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  • Cyfluthrin is a clear liquid, dark amber in color, with an oily to pasty consistency, and has a faint aromatic solvent odor at room temperature.
  • Cyfluthrin is a skin and eye irritant in humans, but overall poisonings from pyrethroid chemicals are rare.
  • Cyfluthrin is relatively non-volatile, as indicated by its low vapor pressure (3.24 x 10-8 mm Hg) and low Henry’s law constant (4.93 x10-6 atm m3/mole).
  • Cyfluthrin based insecticide formulations are available in the form of emulsifiable concentrates, wettable powder, aerosol, granules, liquid, oil-in-water emulsion and ULV oilspray.
  • The concentrations of cyfluthrin decreased rapidly, with maximum levels between 4 hours to 1 day post application in artificial ponds.
  • Cyfluthrin degrades abiotically through hydrolysis.
  • Cyfluthrin is hydrophobic and has a high KOC. Consequently cyfluthrin has a low tendency to leach in soil. In addition, cyfluthrin mobility during
    runoff events will be low, except under conditions of high sediment transport.
  • Cyfluthrin is sensitive to breakdown by sunlight.
  • Toxic and feeding inhibition effect of cyfluthrin treated nets was assessed and compared with the activity of deltamethrin impregnated nets
  • A Green house experiments has been conducted to study the uptake and metabolism in cotton leaves in C- labelled Cyfluthrin.
  • Cynoff 25ULV® (cypermethrin 25 g/l) and Solfac UL015®(cyfluthrin1.5% w/v) were evaluated against the sentinel sugar-fed adults and 4th-instar larvae of Aedes aegypti in a housing estate endemic of dengue in Malaysia.
  • 14C-labelled cyfluthrin was used in studies pertaining to the movement in soil and plant and transformations into different soil components.
  • The effectiveness of registered and experimental application rates of insecticides esfenvalerate (Asana XL), cyfluthrin (Tempo WP and Tempo 2), and carbaryl (Sevimol and Sevin SL) was assessed for protection of individual high-value lodgepole pines from mountain pine beetles in Montana and ponderosa pines from western pine beetles in Idaho and California.
  • A spectrophotmetric method standardized to quantify cyfluthrin in methanol extracts of soil samples revealed an absorption maximum at 230 nm.
  • An encapsulated formulation of cy¯uthrin [60 mg/ml, 0.5 lb/gallon (a.i)] was obtained from Whitmire (St Louis, MO, U.S.A.), and refrigerated for about 5 months at 48C.
  • Cyfluthrin in water is extracted with hexane. After concentrating, the sample is redissolved in hexane and analyzed by gas chromatography using an electron capture detector (ECD).
  • The GC-MS/MS multi-residue method is suitable for monitoring pesticides in fruit preserves at the regulatory levels compliant with the EU DG SANCO criteria for pesticides.
  • The occurrence of cyfluthrin or its metabolites in rotational crops was also investigated. According to the RMS, EFSA(European Food Safety
    Authority) concludes that residues of cyfluthrin are not expected in rotational and/or succeeding crops provided that the active substance is applied according to the intended GAPs and a plant back interval of at least 38 days is respected for cereals.
  • In California, where pesticide use reporting is more comprehensive than in other states, the amount used in agriculture is much smaller than that  used for other purposes. However, agricultural uses are significant: about 10 percent of the U.S. cotton acreage (over a million acres) is treated with cyfluthrin, as is about 60 percent of the U.S. pear acreage.
General Information
  • General Information and Mode of Action
  • Pesticide Information Profiles
  • Cyfluthrin

Company Profiles

  • Company from Chalandri
  • Company from China
  • Company from India
  • Company from Saudhi Arabia


  • Environmental Chemistry Method - Cyfluthrin
  • Cyfluthrin matabolism
  • Degradation, Transformation and Metabolism of 14C - labeled Cyfluthrin in Soil-plant system under laboratory and field conditions
  • Evaluation of an encapsulated formulation of cy¯uthrin to control Sitophilus oryzae (L.) on stored wheat
  • GC Determination of Cyfluthrin in Surface Water
  • High Sensitivity Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Fruit Preserve Using GC-MS/MS
  • Regional catecholamine concentrations in brain and spinal cord of male albino rats treated with the synthetic pyrethroid Cyfluthrin
  • Sediment LC50 Analyses of the Pyrethroid Pesticides Cyfluthrin, Deltamethrin, and Lambda-Cyhalothrin


  • Absorption, Movement and Metabolism of C-Cyfluthrin in cotton leaves
  • Human exposure to indoor residential cyfluthrin residues during a structured activity program
  • Laboratory study to investigate the efficacy of cyfluthrin EW treated nets against phlebotomine sandflies
  • Modification of the existing MRLs for cyfluthrin in various commodities of plant and animal origin
  • Residual toxicity of Cyfluthrin wettable powder against tribolium confusum exposed for short time intervals on concrete
  • Effectiveness of Esfenvalerate, Cyfluthrin, and Carbaryl in Protecting Individual
    Lodgepole Pines and Ponderosa Pines from Attack by Dendroctonus spp.
  • Field evaluation of cypermethrin and cyfluthrin against dengue vectors in a housing estate in Malaysia


  • Determination of pyrethroid insecticides in sediment by gas chromatography—Ion trap tandem mass spectrometry
  • New formulations with betacyfluthrin: Residual efficacy against ants and cockroaches of a tablet and a suspension concentrate
  • Determination of pyrethroids in vegetables by HPLC using continuous on-line post-elution photoirradiation
    with fluorescence detection
  • Impact of high temperatures on efficacy of cyfluthrin and hydroprene applied to concrete to control Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)
  • Methods of Analysis—Determination of Pyrethroid
    Insecticides in Water and Sediment Using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
  • Determination of Synthetic Pyrethroids in Water Samples
  • Cyfluthrin
  • Cyfluthrin granules
  • Cyfluthrin Insecticide products
  • Cyfluthrin Products


  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Australia
  • Consultant from New York

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Beta-cyfluthrin
  • Bulldock® 25 EC Insecticide
  • Baythroid® Aerosol
  • Decathlon 20 WP Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide
  • Prescription Treatment® brand Crack & Crevice® I Cyfluthrin
  • Tempo 20 WP


  • Preparation of mixtures of cypermethrin or cyfluthrin isomers enriched in more active species.
  • Process for the preparation of an enantiomeric pair of isomers of cyfluthrin
  • Seed treatment with combinations of pyrethrins/pyrethroids and thiamethoxam
  • Pesticidal shaped articles
  • Conversion of pyrethroid isomers to move active species


  • Antagonistic effect of azadirachtin on Cyfluthrin and Permethrin
  • The Common Insecticides Cyfluthrin and Chlorpyrifos Alter the Expression of a Subset of Genes with Diverse Functions in
    Primary Human Astrocytes
  • Comparative Effects of Cyfluthrin on Intracellular Protease Activities in Insecticide-Resistant and Susceptible Strains of Musca domestics L.
  • Dominant lethal effects of Cyfluthrin and malathion on mice
  • A Comparative study on residual effects of Cyfluthrin 5% EW nad permethrin 10% EC on impregnated bed nets against an minimus
  • Cyfluthrin-induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Health Hazards

  • Human Health Effects - Cyfluthrin
  • Stress induced by beta-cyfluthrin, a type-2 pyrethroid, on brain biochemistry of Albino rat (Rattus norvegicus)
  • WHO specifications and evaluations for public health pesticides - Cyfluthrin
  • Worker Illness Related to Ground Application of Pesticide --- Kern County, California, 2005


  • Alternatives to the use of Cyfluthrin to control thrips damage in the orange growing industry final report
  • Preliminary monitoring results of imidacloprid and Cyfluthrin applications for glassy - winged sharpshooter control in commercial areas of butte county
  • Cyfluthrin _ Fact Sheet
  • Pesticide Laboratory report
  • Sources of Pyrethroids in Urban Runoff
  • DPR Report Summarizing the Reevaluation Status of Pesticide Products
  • Committee for veterinary medicinal products - Cyfluthrin


  • Cyfluthrin selling leads
  • Cyfluthrin Exporters
  • World Suppliers of Cyfluthrin

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