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  • Wollastonite, a calcium metasilicate (CaSiO3), has an ideal composition of 51.7% silicon dioxide and 48.3% calcium oxide but can also contain trace to minor amounts of aluminum, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, or strontium substituting for calcium. Wollastonite occurs in
    the form of prismatic crystals that break into tabular-to-acicular fragments.
  • The wollastonite industry is strongly dependent on sales to the ceramics, metallurgical, paint, and plastic industries
  • Worldwide Ceramic applications probably accounted for 30% to 40% of wollastonite sales worldwide, followed by polymers (plastics and rubber) with 30% to 35% of sales, and paint with 10% to 15% of sales. The remaining sales were for construction, friction products, and metallurgical applications.
  • In the USA Plastics and rubber applications were estimated to account for 30% to 35% of U.S. sales, followed by ceramics with 20% to 25%; metallurgical applications, 10% to 20%; paint, 10% to 15%; friction products, 10% to 15%; and miscellaneous, 10% to 15%.
  • Large deposits of wollastonite were in China, Finland, India, Mexico, and the United States. Smaller, but significant, deposits were in Canada, Chile, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.
  • The acicular nature of many wollastonite products allows it to compete with other acicular materials, such as ceramic fiber, glass fiber, steel fiber, and several organic fibers, such as aramid, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polytetrafluoroethylene in products where improvements in dimensional stability, flexural modulus, and heat deflection are sought
  • Wollastonite production in India is currently from the Belkapahar deposit in the state of Rajasthan by Wolkem Pvt. Ltd. Wollastonite is found within limestone horizons which have been replaced by pyroxenites and gneiss in association with contact metamorphism . After hand sorting, the wollastonite has few impurities and is of high aspect ratio. Reserves are very large and production currently is via open-pit mining.
  • While Wollastonite production from North America dominates the world market, a significant and increasing share of production comes from Europe and Asia, specifically Finland, India, and China.
  • In 2012, China was the leading producer of wollastonite with 300,000 t production of ore concentrate. India ranked second
    with 150,000 t of refi ned wollastonite production, followed by the United States (production withheld), Mexico with 55,200 t, Finland with 11,500 t, Spain with 4,000 t, and South Africa
    with 2,400 t. Small quantities of wollastonite may have been produced in other countries
  • In India,Major deposits of wollastonite have been found in Dungarpur, Pali, Sirohi and Udaipur districts in Rajasthan. Besides, in Ghoda area, Banaskantha district in Gujarat and in Dharmapuri and Tirunelveli districts in Tamil Nadu
  • In India, Production of wollastonite at 183 thousand tonnes in 2010-11 registered an increase of 38% as compared to that in the preceding year due to good demand in the market. There were 2 reporting mines during both the years. The entire production was reported from private sector mines located in Rajasthan
  • Bulk demand for wollastonite in India
    is in the ceramic industry for the manufacture of floor and wall tiles while small quantities are used in asbestos-cement products as a partial
    replacement for short fibre asbestos, paint, insecticide, marine wallboard, and welding rod industries.
  • In India, the reported consumption of wollastonite is estimated at 3,300 tonnes in 2010-11. The ceramic industry consumed almost the entire quantity of wollastonite
  • In India, The total production was at 0.132 million tonnes, which satisfies the demand of wollastonite in the country, but the demand estimate is for 0.2 million tonnes by 2016-17. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for wollastonite in the international market, there is a scope for increase in exports of wollastonite from India in value added form of powder, while considering competition from China and USA
  • Prices : Quoted prices for domestically produced acicular wollastonite, ex-works, were $231 to $265 per metric ton for
    200-mesh, $242 to $276 per ton for 325-mesh, and $489 per ton for acicular wollastonite. Prices for wollastonite from China, free on board, in bulk, were $80 to $90 per ton for 200-mesh and $90 to $100 per ton for 325-mesh
  • U.S. and world production and sales of wollastonite may increase by several percentages in 2013
  • U.S. exports were estimated to have increased from those of 2011 but were still likely be less than 10,000 t.
  • U.S. imports were estimated to be slightly more than in 2011 but were still less than 4,500 t in 2012
  • There is an increasing demand for wollastonite in the international markets, specially in ceramic and plastic industries and in construction activities
  • Since, wollastonite is mined and export by only a few countries in the world, there is a scope for increasing the exports of this mineral from India in value-added form as coated powders
 General Information
  • Wollastonite
  • History of wollastonite
  • Wollastonite Gallery
  • Calcium metasilicate (wollastonite)
  • Mineral description of wollastonite
  • General Wollastonite information
  • Compositional limits of Wollastonite
  • Overview of wollastonite

Manufacturing Technology

  • Manufacturing overview of wollastonite
  • Production Issues
  • Preparation of ultra fine high aspect ratio wollastonite powders
  • Preparation of nanocrystalline macroporous wollastonite ceramics
  • Occurence of wollastonite in the Allende meteorite
  • Formation of wollastonite by chemically reactive fluid flow
  • Wollastonite Technologies
  • Iron analysis in wollastonite
  • Solution combustion derived nanocrystalline macroporous wollastonite ceramics
  • Mechanisms of corrosion protection with surface-treated wollastonite pigments
  • Combining cellulose fibers and wollastonite mineral fibers into a Nylon 6 matrix
  • Injection moulding of titanium metal and AW- PMMA composite powders
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by producing calcium carbonates from calcium silicates
  • An AC impedance spectroscopy study of freezing phenomena in wollastonite micro-fibre reinforced cement paste
  • Synthesis and sintering behavior of wollastonite fabricated by a polymer solution technique
  • Chemical durability of β-wollastonite-reinforced glass-ceramics
  • Process handling overview of wollastonite

Functions and Properties

  • Overview of properties of wollastonite
  • Wollastonite-Mineral properties and uses
  • Physical properties of wollastonite
  • Effect of wollastonite on operational characteristics of AWS E6013 electrodes
  • The adhesion phenomena in wollastonite composites
  • Wollastonite reinforced polypropylene composites
  • Geochemistry and oxygen isotopic composition of the Canton Saint-Onge wollastonite deposit
  • Toxicity of wollastonite as compared to amosite asbestos

Company Profiles

  • Associated Ceramics Technology
  • Company - Rajasthan
  • MNC Company
  • Wollastonite Mining
  • Minerals Group
  • New York Co
  • Company in Gujarat
  • PI Industries Ltd.
  • Group of Enterprises
  • Company India Limited


  • Experts in minerals and coal processing
  • Associates
  • Mineral Industry Consultants Association
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  • Minerals Services
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  • Surface pacified wollastonite
  • Reinforcement of ceramic bodies with wollastonite
  • Modified flux composition for cement
  • Reinforced cement sheet product containing Wollastonite for Reduced Shrinkage
  • Crack- Resistance epoxy Resin Molding Composition with Wollastonite
  • Synthesis of Wollastonite from Natural Materials without Fusion
  • Method for the Production of Synthetic Wollastonite Material
  • Liquid Epoxy Resin Composition Containing Wollastonite and Calcite


  • The importance of industrial minerals in our everyday lives
  • Overview of applications of wollastonite
  • Manifold uses of wollastonite
  • Wollastonite-one mineral, a world of applications
  • Wollastonite for products of aluminum industry
  • Applications of wollastonite composites for microcellular injection molding
  • Effectiveness of wollastonite in powder coatings
  • Wollastonite-A versatile functional filler
  • Wollastonite fibers in vitro generate reactive oxygen species
  • Porous apatite-wollastonite glass-ceramic as an intramedullary plug
  • Wollastonite application guide

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Wollastonite
  • Deck plant material
  • GSP
  • Elastomeric aluminum roof coating
  • High density filler
  • USA Company product
  • Branded Product
  • Transite
  • Vansil
  • Safety data for wollastonite

Projects and Products

  • Glasses, glazes and ceramics – Recognition of ancient technology from the raman spectra
  • Enhanced corrosion control in small water systems using calcium silicate contactors
  • wollastonite project
  • The st. Lawrence wollastonite project
  • A low emission technology for the production of tailored silica from wollastonite
  • Thermochemical optimization of float glass composition
  • New wollastonite products for engineered plastic, vertical body panels & bumper/fascia modules
  • Wollastonite products list


  • Production & Consumption data for India -2010
  • Shipment Data - India
  • Consultant - market reports
  • India data - 2011
  • Mining in India
  • India Data - 1988
  • Overview of wollastonite market
  • Wollastonite–A versatile industrial mineral
  • Energy and economic considerations for ex-situ aqueous mineral carbonation
  • Future market of wollastonite


  • Overview of mining
  • Wollastonite in South Australia
  • Wollastonite in Tasmania
  • Toxicology and epidemiology of Wollastonite
  • Vesuvianite–wollastonite–grossular-bearing calc-silicate rock near Tatapani
  • Metastable non-stoichiometric diopside and Mg-wollastonite
  • The mining sector potential along Nambia
  • Wollastonite statistics
  • Crystal structures of wollastonite and pectolite
  • Tannin block study using wollastonite products
  • Fording Inc. annual report
  • References on Wollastonite

World Production & Consumption Data

  • Wollastonite market in 2002
  • Wollastonite market in 2003
  • Wollastonite market in 2004
  • Wollastonite market in 2005
  • Wollastonite market in 2006
  • Wollastonite market in 2006
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  • Wollastonite market in 2008
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  • Wollastonite market in 2010
  • Wollastonite market in 2011
  • Wollastonite market in 2012
  • Global Market Data 2009 to 2013

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers

  • Mineral Trading Company
  • List of distributors
  • Wollastonite suppliers directory
  • China suppliers of wollastonite
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  • Wollastonite trade leads
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