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  • Aureofungin is a heptaene type of antifungal antibiotic used for controlling plant fungal
    infections and diseases, during pre and post harvesting period of various crops.
  • Polyene antibiotics are known for their remarkable antifungal properties. The alkali metal and quaternary alkylammonium salts of amphotericin B, nystatin and aureofungin have been prepared by ion-exchange method.
  • The physico-chemical and biological properties of these salts have been studied with a view to evaluate their therapeutic advantages over the parent
  • Biosynthesis of aureofungin by Streptoverticillium cinnamoneum var, terricola was found to be an oxygen dependent reaction. An accelerated rate of aureofungin production, along with a better yield coefficient were obtained under conditions of enhanced aeration during fermentation. A higher oxygen transfer rate was found to stimulate aureofungin A, and suppresses aureofungin B formation.
  • The widely used agricultural antifungal agent aureofungin (ARF) was subjected to genotoxicity assessment using the Ames Salmonella assay as well as the in vivo micronucleus test and dominant lethal test in Swiss mice.
  • The root of coconut gardens in Arsikere feeding with Aureofungin-sol (1.3%) + Bordeaux mixture (1(Yo) soil drenching at quarterly interval along with soil application of neem cake at 5 kg/palm/year was found to be most effective in checking the disease.
General Information
  • Aureofungin Data Sheet
  • Aureofungin - Identification


  • Classification of Polyene Antibiotics According to Chemical Structure and Biological Effects
  • Studies of Aureofungin as seed treatment in controlling seed borne fungal diseases


  • Water Soluble amide derivatives of polyene antibiotic and their antifungal activity
  • Epidemiology and control of root rot disease of apple trees caused by Dematophora Necatrix
  • Citrus Diseases
  • Control of important crop disease
  • Plant Pathology - Leaf Rust of Wheat
  • Association of lasiodoplodia theobromae with different decline disorders in mango
  • Post-Harvest technology of mango fruits, its development, physiology, pathology, and marketing in pakistan
  • Studies on the influence of vesicular-arbuscular  mycorrhae on white root rot of apple
  • Studies of control of blackspot formation on mangoes
  • Management of basal stem rot of coconut
Patent & Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Antifungal Preparation
  • Derivatives of polyene macrolide antibiotics containing an amino sugar moiety, process for the preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
  • Fungicidal composition for through periderm bark application to wood plants
  • Method for seperatind and purifying polyene macrolide antibiotics
  • Process for producing a polyene antibiotic
  • Aureofungin

Regulatory Act

  • The Insecticides Act, 1968
  • List of pesticides for use in grapes for control of insect pests, diseases and weeds approved by the CIB of Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, New Delhi under the Insecticides Act 1968

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  • Consultant from India
  • Suppliers from Canada
  • Suppliers from China
  • Aureofungin trade leads


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