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  • Fipronil is an insecticide for broad spectrum that damages the central nervous system of insects by blocking the passage of ions of  chlorine by the receptors  GABA  and glutamate chloride channels (GluCl), components of the central nervous system.
  • This causes the over-excitation of the muscles and nerves of infected insects, causing them to death.
  • Fipronil is used in fire ant baits,
    cockroach baits and gels, flea products for dogs and cats, ant baits and gels, termite control products, turf and golf course products, and agricultural
  • Fipronil is marketed under the trade name Regent for use against major lepidopterous and orthopterous pests on a wide range of field and horticultural crops and against coleopterous larvae in soils.
  • According to a review of fipronil’s environmental fate conducted by researchers from the University of Greenwich and a group of other United Kingdom research institutes, fipronil is “persistent” in soil.
  • It is also employed for cockroach and ant control under the trade names Goliath and Nexa including in the US, where it is also used against pests of field corn, golf courses and commercial turf (trade name Chipco Choice).
  • It has been used under the trade name Adonis for locust control in Madagascar and in Kazakhstan.
  • Due to slow absorption of fipronil
    through the gut, symptoms of intoxication may be delayed several
    hours to one day.
  • Direct contact to the skin or eyes may occur while applying fipronil products.
  • Pets may be exposed to fipronil by products that are applied to their skin for flea and tick treatments.
  • People may also be exposed to fipronil when applying flea and tick products. It may also be possible to swallow fipronil if the hands are not washed following skin exposure.
  • Exposure to fipronil can be limited by reading the pesticide label and following all of the direction.


  • Fipronil
  • General information on fipronil
  • Fipronil specification sheet
  • Fipronil summary
  • Fipronil overview


  • Fipronil 0.3% GR
  • Ceasefire Fire Ant Bait
  • Fipronil product list
  • Goliath Gel
  • Kilspot Nova (Fipronil 0.05 Gel)
  • Frontline Spray (Fipronil) 2.5GM/L
  • List of Brand name products containing Fipronil
  • Fipronil 5 % SC

Fact sheets

  • Fipronil facts
  • Fipronil fact sheet
  • General fact sheet
  • Technical fact sheet
  • Insecticide fact sheet


  • Two-Step Application of Granular and Bait Formulations of Fipronil
  • Ultra low dose of systematic insecticide fipronil impairs forging behaviour of honeybees.
  • Frontline Flea & Tick Control with Fipronil
  • Use of Fipronil on Dogs


  • Toxicity profile
  • Environmental Fate of Fipronil
  • Fipronil toxicology
  • Adverse Effects of Fipronil
  • Evaluation of cytotoxic effects of fipronil on ovaries of semi-engorged Rhipicephalus sanguineus
  • Fipronil human exposures
  • Ecological toxicity

Company profiles

  • Company from Noida, India
  • Company from Asia pacific
  • Company from Nanjing, China
  • Company from Haryana
  • Company from North America
  • Company from Maharashtra
  • Company from Germany


  • Fipronil suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Sellers
  • Selling leads
  • Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Fipronil
  • Fipronil exporters
  • Fipronil manufacturers

Data sheets  & Plant

  • List of MSDS
  • Fipronil plant
  • Plant manufacturer


  • Plant growth regulation using 3-cyano-1-phenylpyrazoles such as Fipronil
  • Pesticidal composition comprising enantiomeric form of Fipronil
  • Synergistic insecticide mixtures
  • Fungicidal mixtures based on prothioconazole and an insecticide
  • Intermediates for pesticidal composition comprising enantiomeric form of Fipronil
  • Insecticidal mixtures
  • Process for the preparation of Fipronil, an insecticide, and related pyrazoles
  • Crystalline modification of Fipronil
  • Spot-on pesticide composition
  • Process for the preparation of Fipronil and analogues thereof
  • Parasiticidal formulation


  • Fipronil Survey in China
  • Review report for the active substance fipronil

  • FAO Specifications and evaluations for Fipronil

  • Fipronil in parts-per-trillion can mutate proteins and kill human liver cells.

  • The Automated SPE Assay of Fipronil and Its Metabolites from Bee Pollen.

  • Transfer assessment of fipronil residues from feed to cow milk

  • Bioefficacy of new molecule fipronil 5% SC against sucking pest complex in Bt cotton

  • Fipronil: environmental fate, ecotoxicology, and human health concerns.


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