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  • Ethephon-[(2-chloroethyl) phosphonic acid]-which is from the class of organophosphorus is known as ethylene generator and plant growth regulator.

  • Ethephon is a Plant growth regulator with systemic properties. Penetrates into the plant tissues, and is decomposed to ethylene, which affects the growth processes.

  • Ethephon is a plant growth regulator. It promotes pre-harvest ripening in apples, currants, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, morello cherries, citrus fruit, figs, tomatoes, sugar beet and fodder beet seed crops, coffee, capsicum.

  • Ethephon is easily converted into ethylene and has the same harmful effects. Though State Food and Drugs Control Administration (FDCA) banned the use of ethephon last year in India, fruit traders have now resorted to bethylene.

  • Ethephon is an organophosphonate as opposed to an organophosphate. It is structurally different from and exhibits different physical/ chemical properties than traditional organophosphate compounds.

  • Ethylene is known to cause damage to the neurological system, affects the eyes, skin, lungs, memory and leads to prolonged hypoxia (lack of oxygen supply).

  • Ethephon is of extreme to high toxicity to aquatic plants, high to
    moderate toxicity to algae and low toxicity to fish and aquatic
    invertebrates,moderate toxicity to earthworms.

  • Ethephon is of low persistence in soil and of low mobility in soil.

  • Ethephon exhibits low acute toxicity via the oral (Toxicity Category III), inhalation (Toxicity Category IV), and dermal (Toxicity Category III) routes of exposure. Ethephon is dermally corrosive and is a skin and eye irritant (Toxicity Category I) but not a dermal sensitizer.

  • Ethephon uses in various fields such as  to increase fruit setting and yield in cucumbers; to improve the sturdiness of onion seed crops; to hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves.

  • Several studies have since proved the ability of ethephon
    (ethrel) to alter sex expression in several members of the Cucurbitaceae.

  • Ethephon was effective in increasing pistillate flower number in monoecious
    inbreds, but had little effect on gynoecious inbreds.

General Information
  • Ethephon
  • Ethephon General Information
  • Ethephon Basic Information
  • Info About Ethephon
  • Profile of Ethephon
  • Ethephon a Glance
  • Ethephon Information

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  • MSDS 1
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  • General Method for the Analysis of Ethephon
  • Residue Analysis of Ethephon
  • Determination of Ethephon in an Apple
  • Analysis for Ethephon in Straw
  • Determination of Ethephon Residue in Agricultural Products
  • Ethephon Analysis

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  • Ethephon-induced enhancement of  Seedling Development
  • Method and Ethephon  Composition for Controlling Plant Growth.
  • Methods of Controlling Plant Fungi.
  • Ethephon for Treating Pomaceous Fruit.


  • Ethephon Spray on Fruit
  • Ethephon on Cherries
  • Ethephon in Sweet Corn Hybrid
  • Ethephon uses in Walnuts
  • Ethephon Residual Catalysis
  • Ethephon Application
  • Induction of Multiple Tuberization in Yam using Ethephon
  • Ethephon on Cumcumber


  • ion chromatography-electrospray mass for ethephon in foods of plant origin
  • Calcium Distribution in the Abscission Zone of Bean Leaves


  • Ethephon Extoxnet
  • Ethephon Risk Info System
  • Ethephon Toxicity
  • Environmental Information Sheet
  • Toxicity of ethephon
  • Toxic Effects In Mice
  • Ethephon Red Facts
  • Toxic effect of Ethephon
  • Risk Management Decision for Ethephon


  • Effects of Ethephon on Flower Thinning
  • Effects of Ethephon
  • Effect of ethephon in  Golden Nugget
  • Effect of ethephon on summerred Apples
  • Effect of Ethephon under Salinity Stress
  • Ethephon-mediated effects on leaf
  • Effect of Ethephon on Protein Degradation
  • Inhibitory effect
  • Effect of  ethephon on chilled beechnuts
  • Effects of  Ethephon on Root Discs
  • Effects of Ethephon in common bean


  • Ethephon Forces Plumeria for Winter Flowering
  • Ethephon induced fruit ripening in pear
  • Manipulating growth in Bedding Plants
  • Ethephon under Water Stress Condition


  • Idared Apples with Ethephon
  • Registered or approved uses of Ethephon
  • Ethephon for Plant Growth
  • Ethephon Mitigation Measures
  • Ethephon Peer Review
  • Recoveries of Ethephon
  • Ethephon for Suppressing Dwarf and leafy Mistletoe Infestations
  • Ethephon in Sugarcane
  • Ethephon Reseach Article


  • Ethephon
  • Ethephon 2
  • Quali-pro Ethephon 2 SL
  • Ethephon 720
  • Conquest Ethephon 720
  • Ethrel Ethephon
  • Ethephon Plus
  • Ethephon List
  • Ethephon


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