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  • Kasugamycin (Ksg) is an aminoglycoside antibiotic that was originally isolated in 1965, from Streptomyces kasugaensis

  • It exists as a white, crystalline substance with the chemical formula C14H28ClN3O10 (kasugamycin hydrochloride). It is also known as kasumin.

  • Kasugamycin is a low-use-rate wide-spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic fungicide
    produced from Streptomyces kasugaensis that is intended for control of bacterial and fungal
    diseases on pepper and tomato.

  • It is currently used in over 20 countries on various crops including tomato, paprika, eggplant, rice, and potato.

  • Kasugamycin is also formulated as a co-active ingredient (at 5%) along with copper oxychloride (at 45%, expressed as copper) in a wettable powder (WP), designated Kasumin Cobre®.

  • Kasugamycin operates via a mode of action different from that of the other aminoglycoside antibiotics such as streptomycin. Because kasugamycin is active only against phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria.

  • Kasugamycin exhibits low acute toxicity.

  • The absorption and metabolism of kasugamycin in rats was limited (less than 5% of the dose) and was not affected by sex, dose level, or duration of dosing. The parent compound was the major component identified in the urine, feces, liver, kidney, and plasma.

  • The major metabolic pathway of kasugamycin in plants involves conjugation of the parent
    compound, conversion to kasugamycinic acid, and subsequent conjugation of kasugamycinic acid.

  • Kasugamycin exhibits activity only towards phytopathogens and is ineffective against human and animal pathogens.

  • Kasugamycin was equal to streptomycin and/or oxytetracycline in three of the four cultivars tested in this first floral strike experiment.

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  • Kasugamycin
  • Kasugamycin Basic Information
  • Kasugamycin General Info
  • Kasugamycin Profile
  • Kasugamycin Information
  • Kasugamycin fact sheet

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  • Company from China
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  • Kasugamycin from China
  • Kasugamycin Hydrochloride Monohydrate
  • Kasugamycin from USA
  • Kasumin Liquid from Tokyo
  • Kasumin Liquid from USA


  • Enhancement of Kasugamycin Production by pH Shock
  • The chlamydial functional homolog of KsgA confers kasugamycin sensitivity
  • Antibiotic Production & Morphological
  • The Oxazolidinone Linezolid Inhibits Initiation of Protein Synthesis in Bacteria


  • Kasugamycin as a plant disease preventive agent
  • Process for the production of kasugamycin
  • Kasugamycin Derivatives
  • Alpha-D-Glycosyl Kasugamycin,its preparation and antibacterial agent containing the same
  • Antibiotic kasugamycin
  • Kasugamycin pharmaceutical compositins and method and use
  • Guanidio Derivatives of  Kasugamycin and their production
  • Methods for the production and isolation of d-chiro-inositol from kasugamycin
  • Kasugamycin Substituted Antibacterial Agents


  • Determination Kasugamycin in Tomoto, Potatoes and Peppers
  • Structural analysis of kasugamycin
  • Synthetic Studies of Kasugamycin
  • The antibiotic kasugamycin
  • The Biosynthesis of Kasugamycin
  • Alteration of Ribosomal Protein S4 by Mutation Linked to Kasugamycin-Resistance in Escherichia coli
  • DNA Sequencing and Transcriptional Analysis of the Kasugamycin
  • Plasmid-Determined Epistatic Susceptibility to Kasugamycin
  • Ribosomes Induced by Kasugamycin
  • Apple Fire Blight
  • Kasugamycin on Initiation of protein  Synthesis


  • Kasugamycin Toxicity
  • Kasugamycin Human Health Effects
  • Kasugamycin - Pesticide Tolerance
  • Kasugamycin - Human Health Risk Assessment
  • In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Kasugamycin


  • Effect of Kasugamycin in Apple Orchards
  • Kasugamycin; Receipt of Application
    for Emergency Exemption
  • Susceptibility to Kasugamycin of Escherichia coli
  • A Third Kasugamycin Resistance Locus
  • Identification of Three Different Loci Controlling Kasugamycin Resistance
  • Control of  fire blight of  pears
  • Tn5-Induced Kasugamycin Resistance
  • Evaluation of new bactericides
  • Kasugamycin in Utah
  • Crop Protection Agents


  • Kasumin 2L
  • Kasugamycin


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  • List of Suppliers - Kasugamycin
  • Kasugamycin Suppliers list
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