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  • The Combination Of Ethaboxam And Transgenic Plants Provides Enhanced Plant Protection In Controlling Plant Disease
  • Use Patterns and Formulation
    The end use product contains ethaboxam, to be used as a fungicide in or on grapes.Presently, ethaboxam is not registered in the U.S., yet, ethaboxam is registered for use in South Korea. The active ingredient (ai), ethaboxam will be formulated as a 10% suspension concentrate to control various diseases caused by oomycetes on grape.
  • The Chemical Name Of Ethaboxam is N-(cyano-2-thienylmethyl)-4-ethyl-2-(ethlyamino)-5­
  • The type Of Pesticide Used in Ethaboxam is Fungicide
  • According to the non-US label, three to five applications may be applied to grapes (inclusive of all grapevine cultivars and grapevine nursery plants) using a ground equipment  sprayer. Alternatively, the end-use product application may be supplemented by tank mixing
    with copper oxychloride
  • The Colour Occurs to be Very Pale Yellow And Physical State is an Solid Powder
  • Ethaboxam is Stable at 54°C for 14 days
  • Type of Formulation: Aqueous solution ,Usual Carriers: Water
  • Exposure Assessments Are:-       Acute: The acute dietary exposure assessment for the only population subgroup of concern, females 13-49 years old
    Chronic: The chronic dietary exposure assessment for the most highly exposed population subgroup, children 1-2 years old
    Cancer: Ethaboxam is classified as having “Suggestive Evidence of Carcinogenicity.”
General Information
  • Chemical Book For Ethaboxam
  • Structure Of Ethaboxam


  • Method For Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Ethaboxam
  • Composition And Method For Controlling Plant Diseases
  • Composition And Method For Controlling Pests
  • Method For Controlling Plant Disease
  • Fungicidal Composition Containing N-(Alpha-Cyano-2-thenyl)-4-Ethyl-2-(Ethylamino)-5-Thiazole Carboxamide

Company Profiles & Consultants

  • Company From Viet Nam
  • Consultants From Delhi


  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Pesticide Fact Sheet For Ethaboxam
  • Toxicity Profile For Ethaboxam
  • Toxicological Profile


  • Biotransformation Of A Fungicide Ethaboxam By Soil Fungus Cunninghamella elegans
  • In vitro Metabolism Of Ethaboxam By Rat Liver Microsomes
  • Sensitivity Of Phytophthora infestans Isolates To Fungicides Metalaxyl And Ethaboxam In Korea



  • Ethaboxam – its Fungicidal Activity as an Oomycetes Fungicide Dal-Soo Kim
  • Improvement In Fungicidal Activity Of Ethaboxam by A Non-Ionic Surfactant, Polyoxyethylene Cetyl Ether
  • Synthesis And Evaluation Of Various Antimicrobial, Antifungal And Antioxidant Activity Of Some Fused System Of Thiazole


  • Suppliers Of Ethaboxam
  • Suppliers Of Ethaboxam
  • Ethaboxam Suppliers
  • Suppliers Of Ethaboxam


  • Annual Report - Committees On Toxicity Mutagenicity Carcinogenicity Of Chemicals In Food, Consumer Products And the Environment
  • Committee On Mutagenicity Of Chemicals In Food Consumer Products And The Environment(COM)
  • Crop Protection Markets In South-East Asia
  • Committee On Mutagenicity Of Chemicals In Food, Consumer Products And The Environment
  • Independent Laboratory Validation of Method RM-49C, Determination of Ethaboxam in Crops
  • Gain Report - Global Agriculture Information Network


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