Ethylene dibromide
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  • Ethylene dibromide (EDB) is a pesticide fumigant used for protecting standing crops and preserving stored grains in some countries.

  • Ethylene dibromide is a colorless liquid that is heavier than water. It has a characteristic chloroform-like odor.

  • Ethylene dibromide is used as an antiknock additive in gasoline.

  • Ethylene dibromide was used to kill fruit flies on citrus fruits and in the soil to protect grasses in environments such as golf courses.

  • It is used sparingly today as a [fumigant] to kill termites and cockroach.

  • Ethylene Dibromide is a DOT Poison Inhalation Hazard (PIH).

  • Ethylene dibromide is a severe mucous membrane, eye, and skin irritant. It is a liver, kidney, and lung toxin, and a reproductive toxin in
    experimental animals. Ethylene dibromide has been determined to be carcinogenic by the inhalation, ingestion, and dermal routes of exposure

  • Ethylene dibromide is toxic through inhalation, dermal exposure, ingestion or ocular absorption. It is metabolized both by cytochrome P450 and GST enzymes.

  • The fastest degradation of EDB occurs at or near the soil surface. EDB is moderately persistent in the soil environment; a representative field half-life was estimated to be 100 days.

  • EDB was removed from use as a soil fumigant in the United States in 1983.It is still used in other applications.

  • The cases of ethylene dibromide poisoning are observed for the last 5 years in the state of Madhya Pradesh especially in Bhopal region. The trend however found in increasing order.

  • Groundwater contamination of EDB has been confirmed at levels up to 0.3 mg/L. Usual levels of EDB found in groundwater were approximately  0.001 to 0.02 mg/L, which are similar to levels found in stored grain products.

General Information
  • General Information of EDB
  • Ethylene Dibromide Profile
  • Ethylene Dibromide
  • Ethylene Dibromide Overview
  • Ethylene Dibromide Information
  • EDB Basic Information
Fact Sheet
  • EDB Chemical Fact Sheet
  • EDB Fact Sheet
  • EDB Technical Fact Sheet
  • EDB Fact Sheet
  • EDB Chemical Fact Sheet
  • EDB Fact Sheet

Company Profile

  • Company from Ahmedabad
  • Company from China
  • Company from Maharashtra
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from Ahmedabad


  • Ethylene Dibromide
  • Ethylene Dibromide from Ohio
  • EDB from US
  • Dibromoethane
  • Dibromoethane from Airgas
  • Dibromoethane from Asdi
  • Dibromoethane from Sigma-Aldrich
  • Safety Data for Dibromoethane


  • Analytical Method For EDB
  • Ethylene Dibromide Analysis
  • Solid Transitions in Crystals  of  EDB

Raw Material Supplier

  • Supplier for Benzene
  • Benzene Supplier from India
  • Methanol Supplier
  • Ethyl Dibromide Supplier
  • Tetrachloroethane Supplier
  • Dibromopropane Supplier

Equipment Supplier

  • Glass Tube Supplier
  • Volumetric Flasks Supplier
  • Pipet Supplier
  • Syringe Supplier
  • Gas Chromatography Supplier
  • Electron Capture Detector Supplier
  • Sampling Pump Supplier


  • EDB Suppliers list
  • Supplier for EDB

Safety Guide lines

  • Occupational Health Guide line for EDB
  • Medical Guide Line for EDB
  • Public Health Goals in Water - EDB
  • Industry Safety Order
  • Safety and  health Guideline


  • Toxicity in EDB
  • EDB Extoxnet
  • EDB Toxicity
  • EDB Toxicity Studies
  • Occupational Exposure to EDB
  • EDB Poisoning
  • Poison Fact -EDB
  • EDB Health Effects


  • EDB Hazardous In Air Pollutants
  • EDB Hazards
  • Hazard Summary of EDB


  • Photoimaging Compositions Containing Dibromoethanes
  • Flame-Resistant Composition Comprising of Dibromoethane
  • Preparing Flame-Resistant
  • Preparing Methods


  • EDB in Drinking Water
  • Contrails Analyze  in EDB
  • EDB In Plants, Foodstuffs

Report & Market

  • Ethylene Dibromide - Revised
  • Post harvest Effects with EDB
  • EDB Contamination Report
  • Review of EDB in Australia
  • NRA Review - EDB
  • Outcome of Sixty Four Cases of EDB
  • Regulatory Actions Affecting the use of EDB in Citrus
  • EDB Market Data
  • EDB Residues in Food
  • Ethylene Dibromide Investigation


  • Dow Ethylene Dibromide
  • Ethylene Dibromide
  • Product list

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