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  • Fenthion (O,O-dimethyl O-4-methylthio-mtolylphosphorothioate ) is a broad spectrum organophosphorus (OP) insecticide.

  • Fenthion is used to control pest insects in agricultural, commercial and domestic situations and external parasites on cattle.

  • It was used extensively preharvest on sugar cane, rice, field corn, beets, pome and stone fruits, citrus fruits, pistachio, cotton, olives, coffee, cocoa, vegetables, and vines.

  • It is effective as an insecticide, it is also moderately toxic to mammals, and highly toxic to birds.

  • Based on its high toxicity to birds, fenthion is used in various parts of the world for weaver bird control.

  • Fenthion is moderately toxic via the oral route, with reported oral LD50 values of 180 to 298 mg/kg in rats, 150 mg/kg in rabbits, and 88 to 145 mg/kg in mice.

  • In animals, fenthion is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract, lungs, and skin, and is systemically distributed. It is eliminated through the urine and the feces. A single dose of the insecticide has prolonged action, suggesting that much of it is stored in body fat and later released for metabolism.

  • Fenthion is used as a paint strip 5 cm wide to 10 per cent of favoured roost areas of pigeons, starlings, sparrows and the Indian mynah in industrial and commercial premises.

  • Fenthion is of moderate persistence in soil, with an average field half-life of 34 days under most conditions . In soil, residues of fenthion may persist for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. It adsorbs fairly strongly to soil particles, and so is not likely to move (or leach) through the soil.

  • In one study of its persistence in water, 50% of applied fenthion remained in river water 2 weeks later, while 10% remained after 4 weeks. It is more rapidly degraded under alkaline conditions.

  • EPA has made fenthion a restricted use pesticide, for use only by certified applicators or those under their supervision, and has imposed a 24- hour reentry period for unprotected workers in treated ornamentals.

General Information
  • Fenthion Basic Information
  • Fenthion Information
  • Fenthion Chemical Profile
  • Fenthion General Info
  • Fenthion Profile
Fact Sheet
  • Fenthion Chemical Fact Sheet
  • Fenthion Fact Sheet Form EPA
  • Fenthion Fact sheet
  • Review of the uses of  fenthion
  • Fact Sheet - Fenthion

Company Profile

  • Company from China
  • Company from Taiwan
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  • Fenthion
  • Fenthion 500
  • Fenthion from Plaaskem
  • Fenthion from Sigma Aldrich
  • Fenthion 80EC Insecticide
  • Tiguvon Spot-on Cattle Lice Insecticide
  • AVIGEL Pest Bird Control Agent
  • Baytex 550 Insecticide
  • Lebaycid® Insecticide Spray
  • ANC Bird Control
  • David Grays Mosquito & Spider Spray
  • Lebaycid Fruit Fly & Insect Killer


  • Analytical Method For Fenthion
  • Fenthion Distribution and persistence for Biomonitoring
  • Synthesis of organophosphorus pesticides
  • Fenthion Analysis

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  • Fenthion Toxicity Information
  • Fenthion Extoxnet
  • Effects of Acute Fenthion Toxicity
  • In Vitro Metabolism of Fenthion
  • Mammalian Toxicity of Fenthion
  • Metabolism and Environmental Fate
  • Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Fenthion
  • Toxicity of Fenthion in Lebaycid
  • Fenthion Toxicity
  • Influence of the organophosphate insecticide
  • Human Exposure - Fenthion
  • Organophosphate insecticides Toxicity


  • Biodegradation of  Fenthion
  • Photo oxidation Mechanism of Fenthion


  • The Effects of Fenthion on Lipid Peroxidation
  • Environmental Effects - fenthion


  • Dipping with fenthion
  • Flood Spraying with fenthion
  • Fenthion residues
  • Treatments with Fenthion
  • Analysis of the use of fenthion via epicutaneous in dogs
  • Insecticide (Fenthion) Sprayer

Report & Market

  • Approved Uses of  Fenthion
  • Disposal of  Sprays Containing Fenthion
  • FAO Specification - Fenthion
  • Technical Reports - Fenthion
  • Review Summary - Fenthion
  • Horn Fly Susceptibility to Fenthion
  • Evaluation of  Fenthion
  • Fenthion Reviews - March 2010
  • Evaluation of public Health pesticide
  • Pesticide Residues In Food  - Fenthion
  • Fenthion Resulting in Rapid Cell Death
  • National Fruit Fly Strategy Action Plan.
  • Fenthion-Cancel Pesticide Registrations


  • Lebaycid
  • Fenthion 200
  • Fenthion 500
  • Tiguvon


  • Fenthion Suppliers list
  • Suppliers for Fenthion
  • Fenthion Suppliers

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