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  • Dalapon is a colorless liquid with an acrid odor sold as sodium or magnesium salt.
  • Dalapon is a type of acid that is usually formulated with sodium and magnesium salts . The acid itself is not used directly.
  • Dalapon is nonflammable . It is stable under normal temperatures and pressures, but it may pose a slight fire hazard if exposed to heat or flame.
  • Dalapon has a characteristic salty taste in the sodium form .
  • Dalapon is an herbicide used to control grasses in a wide variety of crops, including fruit trees, beans, coffee, corn, cotton and peas.
  • In addition to herbicidal activity, dalapon is a plant growth inhibitor. Conditions of increased light and high temperature may cause nutrient
    solutions or soil applications of dalapon to build up in the tops of plants, via transpiration .
  • It is used for the control of annual and perennial grasses , dalapon is used in sugarcane, sugarbeets, corn, potatoes, asparagus,grapes, flax, new
    legume spring seedlings, citrus, and deciduous fruit; coffee, certain stone fruits, nut trees, and on noncrop lands .
  • Dalapon is absorbed by plant roots and leaves and moved, or translocated, within plants
  • It is also registered for use in a number of non-crop applications such as lawns, drainage ditches, along railroad tracks, and in industrial areas.
  • Dalapon is moderately toxic to humans. Skin and inhalation exposure could be of significance to dalapon production workers, pesticide applicators, and some agricultural workers .
  • Dalapon can persist in the soil for two to eight weeks. Its period of persistence in treated soils is usually less than one month.
  • Dalapon is not detected below the first six-inch soil layer. Some bacteria use dalapon as an energy source. Degradation depends on soil type, temperature, and moisture.
  • Basic Information about Dalapon
  • Technical Factsheet
  • Data sheet
  • Chemical Fact Sheet
  • Pesticide Database
  • Herbicide Profile


  • Msds - 1
  • Msds - 2
  • Msds - 3
  • Msds - 4
  • Msds - 5
  • Msds - 6


  • Catalyst Composition and Production of 2,2 Dichloropropionic acid
  • Synergistically acting herbicidal mixtures
Analysis and Sampling Methods
  • Determination of Haloacetic acids and dalapon in drinking water by liquid - liquid extraction
  • Determination of halogenated acetic acids and 2,2-dichloropropionic acid in water samples
  • Determination of haloacetic acids and dalapon in drinking water by liquid - liquid microextraction
  • Haloacetic Acid and Dalapon by Automated Solid Phase
  • Determination of Residual Dalapon in Sugarcane by Gas
    Chromatograph Equipped with  Electron Capture Detector
  • Sampling and Analytical Methods
  • Determination of Haloacetic Acids and Dalapon in Drinking Water by SPE and GC/ECD
  • The herbicides dalapon and diuron tested for Genotoxicity
Products and Uses
  • 2 , 2 Dichloropropanoic acid
  • Product Specification
  • Dehalogenase from Methylobacterium sp.
  • The Use of Dalapon for Grass Control in Sugar Beets


  • Ecotoxicology
  • Pesticide Information Profiles
  • Toxicological effects
  • Toxicity Factors for Dalapon
  • Public Health Goal for Dalapon in Drinking Water
  • Current Regulatory Limit
  • The reversal of Dalapon toxicity by microbial action
  • Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines

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