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  • Diazinon is a nonsystemic organophosphate insecticide developed in 1952, used to control cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and fleas in residential, non-food buildings.

  • It is used on home gardens and farms to control a wide variety of sucking and leaf eating insects.

  • Diazinon may be found in formulations with a variety of other pesticides such as pyrethrins, lindane, and disulfoton.

  • Diazinon belongs to a category of pesticides known as organophosphates (OP). OP pesticides interrupt the target's nerve impulses along the central nervous system. This causes convulsions, paralysis, and eventually death.

  • OPs are biodegradable and relatively short-lived, at certain doses they have been shown to be toxic to birds, fish, animals and even humans.

  • Chronic effects have been observed at doses ranging from 10 mg/kg/day for swine to 1000 mg/kg/day for rats. Inhibition of red blood cell cholinesterase, and enzyme response occurred at lower doses in the rats.

  • Diazinon increases the risk of cancer incidence, especially breast cancer in female farmers

  • Diazinon has a low persistence in soil. The half-life is 2 to 4 weeks. Bacterial enzymes can speed the breakdown of diazinon and have been used in treating emergency situations such as spills.

  • Diazinon seldom migrates below the top half inch in soil, but in some instances it may contaminate groundwater.

  • Diazinon has agricultural, commercial, and household uses, but household uses predominate. Estimated agricultural use
    is 1.5 million pounds annually.

  • The protein levels in liver, gill, kidney as well as the activities of ALT and AST in these organs could serve as useful biomarkers of sub-lethal effects of diazinon in the aquatic


General Information
  • Diazinon
  • Diazinon Basic Information
  • General Info of Diazinon
  • Diazinon a Glance
  • Diazinon Information
  • Basic information for Diazinon

Company Profile

  • Company from China
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  • Diazinon
  • Diazinon Granules
  • Diazinon 500E PCP
  • Diazinon 50W PCP
  • Barmac Diazinon
  • Diazinon Fact Sheet
  • Diazinon 50W
  • Diazinon 50% EC
  • Gowan Diazinon 4e
  • Diazinon 800EC
  • Diazinon AG600 WBC
  • Diazinon - Technical Fact Sheet
  • Diazinon Ear Tags
  • ORTHO® Diazinon Granules
  • Diazinon Data sheet


  • Process for the manufacture of Diazinon
  • Arylalkyl Diazinones
  • Azinone and Diazinone V3 inhibitors for Depression and stress disorders
  • Insect Control Device for prolonged Treatment of Animals Containing Diazinon
  • Insecticidal composition - Diazinon
  • Process for the preparation of Diazinon
  • Herbicide Composition


  • Diazinon Granules
  • The effects of diazinon in rats
  • Effects of Sub-Lethal Concentrations of Diazinon on Total Protein
  • Diazinon - Wettable Powder Insecticide
  • The  Diazinon Induced Enzymological in Wistar Male rats
  • Performance Evaluation of  Electrocoagulation process for Diazinon
  • Molecular Extraction for trace Analysis if Diazinon in Drinking water
  • Diazinon for Cattle's
  • Dormant-Spray Pesticide - Diazinon
  • Susceptibility to Diazinon in Populations of the Horn Fly - Central Brazil

Safety and Risk

  • Diazinon -Health Hazards Control
  • Pesticides and Breast Cancer Risk: Diazinon
  • Diazinon Poisoning
  • Diazinon - Disease Registry
  • Environment Health Criteria for Diazinon


  • Diazinon Hazards
  • Toxicity of Diazinon
  • Effects of Diazinon Toxicity
  • RED for Diazinon
  • Diazinon Poisoning
  • Diazinon Toxicity
  • Toxic effect of Diazinon
  • Diazinon - Toxicology
  • Diazinon Toxicology
  • Diazinon Extoxnet
  • Diazinon Toxicity


  • Air Monitoring Recommendations for Diazinon
  • Diazinon Review Report
  • Evaluating the Hazard of Land Applying Composted Diazinon Waste
  • Effect of  Diazinon on  Biochemicals
  • Effect of Diazinon on Plasma Lipid Constituents in Experimental Animals
  • Diazinon Fact
  • Diazinon Reports
  • Developmental Sensitivity to Diazinon
  • Diazinon Production and Uses
  • Proposed EQS for Water Framework Directive substances: diazinon
  • Photocatalytic degradation of the insecticide diazinon
  • Evaluation of Diazinon
  • Diazinon In Urban Area
  • Review report for  diazinon
  • NRA Review of Diazinon
  • Diazinon can out of the large variety of small market cycle
  • The Global Report
  • Diazinon Op


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