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  • Chlorimuron ethyl is a sulfonylurea class herbicide that inhibits acetolactate synthase, which regulates plant growth.
  • Chlorimuron-ethyl acts by inhibiting biosynthesis of the essential amino acids valine and isoleucine, hence stopping cell division and plant growth.
  • Chlorimuron-ethyl can be used post-emergence for control of important broad-leaved weeds, such as cocklebur, pigweed, sunflower and annual morning glory, in soya beans and peanuts.
  • Off-white to pale yellow solid. Melting point: 181 degrees C. Solubility in various organic solvents at 25 degrees C.
  • Chlorimuron ethyl is classified as Toxicity Category III for acute dermal and Toxicity Category
    IV for acute oral toxicity and inhalation.
  •  It is a mild eye and skin irritant and does not cause skin sensitization.
  • Chlorimuron ethyl is practically nontoxic to birds and slightly toxic to fish and invertebrates.
  • Chlorimuron ethyl was very weakly absorbed on the two sandy loam soils and only weakly absorbed on the two silt loam soils. Absorbed radioactivity was readily desorbed from the sandy loam soils, but was more tightly retained on the silt loams.
  • Chlorimuron ethyl has a half-life of  7.5 weeks in soil.
  • The adsorption affinity of chlorimuron-ethyl is stronger than metsulfuron-methyl in all soils studied and the adsorption
    affinity decreased with soil depth.

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  • Joint stress of chlorimuron-ethyl and cadmium on wheat Triticum aestivum at biochemical levels
  • Adsorption of Chlorimuron- ethyl  On Selected Selangor Agricultural Soils
  • Chlorimuron Ethyl Preplant Applications in No-Till Soybean
  • Dupont free Style


  • Toxicity of Chlorimuron ethyl
  • Toxicology Data Network


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Safety and Risk

  • Chlorimuron-Ethyl. Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Integrated Risk Information System - Chlorimuron ethyl
  • Chlorimuron ethyl -  Tolerance Reassessment Decision for Low Risk Pesticide


  • Herbicidal Mixture
  • Herbicidal Compositions comprising a growth regulating herbicide
  • Herbicidal Mixture
  • Herbicidal mixtures comprising anilofos and other herbicides


  • Adsorption of Chlorimuron ethyl on selected Selangor Agricultural Soils
  • Laboratory simulated dissipation of
    chlorimuron ethyl in soils
  • Environmental Chemistry Method
  • Report of the Food Quality Protection Act for Chlorimuron Ethyl
  • RFLP Analysis of Chlorimuron Ethyl
    Sensitivity in Soybean
  • Chlorimuron Ethyl; Pesticide Tolerances
  • Analysis of Multiple Herbicides in Soybeans
  • Biochemical/genetic characterization of weed Biotypes resistant to inhibitor herbicides
  • Pesticides associated with Wheeze among Commercial Pesticide
  • Classic 25 DF Herbicide


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