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  • Lime-sulfur, or a mixture of calcium polysulphides and calcium thiosulphate is the product obtained by the combination of lime with sulfur, is commonly used today to control a variety of diseases such as plum pockets, black knot, black spot of rose, and a number of raspberry diseases.
  • Lime sulfur (LS) is the only fungicide registered for organic fruit production with demonstrated curative activity against apple scab, but such
    activity against Monilinia fructicola is unknown.
  • Lime-sulfur has been used widely for more than 50 years and is still used forsome of the common fruit diseases.lime-sulfur is used mainly as a
    dormant spray. Plant damage caused by lime-sulfur is most severe during dry weather when temperatures reach 80 degrees to 95 degrees F.
  • Varied proportions of lime and sulfur are mixed in water to get the lime-sulfur.
  • Lime Sulphur is a premium sterilizer, jin and shari preservation solution imported from Japan. Used for jin and shari to prevent rotting and to brighten and lighten dead wood color.
  • In most cases, lime sulphur treatments applied either curatively or preventively resulted in significantly lower scab damage on both the leaves and fruits compared to wettable sulphur treatments.
  • Lime sulfur spray is only able to fight against fungi that are already present on the tree. It is unable to prevent spores from developing into fungi
    before they attach themselves to the plant. This is a huge downfall for gardeners thinking of switching from chemical-based fungicides to lime sulfur.
  • Lime Sulphur was originally developed as a winter wash (fungicide and insecticide) and used to spray trees during the winter to kill any residual
    molds,fungi and overwintering insects or eggs.
  • Lime Sulphur was first developed during the mid 19th century to control mildew on grapevines in French vineyards.
  • Lime sulfur spray is an organically-based substance that is effective in preventing and curing some fungal diseases of eucalyptus and other trees.
General Information
  • Lime Sulfur Label Information
  • Lime-sulfur: A fungicide used to control a variety of diseases
  • About Lime-sulfur
  • Lime Sulfur

Company Profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from Korea


  • Development of Electrostatically Attached Hyperbranched Condensation Polymers for Use in Sulfur Speciation
  • Evaluation of alternative fungicides for organic apple production in Vermont
  • Production and application of thiosulfate in lime based wet FGD


  • Effectivity of lime sulphur as a flower thinning agent
  • Effectiveness of Lime-Sulfur and Phosphorous Acid for Controlling Summer Diseases on Apples
  • Bonsai and Lime Sulphur
  • Efficiency of lime sulfur in the control of two-spotted mite in papaya in conventional and organic system
  • Parathion can be used with lime sulphur
  • Lime Sulfur for Eucalyptus Fungus
  • Evaluation of Lime Sulphur as a Thinning Agent for Pears
  • Use of lime sulphur and itraconazole to treat shelter cats naturally infected with Microsporum canis in an annex
    facility: an open field trial


  • Efficacy and physiological effect of oil/lime sulfur combinations
  • Efficacy of sulfur in reducing Phomopsis incidence and severity in grapes
  • Organic Apple Thinning Strategies
  • Blossom Thinning of Apples and Peaches with New Blossom Thinners

Machinery & Raw Material Suppliers

  • Rotary Kiln
  • Calcium Polysulfide
  • Calcium Thiosulfate
  • Lime
  • Sulfur
  • Lime-sulphur mixing machine
  • Soluble lime-sulphur composition
  • Apparatus for manufacturing lime sulphur
  • Process for producing lime-sulphur compounds
  • Process of making dry lime sulphur compositions


  • Lime Sulfur Fungicide & Insecticide
  • Lime Sulfur PCP
  • REX Lime Sulfur Solution
  • Kendon Lime Sulphur Fungicide/Insecticide
  • Calcium sulfide


  • Lime Sulphur Insecticide Miticide Fungicide
  • Lime Sulfur Product List
  • Lime Sulfur Dip
  • Lime Sulfur Spray
  • Lime Sulfur solution
  • Lime Sulfur Shampoo

Safety Report

  • Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance lime sulfur
  • Lime Sulfur - Re-evaluation Decision
  • Lime Sulfur Human Health Effects
  • The side effects of lime sulphur on predaceous arthropods, i.e. Typhlodromus pyri, and other leaf occupying arthropods
  • Toxicity of lime sulphur on predatory mite Typhlodromus pyri in apple

Standards & Guide

  • Lime Sulfur - FAO specifications
  • Use of Lime-Sulfur Solution for the Control of Postharvest Mold of Citrus Fruit.
  • LIVE Lime-sulfur Application Guidelines


  • Lime Sulfur Exporters
  • Lime Sulfur Manufacturer & Suppliers
  • Lime Sulfur Selling Leads

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