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  • Chlorfenvinphos is an insecticide that is a colorless liquid with a mild odor.
  • Chlorfenvinphos is a clear or amber yellow liquid with a mild odor.
  • Chlorfenvinphos is used as an insecticide to kill worms, insects and parasites living in soil. Exposure to Chlorfenvinphos mainly occurs through the ingestion of vegetable or fruit products contaminated with it.
  • Chlorfenvinphos was widely used to control household pests such as flies, fleas, and mice.
  • The chemical is manufactured and does not occur naturally in the environment.
  • It was sold under common trade names including BirlaneŽ, DermatonŽ, SaperconŽ, SteladoneŽ, and SuponaŽ.
  • In agricultural products chlorfenvinphos was formerly used in Australia for the control of insect pests in pasture, lucerne, potatoes and mushrooms.
  • In veterinary products chlorfenvinphos continues to be used in the control of ectoparasites on cattle, sheep, horses, deer, goats and working dogs.
  • The current uses of chlorfenvinphos are highlighted in the agricultural assessment and were obtained from consultation with growers, commodity organisations, State and Territory agricultural regulators, and the chemical industry.
  • Chlorfenvinphos is formulated overseas into dusts, emulsifiable concentrates, seed treatments, granules and wettable powders.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Chemical Assessment
  • Chlorfenvinphos Explanation
  • Chlorfenvinphos
  • Chlorfenvinphos FAQ
  • Pesticides Database
  • Chlorfenvinphos - Overview
  • Chlorfenvinphos - Intro


  • Barricade
  • Organophosphorus Pesticide
  • Chlorfenvinphos - MSDS
  • MSDS  - Chlorfenvinphos
  • MSDS -1
  • Chlorfenvinphos  Mixture of CIS and Trans Isomers
  • Supona

Toxicity and Health Effects

  • Chlorfenvinphos - Health Effects
  • Chemical Fact Sheet
  • Hazardous Fact Sheet
  • Chlorfenvinphos - Legislation
  • Effect of  Low Dose of Chlorfenvinphos
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Toxicology Profile
  • Effect of Chlorfenvinphos
  • Public Health Statement

Uses And Analytical Procedure

  • Agricultural Assessment
  • FAQ Specfication
  • Evaluation on Chlorfenvinphos
  • Analytical Methods
  • Extraction Methodologies
Company Profiles and Consultants
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from China
  • Another Company from China
  • Consultant from Derbyshire
  • Consultant from Texas


  • Synergistic Compositions
  • Device and Method for Controlling Insects
  • Microencapsulated Insecticide Formulations
  • Pesticidal Composition
  • Synergistic Chlorfenvinphos and Pyrethroid Pesticidal Composition


  • List of Laboratories
  • Manufacturers
  • Producers
  • Suppliers


  • The ScorePP Project
  • Decomposition of Pesticide Chlofenvinphos by Gamma Irradiation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Interim Report
  • Potential for Human Exposure
  • Organophosphate Insecticide Chlorfenvinphos Affects Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase and Malondialdehyde in Rat Liver
  • Evaluation of the Mammalian Toxicology and Metabolism Toxicokinetics

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