Methoxyethyl Mercuric Chloride
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  • Methoxyethyl mercury chloride is a white crystalline solid .
  • Methoxyethyl mercury chloride is a broad spectrum, cumulative and
    systemic alkoxyalkyl mercurial fungicide; a non-specific, non-selective
    metabolic inhibitor; and an unstable organic compound that decomposes to release inorganic mercury which is most persistant.
  • It is highly toxic to mammals and other non-target organisms.
  • It is used exclusively for seed treatment, however, it is believed to be no
    longer manufactured, or marketed for crop protection.
  • Formulations include various dusts and liquid preparations for slurry
    seed dressing and dips at concentrations of 2-60g Hg/kg of seeds and
    19g/lt respectively.
  • Methoxyethyl mercury chloride was applied to sugar cane and pineapple sets; against surface borne diseases of seed potatoes and flower bulbs and, as a seed dressing against seed borne diseases of cereals, legumes and root crops.
  • MEMC Description
  • Organo mercuric Compounds
  • Shirtan Product Description
  • Shirtan MSDS

Company Profiles and Consultants

  • Company from Ankara
  • Consultant from Wahington
  • Consultant from California


  • Clinical Studies on Mercury Poisoning in Cattle
  • Determination of mercury species in natural waters
  • Effect of Organic Mercury Exposure
  • Insecticides and a fungicide affect multiple coral life stages
  • The Metabolism of Methoxyethylmercury Salts
  • Penetration and feeding behavior of Pratylenchus penetrans in strawberry roots
  • The Metabolism of Phenylmercury by the Rat
  • Some disease management practices for bacterial wilt of potato
  • Studies on seed borne aspects of anthracnose of chilli and its Management
  • Preventive Measures against Environmental Mercury Pollution and Its Health Effects
  • Occupational Health Guidelines for Organo Mercury Compounds
  • WHO/FAO Specification on Datasheet


  • India Report
  • National Chemical  Management Profile for India
  • Decision Guidance Document
  • Organomercury Compounds
  • Pesticides Management in Surface and Ground Waters in India
  • An NGO Introduction to Mercury Pollution
  • A Project Report
  • Mercury In India
  • Summary of Legislative Requirements
  • A Thesis
  • Toxicology of Insecticide


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