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  • Copper(II) hydroxide is the hydroxide of the metal copper with the chemical formula of Cu(OH)2.
  • Copper(II) hydroxide can be produced by adding a small amount of sodium hydroxide to a dilute solution of copper(II) sulfate (CuSO4 5H2O)
  • Copper hydroxide is a pale blue, gelatinous solid. Some forms of copper(II) hydroxide are sold as "stabilized" copper hydroxide, quite likely a mixture of copper(II) carbonate and hydroxide. These are often green in color.
  • Copper(II) hydroxide has been used as an alternative to the Bordeaux mixture, a fungicide and nematicide. Copper(II) hydroxide is also occasionally used as ceramic colorant.
  • Copper fungicides can be highly effective if applied prophylactically (before infection) and with complete coverage of all plant foliar surfaces, including the undersides of leaves where the pathogen typically sporulates.
  • Copper fungicides are estimated to extend the growing period by between 2-4 weeks. This is estimated to result in between 10 and 40% higher yields compared to crops not protected by copper.
  • Copper hydroxide is less acutely toxic, with an oral LD50 in rats of 833 mg/kg. It is also not readily absorbed through the skin, with a dermal LD50 of over 5000 mg/kg in rats.
  • The biochemical toxicity of copper, when it  exceeds homeostatic control, is derived from its effects on the structure and function of biomolecules, such as DNA, membranes and proteins directly or through oxygen-radical mechanisms.
  • Exposure of the eyes to copper fumes or dust can cause irritation, conjunctivitis, ulceration and corneal turbidity.


  • Copper hydroxide
  • General information


  • Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles
  • The Synthesis of Copper (II) hydroxide


  • Use pattern
  • Directions for Use
  • Application methods and tips
  • Application of copper hydroxide on "Mauritius" lychee fruit under south florida conditions
  • Pollution-free copper hydroxide fungicide application methods


  • Method of making copper hydroxide
  • Process for producing copper hydroxide
  • Alkaline cell with improved cathode including copper
  • Method for stabilizing copper hydroxide


  • Signs of copper hydroxide poisoning
  • Pesticide Toxicity Profile: Copper-based Pesticides
  • Extension Toxicology Network
  • Toxicity of organosilicone adjuvants and selected pesticides to the asian citrus psyllid
  • Copper hydroxide - toxicity
  • U.S. EPA Toxicity Category
  • Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicology
  • Toxicity Summary
  • Toxicity and environmental fate of copper compounds
  • Organic Management of Late Blight of Potato and Tomato with Copper Products

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