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  • Copper oxychloride is a green powder used as blue color agent, is a basic copper chloride
  • Copper oxychloride is usually manufactured either by the action of hydrochloric acid on copper metal or by the air oxidation of cuprous chloride suspensions.
  • Copper compounds form a protective barrier on the plant surface and thereby prevent fungi from entering the plant host. The fungicidal effect of copper compounds as non-systemic fungicides are such as bordeaux mixture, cupric hydroxide, copper arsenate, copper carbonate, cuprous oxide, copper-8-quinolinolate, copper oleate, copper sulfate, or copper oxychloride.
  • Copper oxychloride can be prepared by the aeration of copper in acidic solution of sodium chloride.
  • Copper oxychloride can also be made by neutralizing a strong solution of copper chloride.
  • Fungicidal resistance / sensitivity among the isolates was studied using four systemic fungicides viz., carbendazim-50ppm, thiophanate- methyl-50 ppm, propiconazole-25 ppm and hexaconazole-25 ppm and two non-systemic fungicides viz., ancozeb-1000 ppm and copper oxychloride-1000 ppm in poisoned food technique.
  • The thermal design of the oxygen production reactor, which is a key process to split water by decomposing an intermediate compound, copper oxychloride (Cu2OCl2), into oxygen gas and molten cuprous chloride is examined.
  • The process of copper oxychloride decomposition produces oxygen and molten cuprous chloride.
  • Alternative chemicals to Copper oxychloride were evaluated for the control of Cercospora spot on Fuerte.
  • Various systemic fungicides and a non-systemic fungicide (copper ammonium carbonate) were evaluated as possible alternatives to copper-oxychloride and benomyl, for control of pre- and postharvest diseases of avocados.
  • The response of different microbial parameters to copper oxychloride in acidic sandy loam soil samples using cultivation-dependent and direct microscopic techniques has been determined
  • A computational study of the layered copper oxychloride (CuCl)LaNb2O7 that has been recently proposed as a spin-1/2-frustrated square lattice compound.
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  • Copper oxychloride - Chemical Information
  • Copper oxychloride - Product Information
  • Copper oxychloride

Company Profiles

  • Company from India
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  • Evaluation of Fungicidal Resistance Among Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Isolates Causing Mango Anthracnose in Agri Export Zone of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Making of Copper Oxychloride
  • A New method for the preparation of Copper Oxychloride
  • Thermochemical hydrogen production with a copper–chlorine cycle. I: oxygen release from copper oxychloride decomposition


  • Alternative control of Cercospora spot on Fuerte
  • Chemical control of postharvest disease of Avocados
  • Efficacy of chemicals in controlling fruit rot of tomato caused by alternaria tomato
  • Evaluation of systemic fungicides as pre-harvest treatments of avocados
  • Pre-Harvest chemical control of anthracnose, sooty blotch and cercospora spot of  avocados
  • Pre- and post-plant applications of copper-based compounds to control Erwinia soft rot of calla lilies


  • Effects of fungicides on seed borne pathogen of groundnut
  • High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of glycoalkaloids in potatoes from conventional, integrated, and organic crop systems
  • Response of the microbial community to copper oxychloride in acidic sandy loam soil
  • Structural distortion and frustrated magnetic interactions in the layered copper oxychloride (CuCl)LaNb2O7

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Copper Oxychloride
  • Coppox®
  • Copper Oxyxchloride Fungicide
  • Cuprocaffaro Micro
  • Copper Oxychloride Powder
  • Searles Copper Oxychloride Fungicide
  • Copper Oxychloride TC
Indian Plant
  • Plant from Delhi
  • Plant from Calcutta
  • Plant from Kerala


  • Consultant from Atlantic Ocean
  • Consultant from Auckland
  • World Wide Consultant
  • Consultant from USA
  • International Consultant


  • Process for the production of copper (II) chloride from copper (II) oxychloride using tertiary amine hydrochlorides
  • Process for producing copper oxychloride
  • Process of producing copper (II) hydroxide
  • Process for making cupric hydroxide


  • Copper Oxychloride 50
  • Copper Oxychloride 800WP
  • Cuprocaffaro 50WP
  • Rapidox 500WP
  • Traxi
  • Copper Oxychloride 500 WP Fungicide


  • Repellency and toxicity of bird cohtrol chemicals to pest birds in Bangladesh
  • Effect of Benomyl, Copper Oxychloride and Mancozeb on rhizosphere microflora of potato
  • Molluscicidal Activity of Copper Compounds'of Low Solubility
  • Pesticide Toxicity Profile: Copper-based Pesticides
  • Phytotoxicity of Copper Oxychloride on acid soils


  • Can inorganic – Potassiu m-phosphonate reduce the use of copper in organic viticulture
    without causing residue problems?
  • Review report for the active substance Copper compounds
  • Calabrese: towards an integrated approach to controlling bacterial spear rot


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