Datura Stramonium
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  • Datura Stramonium is a legal plant common to dry rangelands, pastures and vacant lots across North America.

  • Datura is a member of the Potato (Solanaceae) Family, also called the Deadly Nightshade Family.

  • All parts of the Datura Stramonium are toxic, and containing the higher amounts of alkaloids atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine.

  • Datura Stramonium, more commonly known as Jimson Weed, is classified as a hallucinogen.

  • Hallucinogens are chemically diverse groups of drugs that alter mood through perception and brain function.

  • The White Devil's Trumpet blooms only at night. The blooms can be seen in the morning and sometimes on cloudy days. That is the reason it is called Devil's Trumpet, blooms at night. 

  • Whereas the Datura that blooms in the day time is called Angel's Trumpet. These blooms are not fragrant, but are very showy and seem to reflect the moon light.

  • It grows only 18 inches high and has a purple throat not found in other species.

  • The rate of Datura Seeds in Indian National Market is 10 - 12 Rs /Kg.

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