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  • Fenobucarb is a carbamate insecticide. A pale yellow or pale red liquid, insoluble in
    water; used as an agricultural insecticide on rice and cotton and highly toxic for  humans.
  • Effects of the insecticide fenobucarb on 2 mayfly species, Epeorus latifolium and Baetis thermicus, were examined in indoor model streams.
  • Acute toxicity and subacute effects on brain cholinesterase (ChE) of two of the most
    commonly used insecticides, diazinon and fenobucarb, on adult native snakehead (Channa striata) were evaluated in a static, nonrenewable system, the environmental parameters of which, such as dissolved oxygen, water temperature, and pH, fluctuated similarly to field conditions.
  • Novel dual CCC–MS/MS technique was successfully applied for the rapid determination of methomyl, fenobucarb and carbaryl pesticides in food.
  • Fenobucarb and Fipronil are sold as active ingredients in separate insecticide formulations and they are potent insect killers, with different mechanisms and reaction time.
General Information
  • About Fenobucarb
  • Fenobucarb Tech(BPMC)
  • Fenobucarb Data Sheet
  • Fenobucarb General Information

Company Profile & MSDS

  • Company from China
  • Fenobucarb MSDS

Process & Technology

  • Sensitivity of brain cholinesterase activity of diazinon and fenobucarb in the Air-Breathing fish Channa
  • Analysis of pesticide residues in agricultural products using automated Liner Exchange Difficult Matrix Introduction (LINEX-DMI) technique coupled to Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
  • Environmentally sound destruction of obsolete pesticides
    in developing countries using cement kilns
  • Electrochemical Detection for Flow-based System: A Review
  • Rapid determination of carbamate pesticides in food using dual
    counter-current chromatography directly interfaced
    with mass spectrometry
Effects & Market
  • Showing toxin card for Fenobucarb
  • Chronic Effects of an Insecticide, Fenobucarb, on the Larvae of
    Two Mayflies, Epeorus latifolium and Baetis thermicus, in Model Streams
  • Impacts of Insecticides on natural enemies of rice
  • Effects of 2 Insecticide Practices on the Population Dynamics of Diaphorina citriand on Huanglongbing Incidence in South VietnamEffect
  • Insecticides China News

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  • 1-Butane
  • 2-(1-Methylpropyl)Phenyl
  • 2-sec-butylphenol
  • Menthylchloroformate
  • Methylamine

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  • Consultant from hyderabad
  • Fenobucarb Selling leads
  • Fenobucarb Suppliers
  • Fenobucarb Manufacturer & Suppliers

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