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  • Under normal conditions, Diuron is white crystals which do not have a smell. It melts at 158 degrees Celsius.
  • When heated, mixed with hot water or when in acidic or alkaline solution, it rapidly breaks down.
  • Diuron is soluble in water and some organic (carbon-containing) solvents.
  • Diuron is a herbicide which is applied to agricultural land before crops emerge or to other land for general weed control.
  • It works by interfering with the way in which the plants generate energy from nutrients and sunlight (photosynthesis).
  • Diuron is classed as highly toxic to aquatic organisms. Other forms of wildlife may also be harmed following exposure to high levels, but they are not so sensitive.
  • In shallow surface waters, Diuron will be broken down by sunlight in a matter of days.
  • However, Diuron binds strongly to soils and sediments in water bodies and can take from months to years to break down.
  • It is not considered likely that Diuron pollution has any effects on the global environment.
  • Releases of Diuron are controlled through the Food and Environmental Protection Act (FEPA 1985), the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR 1986), the UK Pollution, Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations and the UK Surface Waters Regulations.
  • It is also regulated through the European Directive concerned with pollution of the aquatic environment (76/464/EEC), that concerned with levels of pesticide residues in foods (93/58/EC).
  • It is likely that future European legislation will phase out the use of Diuron over the next twenty years.
  • At an international level, Diuron releases are controlled through the OSPAR Convention which protects the marine environments of the north-east Atlantic Ocean.
  • Diuron did cause birth defects, including reduced fetal body weight and delayed bone formation, in the offspring of pregnant rats (but not rabbits).
  • High doses of diuron fed to pregnant rats cause embryo death and circulatory system, liver, and skeletal problems in the offspring.


  • Diuron
  • General informations
  • Environmental fate of Diuron
  • Water resources research grant proposal


  • Diuron facts
  • Surface Water Program Pesticide Fact Sheet
  • Facts of Diuron
  • Diuron Herbicide fact sheet
  • Effects of Diuron on Photosynthesis Rates
  • Chemical fact sheet
  • Diuron - Roadside Vegetation Management Herbicide Fact Sheet
  • General facts on Diuron
  • Anti-fouling bottom paint
  • Hazardous substance fact sheet
  • Chemical fact sheet for Diuron


  • Selling leads
  • Manufacturers of Diuron
  • Suppliers of Diuron
  • Diuron Suppliers
  • Diuron Manufacturers
  • Diuron - Selling leads


  • Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) for Diuron
  • Diuron - Extension Toxicology Network
  • Evaluation of diuron (3-[3,4-dichlorophenyl]-1,1-dimethyl urea) in a two stage mouse skin carcinogenesis assay
  • Pesticide Toxicity
  • Human Health Effects
  • Diuron poisoning

Application & Synthesis

  • Mixing instruction
  • Quantitative Usage Analysis for Diuron
  • Diuron Usage
  • Use of diuron in sugarcane production
  • Making of Diuron

Data sheets

  • MSDS 1
  • MSDS 2
  • MSDS 3
  • MSDS 4
  • MSDS 5
  • MSDS 6
  • MSDS 7
  • MSDS 8
  • MSDS 9
  • MSDS 10
  • MSDS 11
  • MSDS 12
  • MSDS 13

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Another company from China
  • Company from Hong kong
  • Company from PR China
  • Company from Shanghai, China
  • Another company from China


  • The Reconsideration of Approvals of the Active Constituent Diuron, Registrations of Products containing Diuron and their Associated Labels
  • Evolution of the Diuron Toxicity in Aqueous Medium During Electrochemical Treatment
  • Generation of reactive oxygen species
    by a novel anthraquinone derivative in the cyanobacterium
  • Diuron Reduces Absorption and Translocation of Glyphosate in Sharppod Morningglory
  • Diuron and Linuron - Entry into the marine environment


  • Diuron products
  • Products list
  • Products of Diuron
  • List of Diuron products


  • Bromacil / Diuron complex
  • Herbicidal mixture
  • Defoliant
  • Preparation of Bromacil / Diuron complex

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