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  • Fenvalerate is an insecticide. It is a mixture of four optical isomers which have different insecticidal activities.
  • The 2-S alpha (or SS) configuration is the most insecticidally active isomer. Fenvalerate consists of about 23% of this isomer.
  • The technical grade is a yellow-brown viscous liquid which may be partly crystallized at room temperature, and has a specific odour.
  • Fenvalerate is an insecticide of moderate mammalian toxicity.
  • Fenvalerate is most toxic to bees and fish.
  • It is found in some emulsifiable concentrates, ULV, wettable powders, slow release formulations, insecticidal fogs, and granules.
  • Fenvalerate is a synthetic pyrethroid with no cyclopropane ring in the molecule.
  • Technical-grade fenvalerate is 90-94% pure and consists of equal portions of the four stereoisomers (RR, RS, SR, SS)
  • It may be formulated as emulsifiable concentrates, ultra-low volume concentrates, dusts or wettable powders.
  • Fenvalerate formulations currently registered in the USA, Europe and India are emulsifiable concentrates.
  • Esfenvalerate is available in the USA as a technical-grade product with a purity of 75%.
  • It is formulated in the USA as an emulsifiable concentrate.
  • Fenvalerate is also formulated in combination with oxydemeton-methyl.
  • Fenvalerate can be prepared by esterification of 3-phenoxybenzaldehyde cyanohydrin with 2-( 4-chlorophenyl)isovaleroyl chloride, or by condensation of 3-phenoxy--halobenzyl cyanide with the isovaleric acid in the presence of a base such as potassium carbonate.
  • More conveniently, fenvalerate can be provided by the Francis reaction using the isovaleroyl chloride, the aldehyde and sodium cyanide.
  • Fenvalerate is a highly active contact insecticide that is effective against a wide range of pests, including strains resistant to organochlorine, organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides.
  • It is used mainly in agriculture, with about 90% used on cotton.
  • It is also used on other crops, such as vines, tomatoes, potatoes, pomes, other fruit and a wide variety of other crops.
  • It is also used in public health and animal husbandry, e.g., for controlling flies in cattle sheds.
  • It is used in homes and gardens for insect control and around the foundations of buildings to control termites and carpenter ants.
  • fenvalerate is relatively immobile and readily degraded in soil, it is moderately persistent in soils because of low water solubility and high octanol-water partition coefficients.
  • Also, fenvalerate has been identified as having the potential to accumulate in aquatic sediments and biota.
  • Fenvalerate has undergone laboratory and silo-scale field trials as a stored grain protectant in Australia.
  • Fenvalerate[4-Chloro-α-(1-methylethyl)benzeneaceticacid cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl ester], a member of the family of synthetic pyrethroid, type II, is commonly used as a highly active insecticide in agricultural and other domestic applications in China.
General Information & Process
  • Fenvalerate information sheet
  • Fenvalerate general information
  • Fenvalerate process
  • Fenvalerate manufacturing process


  • Effects of Fenvalerate on Steroidogenesis in Cultured Rat Granulosa Cells
  • Effects of Synergists on the Toxicity of Fenvalerate to Pyrethroid-Resistant Diamondback Moth
  • Influence of duration of exposure to the pyrethroid fenvalerate on sublethal responses and recovery of Daphnia Magna Straus
  • Inheritance of Resistance to Phenthoate and Fenvalerate Diamondback Moth and Management of Insecticide Resistance
  • Effects of fenvalerate exposure on semen quality among occupational workers
  • Short- and Long-Term Effects of the Pyrethroid Insecticide Fenvalerate
    on an Invertebrate Pond Community

Patent & Technology

  • Fenvalerate Phosmet Insecticidal Composition
  • Bioremediation of Fenvalerate by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a Scale up Bioreactor
  • Simple and Rapid Determination of Cypermethrin and fenvalerate residues in Kampo products by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry with negative chemical ionization
  • Study on the relation between occupational fenvalerate exposure and spermatozoa DNA damage of pesticide
    factory workers


  • Effects of application date and selective Tagging of cows and calves with fenvalerate ear rags for the control of the horn fly and face fly
  • Impact of selective use of the synthetic pyrethroid fenvalerate on apple pests and natural enemies in large orchard trials
  • Joint action of phoxim and fenvalerate on reproduction in male rats
  • Fenvalerate-induced chromosome aberrations and sister chromatid
    exchanges in the bone marrow cells of mice in vivo
  • Fenvalerate and Flucythrinate resistance in a horn fly population
  • Fenvalerate-induced Alterations in Calcium Homeostasis in Rat Ovary
  • Role of fenvalerate (pyrethroid) and Cyanox (Organophosphorus) Insecticides on growth and some metabolic activities during seedling growth of Raphanus sativus L.
  • In vitro and in vivo metabolism of fenvalerate in pyrethroid resistant houseflies

Company Profiles

  • Company from China
  • Another company from China
  • Company from Hangzhou, China
  • Company from Jiangsu, China
  • Company from India
  • Company from Shanghai, China


  • Consultancy from Malaysia
  • Consultancy from Washington
  • Consultancy from United Kingdom
  • Consultancy from USA
  • Consultancy from China

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Fenvalerate data sheet
  • Material safety data sheet for fenvalerate
  • Fenvalerate MSDS
  • Fenvalerate Tech
  • MSDS For fenvalerate
  • Fenvalerate (Technical product)
  • Fenvalerate EC

Products & Project

  • Fenvalerate - 0.4%Dust
  • Fenvalerate product data sheet
  • Fenvalerate
  • Fenvalerate product information
  • Fenvalerate project report
  • Determination of Permethrin and Esfenvalerate - Fenvalerate in sediment water


  • Fenvalerate
  • Fenvalerate (Pydrin) Research Document
  • Fenvalerate information
  • Fenvalerate (Pydrin) Chemical Profile
  • Endocrine disturbances in induced fenvalerate toxicity in rats and its amelioration with withania somnifera
  • Oral toxicity of deltamethrin and fenvalerate in swiss mice


  • Fenvalerate report
  • Fenvalerate - Esfenvalerate Information
  • Chemical Watch Sheet - Fenvalerate
  • Fenvalerate Hazards to Fish, Wildlife, and Invertebrates: A Synoptic Review
  • Separate and Combined Effect of Bt, Imidachloprid and Fenvalerate on the Control of the Colorado Potato Beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say), in Sarab Region, Iran
  • Fenvalerate summary report
  • Toxicokinetics of fenvalerate mixed with phoxim in mice
  • Fenvalerate
  • Fenvalerate reviews


  • Fenvalerate suppliers
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  • (S)-3-Phenoxybenzaldehyde Cyanohydrin Suppliers & Manufacturers
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