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  •  Dimethoate [O,O-dimethyl-S-(N-methyl-carbomoylmethyl)-
    phosphoro-dithioate] is a systematic organophosphorous
    insecticide , widely applied on crops, trees and ornamental plants to control house flies around live stock pens, processing plants and human dwellings, grasshoppers on livestock forage.

  • Dimethoate are used on fruits, vegetables, cotton, tobacco, ornamentals, olives and sunflowers.

  • Dimethoate is an insecticide that is a white solid with a strong odor. Dimethoate has a crystalline structure, which means that it has a form
    resembling sand or sugar.
  • Dimethoate breaks down faster in moist soils. It is rapidly broken down by most soil microorganisms.
  • Dimethoate products are used both as a preharvest and as a postharvest insecticide in agriculture.
  • Dimethoate is moderately toxic (World Health Organisation class II) by ingestion, inhalation and dermal absorption.

  • Dimethoate may affect reproduction: in a multiple generation study in mice, reproductive performance was impaired at high doses but only in the presence of marked cholinergic effects.

  • Dimethoate is classified as a possible human carcinogen by the US EPA, based on tumors in mice, the compound-related (no dose response) weak effect of combined spleen, skin and lymph tumors in male rats, and positive mutagenic activity associated with dimethoate.

  • Dimethoate released to the environment does not adsorb onto the soil and is subject to considerable
    leaching. It is also lost from the soil through evaporation and biodegradation.

  •  The half-life of dimethoate in soil ranges from four to 16 days 

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  • Dimethoate
  • Dimethoate Informations
  • Dimethoate
  • Dimethoate General Information
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  • Information About Dimethoate

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  • Dimethoate
  • Dimethoate 4EC
  • Dimethoate 98 Tech
  • Dimethoate 400 g/l EC
  • Dimethoate 480 EC
  • Dimethoate E267
  • Dimethoate Tech.
  • Dimethoate Systemic Insecticide
  • Cheminova Dimethoate 4E
  • Conquest Dimethoate 400
  • Titan Dimethoate 400
  • Superway Dimethoate 400
  • Dimethoate - Safety Data Sheet
  • Dimathoate Data sheet


  • Dimethoate Formulations in an Alcohol
  • Insecticidal Composition Having Improved Storage Stability
  • Stabilized Pesticidal Composition


  • Closure Memo for Dimethoate
  • Dimethoate in Various Crops
  • To Control Grasshoppers with Rover Insecticide
  • Dimethoate to control Saliflower Aphid
  • Determination of Dimethoate in Milk and Water
  • Dimethoate application in olive groves
  • Dimethoate Processing
  • Dimethoate in cauliflower, broccoli.
  • Technical Dimethoate in Rats
  • Dimethoate Application Rates
  • Drexel Dimethoate 4EC in Peas
  • Dimethoate for Environmental Bacteria


  • Dimethoate Toxicity
  • Dimethoate Toxicity in Food
  • Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Dimethoate RED
  • Environmental risk limits for
  • Embryo and Fingerling Toxicity of Dimethoate
  • Toxic Effect of Dimethoate in Male Rabbits
  • Ecotox Database for Dimethoate
  • Dimethoate-Induced Reproductive Toxicity
  • Dimethoate Poisoning in a non-descript bullock.
  • Dimethoate hazards
  • Dimethoate Toxicology


  • Dipping with Dimethoate.

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  • Bioremediation of Dimethoate by Effective Microorganisms
  • Dimethoate
  • Dimethoate in Water
  • Dimethoate inhibits steroidogenesis
  • Dimethoate Metabolism
  • Dimethoate Evaluation Report
  • Determination of Dimethoate in  Leafy Vegetables
  • Dimethoate-resistant -  spider mite
  • Dimethoate investigation
  • Dimethoate News
  • Effect of Dimethoate
  • Bioassay of Dimethoate


  • Dimethoate in Environment
  • Dimethoate Technical


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