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  • Carbendazim is a widely used broad-spectrum benzimidazole fungicide. A 4.7% solution of carbendazim hydrochloride is sold as Eertavas, an effective treatment for Dutch elm disease.
  • Carbendazim is used to control a wide range of fungi, including Ascomycetes, Fungi Imperfecti and numerous Basidiomycetes, which result in plant diseases such as: leaf spots, blotches and blights; fruit spots and rots; sooty molds; scabs; bulb, corn and tuber decays, blossom blights, powdery mildews, certain rusts; and common soilborne crown and root rots.
  • It is used on cereals, cotton, grapes, bananas and other fruit, ornamentals, plantation crops, sugar beet, soybeans, tobacco, turf, vegetables, mushrooms, and many other crops under most climatic conditions worldwide.
  • Carbendazim is formulated as an aqueous dispersion, aqueous suspension, flowable water dispersible granules and a wettable powder.
  • pH of the aqueous dispersion: pH range: 0.5 to 8.5
  • Wetting of the material: It shall be completely wetted in 2 minutes without swirling.
  • Wet sieve test: Maximum: 0.5% retained on a 75 μm test sieve.
  • Suspensibility: A minimum of 60% of the carbendazim content shall be in suspension after 30 minutes in CIPAC Standard Water C.
  • Alternatively, if the buyer requires other CIPAC Standard Waters to be used, then this shall be specified when ordering.
  • Degree of dispersion: Still under consideration
  • Persistent foam: Maximum: 25 ml after 1 min.
  • Dustiness: Maximum 12 mg collected dust
  • Carbendazim is a very dangerous chemical toxin, causing malformations in the foetus at very low doses and it is not known if a safe level exists. Carbendazim is capable of disrupting chromosome unfolding, can cause infertility and cancer.

  • Being mutagenic plus reprotoxic, Carbendazim will be banned immediately under the new rules of Regulation 1107/2009 which enter into force June, 2011. It would therefore be a grave disrespect of citizenís health and the environment if it would still be allowed on the market by Council just one day before this Regulation enters in force.


  • Carbendazim
  • General Information
  • Types of hazards/exposures


  • Chemical properties
  • Physical properties
  • Properties of carbendazim
  • Carbendazim Physical And Chemical Properties


  • Carbendazim products
  • Products
  • Product catalog
  • Products of carbendazim
  • Product description
  • Product list


  • Fungicidal Compositions
  • Process for reducing the proportions of by products in the preparation of carbendazim
  • Compositions for combatting phytopathogenical fungi and bacteria employing mixtures of benzyl phenol derivatives and carbendazim
  • Aqueous dispersion having a fungicidal and algicidal effect
  • Low-temperature-stable preservatives
  • Fungicidal mixtures
Process and consultants
  • Preparation of Carbendazim-Hydrochloride Dihydrate Salt
  • Synthesis of carbendazim
  • Consultant from Washington
  • Consultant from New Delhi
  • Another Consultant from New Delhi


  • Carbendazim suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Selling leads
  • Carbendazim manufacturers
  • Suppliers list

Company profiles

  • Company from Hongkong
  • Company from P.R.China
  • Company from China
  • Company from Xiamen,China


  • Carbendazim review
  • Use of the fungicide carbendazim as a model compound to determine the impact of acute chemical exposure during oocyte maturation and pregnancy outcome in the hamster
  • Review report for the active substance carbendazim
  • How will the Pesticide Residues Committee report carbendazim residues in apples or pears after 15 September 2006?
  • TiO2-based heterogeneous photocatalytic treatment combined with ozonation for carbendazim degradation

Data sheets

  • MSDS 1
  • MSDS 2
  • MSDS 3
  • MSDS 4
  • MSDS 5
  • MSDS 6


  • Toxicology
  • Toxic effect on rats
  • Carbendazim induced Histopathological changes in Adrenal, Thyroid Glands and some Enzyme Activities in Adrenal Gland of Rattus rattus.
  • Effects on experimental animals and in vitro test systems
  • Toxic effects of carbendazim and n-butyl isocyanate, metabolites of the fungicide benomyl, on early development in the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis.
  • Carbendazim - Toxicity
  • Embryotoxicity of carbendazim in rat and hamster micromass cultures
  • Chemical poisoning -- Carbendazim

Fact sheets and Application

  • Facts of carbendazim
  • Factsheet-Carbendazim
  • Use pattern
  • Directions for use

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