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  • Propineb is a protectant foliar-applied fungicide with long residual activity and belongs to the dithiocarbamate group of compounds.
  • It is used as a protective treatment on several crops for the control of various fungi, especially Oomycetes, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes
    and Fungi imperfecti.
  • Propineb controls blight on potatoes and tomatoes, downy mildew on hops and vines, apple scab, blue mould on tobacco and Sigatoka disease of bananas.
    It can also be used on gooseberries, black currants, celery and cereals.
  • There is need for going in for technical collaboration in the manufacturing of formulations as the production of formulations of pesticides, herbicides , insecticides attract stringent environ protection laws and high capital & working expenses are involved

Formulations Information

  • Pesticides and Pesticides Formulations
  • New pesticide molecules, formulation technology and uses: Present status and future challenges
  • Best practice for Vegetables
  • Formulations and mixing order


  • Registered or approved uses of propineb
  • Managing foliar diseases in potatoes
  • The use in Grapes
  • Application for Chickpea
  • Dosage for Crops
  • Analysis of Propineb in Fruit and Vegetables

Manufacturers  & Suppliers

  • Global Suppliers
  • Chinese Suppliers


  • Commercial Fungicide
  • Propineb
  • Product of China
  • Product of USA
  • Fungicide spray - Australia

Consultancy & Information Sources

  • Agro Service Consultancy Directory
  • Consultant - Market research reports
  • Pesticides Manual
  • Pesticide Evaluation Review and Safe Use


  • Use of Propineb for physiological curative treatment under Zinc deficiency
  • Use of Propineb as bird repellent
  • Patent agents

Environment & Safety Issues

  • Product Evaluation
  • Procedure followed for the re-evaluation process
  • The Accumulation and Histological Effects

Market Scenario

  • Project proposal in India
  • China Agro Chemicals
  • Imports into India
  • Exports from India
  • Products of Chinese company

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