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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Adiponitrile is the organic compound with the formula (CH2)4(CN)2.
  • This dinitrile, a viscous, colourless liquid, is an important precursor to the polymer nylon 66. In 2005, about one billion kilograms were produced annually
  • Nearly 90% of world adiponitrile capacity is in the United States and Western Europe with three producers
  • Adiponitrile is consumed in the production of HMDA.
  • Consumption of HMDA throughout the world remains closely tied to demand for nylon 66 fibers and resins. Nylon 66 fibers and resins account for more than 90% of the combined regional consumption of the United States, Western Europe, China and Japan
  • The major route for the synthesis of adiponitrile (ADN) involves electrosynthesis, starting from acrylonitrile (AN) in an electrochemical reactor
  • Most HMDA demand growth in North America and Europe will result from increased demand in the nylon 66 resin industry, primarily in automotive applications
  • Other growing nylon 66 resin applications include electronic applications, film and extrusion coatings.

Basic Information

  • 1,4-Dicyanobutane

  • Nylon & ABS Market Overview

  • Butadiene

  • Hexamethylenediamine

  • Market Brief

  • Nylon Chip 66 Price

  • Rubber Value Chain

  • Chemicals Value Chain

  • Chemical Technology

  • Biologically Interesting Natural Products

  • Catalysts for synthesis of organic compounds

Research Issues
  • Biomonomers  for Polyamides
  • Catalysis research
  • Heterogeneous catalysts
  • Homogeneous Catalysts
  • Heterogenization of Homogeneous Catalysts
  • Hydrogenation of dinitrile
  • Half-Hydrogenation of Adiponitrile
  • Hydrocyanation of Alkenes and Alkynes
  • Hydrogenation of adiponitrile
  • The Nickel-Catalyzed Hydrocyanation of Vinylarenes and Dienes
  • Gas-phase hydrogenation of adiponitrile
  • Synthesis of Heterocycles
  • Process for purification of adiponitrile
  • Manufacture of adiponitrile
  • Process for separating adiponitrile from reaction mixture 
  • Manufacturing adiponitrile
  • Hydrogenation of adiponitrile
  • Purification of adiponitrile
  • Treatment of adiponitrile
  • Product Recovery
  • Process for improving adiponitrile quality
  • Improved hydrocyanation process

Companies & Products

  • Company Profile

  • Major Player

  • Product of Company in Belgium

  • Product of California company

  • New jersey Company product

  • Companies join for product development

  • International Company

  • Company Report

Legal & Regulatory Issues

  • Disputes between companies
  • Disputes in the production of adiponitrile

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