with cold surfaces can cause frostbite.
  • At cryogenic temperatures many materials behave in ways unfamiliar under ordinary conditions. Mercury solidifies and rubber becomes as brittle as glass. The specific heats of gases and solids decrease in a way that confirms the predictions of quantum theory.
  • Cryogenic Treatment Services provides a specialist cryogenic process for improving the performance of cables, circuit boards and other electronic equipment.
  • Some applications for stored liquefied cryogenic gases are artificial insemination, astronomy, aviation/ aerospace, back-up refrigeration, chromotography, cryo-branding, dermatology, drinks production and dispensing, electronics, spectroscopy,vaccum technology,paper industry, plastic industry,wood working,agriculture, heavy equipment,marine, aerospace.
  • The historical perspective of the cryogenic recycling process was that it is "too expensive," except very special fields. Today, manufacturers are demanding material of less than 200 micron and that the production process be economical.
  • Cryogenics in India, at last, took a quantum jump at the beginning of 1990s in terms of the production of large volumes of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen, the large men power involved and huge budgets allotted by the funding agencies. The big boost to cryogenic activity in India came from the high technology programmes like the Superconducting Cyclotron development at Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC), Kolkata, the Superconducting LINAC boosters at TIFR, Mumbai and IUAC, New Delhi, and the Superconducting Tokamak at the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Gandhinagar.
  • Cryogenics
  • Cryogenics-FAQ
  • Cryogenic Engineering
  • Cryogenic Material Properties Database
  • Cryogenic Materials
  • Cryogenic Treatment
  • Cryogenic Liquids
  • Cryogenic Metallurgy


  • History of Cryogenic Processing
  • Selection of a Hydrogen Separation Process
  • Air Separation Units and Design
  • Ambient Versus Cryogenic Grinding
  • Cryogenic Purification of Waste Gas
  • Cryogenic Air Separation
  • Cryogenic Process
  • Cryogrinding


  • Cryogenic Technology
  • Cryogenic Grinding Technology
  • Cryogenic Research and Technology at IISc
  • Cryogenic Science and Technology in India
  • Cryogenics Technologies at CERN
  • Cryogenic Instrumentation
  • Ice-Free Cryogenic Technology
  • Advanced Technologies-Shuttle Flight

US Patent

  • Production of Argon from Cryogenic Air Separation Process
  • Cryogenic Air Separation
  • Drag-Reducing Polymer Suspensions
  • Hybrid Prepurifier for cryogenic Air Separation Plants
  • Hydrogen Cryogenic Purification System
  • Process and Installation of Hydrogen Cryogenic Purification
  • Cryogenic Plant Operating Method

Cryogenic Products and Systems

  • Cryogenic Liquid-MSDS
  • Cryosystem Series
  • Corning
  • Cryogenic Products
  • Master Bond-Cryogenic Products
  • AURIGA Cryogenic Suspension System
  • KEK STF Cryogenic System Plan
  • Receiver Cryogenic System
  • Cryogenic System Maintenance
  • Cryogenic Process System

 Machinery Suppliers

  • Cryo-Processor
  • CP-500vi
  • Cosmodyne's GFED Series
  • Cryogenic Equipment Suppliers
  • Nanotechnology Equipment
  • Cryotechnology Companies
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Cryogenic Plants Exporters in India
  • Cryogenic Plants Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
  • Cryogenic Product Suppliers
  • Cryogenic Tanks Suppliers
  • Cryogenic Equipment and Services

Guidelines, Safety and Hazard

  • Hi-Tech Application and Guidelines
  • Cryogenic Protection Guidelines
  • Liquid Cryogenic Targets Guidelines
  • Cryogenic and Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Safety
  • Cryogenic Hazards
  • Experiment Hazard Class 2-Cryogenic Systems
  • Hazard-Specific Issues - Cryogenics
  • Physics Division
  • Cryogenic and OCryogenic Liquids SafetyDH Safety

Price List

  • Cryogenic Products Pricing
  • Cryogenic Shipping and Storage
  • Cryogenic Tempering for Motor Sport Racing Racers Net Price List 
  • NW Cryogenics Master Price List
  • CGA Price List
  • PVC in Automotive
  • Nitrogen Generation Plants Based on Cryogenic Process
  • Food Industry
  • Cryogenic Tanks for Space Applications
  • Cryogenic Aerosol Processes
  • Electronic Applications
  • Cryogenic Treatment of Trumpets
  • Cryogenic Processing Electronics
  • Electronics and Stereos
  • Tempering Applications
  • Cryogenic Processing Machining and Tooling
  • Tool and Die Manufacturing
  • Cryogenics for Medical Imaging
  • Cryogenic Processing
    Motorsports - Automotive
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Cryogenic Processing
  • Cryogenic Aerosol for Zero-Damage Cleaning
  • Cryogenic TMAs in Wireless Systems
  • Cryogenics - Sporting Goods
  • Value-Added Wood Products
  • Applications for Stored Liquefied Cryogenic Gases
  • Welding Electrodes & Contacts
  • Woodworking
  • Cryogenic Processing
  • Cryogenic Treatment Benefits Metals and Plastics
  • Cryogenic Treatment Enhances Stability For Wire EDM Operation
  • World Trade in Spices-2006
  • Cool Energy Limited
  • $ 2-Billion Market Eludes ISRO
  • Atlas Technologies Markets
  • Cryogenic Vessels
  • NASA
  • Biotechnology Industry in India
  • Future Markets

Projects and Consultants

  • Spices Cryo-Project Profile
  • Turnkey Project
  • GSLV Project  Report
  • Cryogenic Consulting Service
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Expert Consulting
  • Experts
  • Stirling Consulting Group


  • Cryogrinding of Plastic to Cut Pollution Level
  • Govt nod for 3 Spices Export Promotion Plans
  • Linde Gas
  • Cryomodule Test Bench
  • Harsco Annual Report-2002

Company Profiles

  • Herbosol Exports
  • Air Liquide Canada
  • Integrated Cryogenics Systems
  • Onecryo
  • Laboratory of Cryogenic Technology
  • Air Products
  • CryoCor
  • Cryogenic Laboratories
  • FCP
  • Cryogenic Society of America
  • Cryostar
  • Cryofin
  • KVK Corporation
  • Quantum
  • Thermal-Vac
  • New England Cryogenic Center

Plant Details

  • Cryogenic Air Separation Plants
  • Cryogenic Plant
  • Cryogenic Plant Services
  • Cryogenic Plant Design-Taiwan
  • Oxygen Gas Plants

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