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  • Iprovalicarb is a fungicide
  • Iprovalicarb has an excellent toxicological and ecotoxicological profile.
  •  It has excellent fungicidal activity against Plasmopara viticola, Peronospora vicia, Phytophthora sp, Alternaria sp in grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco and vegetables
  • Iprovalicarb is non-persistent in soil but may persist in water for a long time. It is moderately toxic to mammals but has a low risk of bioaccumulating. It is considered to be a carcinogen. It is moderately toxic to birds, most aquatic organisms and earthworms but is not toxic to honeybees.
  • There are number of patents expiring in the near future and there is very good potential and opportunities to develop new formulations for the Crop Protection Industry in India as well as around the world
  • Entrepreneurs and companies have excellent Opportunities in this field if they have aptitude for new product development & Research to get into the Formulation business

Product Information

  • Product Data
  • Properties & assessment report
  • About Formulations


  • The control of early blight and late blight in potatoes and for control of downy
    mildew in onions.
  • A Successful Potato Grower
  • Formulations combination of two fungicides - Propineb and lprovalicarb
  • Compatibility Chart

Manufacturers  & Suppliers

  • Company presentation
  • Company profile
  • Certified Reference Materials
  • Global Suppliers
  • Chinese Suppliers


  • Iprovalicarb in Solution
  • Iprovalicarb
  • Fungicide Formulation
  • Iprovalicarb for laboratory use

Consultancy & Information Sources

  • Institute  Technology
  • Formulations Consultants
  • Consultant - agrochemical Markets & reports
  • Consultant - Global and Chinese Iprovalicarb Market
  • Consultants - Technical


  • Patents Expiry & opportunities
  • Fungicidal Mixtures comprising R-metalaxyl and iprovalicarb
  • Agrochemical Formulations
  • Herbicide Technology

Environment Issues

  • Iprovalicarb - Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity and regulatory information
  • Toxic Enforcement Act
  • Evaluation of the carcinogenic potential
  • The pesticide risk assessment of the active substance iprovalicarb
  • Product evaluation of manufacturers
  • Regulation - Europe

Market Scenario

  • The position of the European Market - 2013
  • Crop Protection products
  • Fungicides: Past, Present and Future of Fungicides Used
    for Late Blight Control

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