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  • Fenpropathrin, a synthetic pyrethroid widely used as an insecticide, is known to affect locomotion and memory in mammals.
  • Fenpropathrin is a pyrethroid acaricide and insecticide with repellent, and contact and stomach action.
  • Fenpropathrin is used to control a range of insects, especially mites, in fruits and vegetables.
  • Fenpropathrin is relatively unstable under environmental conditions encountered in the field.
  • Fenpropathrin needs to be used with caution in the presence of an elderly population at risk for ischemia, as there appears to be evidence of some
    memory loss in mice.
  • Pyrethroids are now employed worldwide as insecticides, agriculture, forestry, public health and domestic activity due to their insecticidal activity, bio
    transformation and most importantly non-persistence in their environment.
  • Fenpropathrin readily disappears from soil by two main mechanisms, biodegradation and photochemical degradation of surface deposits.
  • Main target pests include mites, aphids, beet armyworm, mealybug, potato leafhopper, moths, leafrollers, lacebugs.
  • Fenpropathrin is marketed in the United States by the Valent Corporation on behalf of the Sumitomo Chemical Company.
  • Fenpropathrin may cause the following symptoms, typical for pyrethroid compounds poisoning: Possible hazards and regulation irritation of skin and eyes, irritability to sound or touch, abnormal facial sensations, sensation of tingling or creeping on skin, numbness, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, in severe cases fluid in the lungs and muscle twitching may develop.
  • Fenpropathrin - Chemical Fact Sheet
  • Fenpropathrin
  • Fenpropathrin uses
  • Fenpropathrin Specification
  • Fenpropathrin Identification
  • Fenpropathrin - pan info


  • Danitol - Spray
  • Fenpropathrin Tech.
  • Meothrin
  • Orthene
  • Fenpropathrin
  • Tame
  • Tame Spray


  • Active Substance Combinations with Insecticidal Properties
  • Combinations of Active Ingredients, Which Exhibit Insecticidal and Acaricidal Properties
  • Insecticidal and Miticidal Compositions
  • Pesticidal Compound Mixtures
  • Pesticidal Formulation


  • Bio Efficacy of New Insecticide Against Sucking Insect Pests of Transgenic Cotton
  • Environmental Chemistry Method
  • Determination of the Toxicities of Fenpropathrin
  • Development of an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
  • Evaluation on: Fenpropathrin
  • Materials and Methods
  • Analytical Methods
  • Determination of pyrethroids in vegetables by HPLC
  • Spectrophotometric Determination of Fenpropathrin and Fluvalinate in Their Formulations
  • Fenpropathrin
  • Spectrophotometric Determination of Fenpropathrin in its Formulations and Water Samples
  • Persistence of Chlorpyrifos and Fenpropathrin Alone and in combination with Fertilizers in Soil And their Effect on Soil Microbes
Company Profiles
  • Company from Egypt
  • Company from USA
  • Company from China
  • Another Company from China
  • Another Company from China
  • Another Company from China
  • Another Company from China
  • Company from South Africa
  • Company from India


  • Suppliers of Fenpropathrin
  • List of Suppliers
  • Suppliers List
  • Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers


  • Chemical Poisoning
  • Risk Characterisation Document
  • Toxicity of Sediment-Associated Pesticides


  • Current Status of The Greenhouse Whitefly Susceptibility
  • Relative Susceptibility of Tea Mosquito Bug
  • Research Highlights
  • Resistant Pest Management Newsletter
  • Selection for Fenpropathrin and Fenpropathrin Acephate Resistance

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