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  • Edifenphos is and organophosphate fungicide.
  • The primary antifungal action of edifenphos was due to interference of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis by the transmethylation reaction of  S-adenosyl-L-methionine, without affecting DNA, RNA and chitin biosynthesis.
  • Edifenphos-resistant strains of Bipolaris oryzae were obtained either by chemical mutagenesis or adaptation.
  • Edifenphos was applied either as emulsifiable concentrate (EC) or dust
    (DP) to rice plants cultivated in five geographically different paddy fields in Japan (Kamochi, 1979).
  • Sectors of rice blast fungus, Pyricularia grisea, frequently appeared on potato dextrose agar amended with edifenphos and iprobenfos.
  • The organophosphate fungicide edifenphos (Hinosan) is cutinase inhibitors and displays a specific antipenetrant action, but in practice its therapeutic activity may also involve direct fungitoxicity.
  • Low concentrations (41 PM) of Hinosan (Edifenphos) inhibited hyphal extension and decreased the hyphal growth unit length and phosphatidylcholine content of Fusariurn graminearurn A3/5, but had no effect on specific growth rate.
  • A multi-pesticides residue LC-MS/MS screening method is used for sensitive detection of 250 analytes in ginseng matrix at both positive and negative ESI mode, using a single experiment on a triple quadrupole system with a novel timed-SRM (t-SRM) setup.
  • A multi-residue method for determining 81 pesticides and metabolite residues in vegetables and fruits by liquid chromatography/ tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) with electrospray ionization was developed.
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  • About Edifenphos
  • Edifenphos Data Sheet
  • Edifenphos
  • Edifenphos Chemical Information

Company Profiles & Plant

  • China Company from Shangai
  • Company from China
  • Plant from Taiwan
  • Plant from Korea


  • Analysis of Residual Pesticides in Agricultural Products using
  • Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food
  • Analysis of Residual Agricultural Chemicals using FTD FPD and ECD
  • Fully automated analysis of 549 pesticides in oil with LCxGC and FOCUS auto sampler
  • Multiresidue method for the analysis of 25 selected pesticides in basmathi rice
  • Sectors from Pyricularia grisea Isolates on Edifenphos and Iprobenfos-Amended


  • Biological and chemical control of rice blast disease (Pyricularia oryzae) in Northern Greece
  • Organophosphorous Pesticide Residues in the Surface and Ground Water in the Southern Coast Watershed of Caspian Sea, Iran
  • Edifenphos (Hinosan) reduces hyphal extension, hyphal growth unit length and phosphatidylcholine content of Fusarium graminearum A3/5, but has no effect on specific growth rate
  • Some pathological, biochemical and hematological investigations on Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) following chronic exposure to edifenphos pesticide.
  • Consultant from Germany
  • German Consultant
  • Consultant from UK
  • Consultant from USA


  • Simultaneous Analysis of 250 Pesticide Residues in Plants by LC-MS/MS using 500 Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) Transitions
  • Rapid Multiresidue Pesticides Analysis Using Fast-GC/MS and Chromatogram
    Deconvolution Software
  • Analysis of 81 Pesticides and Metabolite Residues in Fruits
    and Vegetables by Diatomaceous Earth Column Extraction and LC/MS/MS Determination
  • Multi-Residue Method for Determination of 85 Pesticides in Vegetables, Fruits and Green Tea by Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction and Thermal Desorption GC-MS

Health safety & Material Safety Data Sheet

  • FAO Specification for Edifenphos
  • Pesticides Residue in food
  • Safety Management and Inspection of Agrochemical Residue of food in the trade of export products
  • Edifenphos


  • Stabilized agrochemical compositions
  • Agrochemical compositions containing certain N-heterocycligs, compounds and stabilizer
  • Fungicidal Mixture


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