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  • Atrazine is an herbicide that does not occur naturally. Pure atrazine is an odorless, white powder that is not very volatile, reactive, or flammable and
    that will dissolve in water.
  • It is a herbicide that selectively controls broad-leaf (dicotyledonous) weeds such as pigweed, cocklebur, velvetleaf and certain grass weeds in fields of maize and sorghum.
  • Atrazine is produced by a continuous process where isopropylamine is reacted with cyanuric acid under
    basic conditions, forming 2,4-dichloro-6-isopropylamino-s-triazine, which is then reacted with monoethylamine and dilute caustic to form atrazine.
  • The synthesis of atrazine involves the nucleophilic substitution reactions of alkyl amines (isopropylamine and ethylamine) with cyanuric chloride.
  • Atrazine is the most widely used herbicide in conservation tillage systems, which are designed to prevent soil erosion.
  • A major atrazine technical exporter in the world is China, with 70% of atrazine. The supply and price of Chinese atrazine have great impacts on the global market. The domestic consumption grows stably.
  • Globally, atrazine is used in the production of maize, sorghum, sugar cane, pineapples, chemical fallows, grassland, macadamia nuts, conifers, and for industrial weed control.
  • Syngenta is the single largest producer of atrazine, accounting for well over 60% of total sales worldwide.
  • Atrazine is widely registered around the world, including in the US, India and China.
  • Atrazine is easily broken down, making it only slightly toxic to aquatic life-forms such as whitefish. In whitefish, poisoning has caused the accumulation of the product in the brain, gall bladder, liver, and gut.
General Information
  • Atrazine
  • FAQ
  • Chemical Profile for Atrazine
  • Toxicity and Physical Properties of Atrazine
    and its Degradation Products
  • Atrazine Introduction


  • Antibody for the detection and quantification of Atrazine
  • Flowable Herbicides
  • Herbicidal method using atrazine
  • Mixed Bacterial Culture for atrazine degradation
  • Simple system for decomposing atrazine n wastewater
  • Synergistic herbicidal compositions of Dimethenamid, Sulcotrione, and Atrazine

Products and MSDS

  • Aatrex
  • Bicep II Magnum
  • Atrazine 4L Herbicide
  • Atrazine 90DF Herbicide
  • Atrazine 900 WG Herbicide
  • Atrazine 500SC
  • Atrazine Data sheet
  • Hi-YieldŽ Atrazine Lawn Weed Killer
  • Atrazine MSDS
  • Atrazine
  • Sanonda Herbicide Atrazine 900WG
  • Titan Atrazine
  • MSDS - Atrazine

Production Process

  • Optimization of a manufacturing process for atrazine
  • Evaluation of manufacturing process for the production of atrazine


  • Decision Documents for Atrazine
  • Bacterial culture for atrazine degradation
  • Market Details
  • Atrazine - its success
  • Atrazine - a report
  • Production
  • Rate Reduction of Atrazine Could Have Same Effect As Ban


  • Atrazine suppliers
  • Chinese Suppliers
  • Exporters
  • Indian Suppliers
  • Atrazine Manufacturers and Exporters

Company Profiles

  • Company from Australia
  • Company from Indianapolis
  • Company from Mauritius
  • Company from China
  • Another company from Australia
  • Company from North California
  • Company from Florida
  • Company from San Juan PR
  • Company from United States
  • Company from Yangpu Shanghai
  • Company from Belrose
  • Another Company from United States
  • Expert

Raw Material suppliers

  • Caustic soda suppliers
  • Cyanuric Acid Suppliers
  • Isopropylamine
  • Monoethylamine


  • Chronic Toxicity of Atrazine to Sago Pondweed at a Range of Salinities
  • Faculty Publications: Department of Entomology
  • Extension Toxicology Network
  • Toxicological Effects
  • Health and Safety guide
  • Background and Environmental Exposures to Atrazine in the US
  • Toxic Effects of Atrazine
  • Atrazine
  • Atrazine Toxicity


  • Toxicity Assessment of Atrazine
  • Bioremediation of the Herbicide Atrazine
  • Atrazine Herbicide Used in US Corn Belt
  • Atrazine in Public Water Systems and Watersheds
  • Atrazine causes prostate inflammation in male rats and delays puberty
  • Pesticide Atrazine Can Turn Male Frogs Into Females
  • Atrazine poisoning  worse than expected
  • Reproductive toxicity - Atrazine

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