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  • Metolachlor is an organic compound that is widely used as a herbicide.It is a derivative of aniline and is a member of the chloroacetanilide herbicides.

  • It is used for grass and broadleaf weed control in corn, soybean, peanuts, sorghum, and cotton. It is also used in combination with other herbicides.

  • Trade names for products containing metolachlor include Bicep, CGA-24705, Dual, Pennant, and Pimagram.

  • The compound may be used in formulations with other pesticides (often herbicides that control broad-leaved weeds) including atrazine, cyanazine, and fluometuron.

  • Metolachlor is a colorless to tan, odorless liquid applied as an emulsion on crops.

  • Metolachlor is a preemergence (applied before crop sprout) herbicide that controls most annual grasses and many weeds in beans, chickpeas, corn, cotton.

  • It is absorbed by plants and inhibits plant protein synthesis.

  • Metolachlor is one of the top 5 pesticides detected in surface waters in the corn belt (US EPA).

  • Metolachlor has a soil half-life of a few weeks to three months and is degraded microbiologically and photochemically to at least five different products.

  • Metolachlor or its degradates can leach from soils and have been detected in watersheds of agricultural land, in both ground and surface waters.

  • In soil, metolachlor is transformed to its metabolites primarily by biodegradation.

  • Biodegradation will be the major process by which metolachlor will be lost from most soils . Although metolachlor degraded in a soil with a half-life of 56 days, only approximately 5% of the compound mineralized to carbon dioxide in 84 days . Some loss of metolachlor from soil surface will occur as a result of photolysis by sunlight .

  • Metolachlor is a slightly toxic compound in EPA toxicity class III.

  • Metolachlor is highly persistent in water over a wide range of water acidity. Its half-life at 20 C is more than 200 days in highly acid waters, and is 97 days in highly basic waters. Metolachlor is also relatively stable in water under natural sunlight.

  • Products containing metolachlor herbicides have the potential to leach through soil into ground water under  certain condition as a result of agricultural use.

  • Metolachlor is a growth inhibitor affecting root and shoot growth after seeds have germinated.

General Information
  • Metolachlor
  • Metolachlor Basic Information
  • Metolachlor General Info
  • Metolachlor Information
  • Metolachlor Chemical Information
  • Metolachlor fact sheet

Company Profile

  • Company from China
  • Company from China
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  • Metolachlor
  • Metolachlor from USA
  • Helm Metolachlor 8E
  • Metolachlor Sample Diluent
  • Metolachlor 720
  • Farmoz Clincher Plus Herbicide
  • Genfarm Metolachlor 720 EC Herbicide
  • Rygel Metolachlor 720 EC Herbicide
  • Sipcam Strada Herbicide
  • Metolachlor 960 EC
  • Titan Metolachlor 960 Herbicide


  • Metolachlor Analytical Method
  • Metolachlor Method

Raw Material Supplier

  • Dichloromethane Supplier
  • Octacosane Supplier
  • 2-Ethyl-6-methylaniline Supplier
  • 2-Ethyl-6-methyl-chloroacetanilic Supplier

Equipment Supplier

  • Capillary gas chromatograph Supplier
  • Supplier of Gas Chromatograph
  • Fused silica capillary Supplier
  • Supplier of Fused silica capillary


  • Effect of  Metolachlor on Microbial in Soil
  • Verifying the Chiral Switch of Metolachlor on the Basis of  Enantiomer Composition
  • Chiral Separation - Metolachlor
  • Application of Nano-Zero Valent Iron for Treating Metolachlor in Aqueous Solution
  • Detection of  Herbicide Degradates in Drinking Water Via Direct  Injection
  • Sorption of Metolachlor by a Bacterial Community


  • Immunological Detection of Metolachlor
  • Herbicidal Composition Comprising Metolachlor and Triketone Herbicides
  • Synergistic Herbicidal Composition of S-Metolachlor
  • Herbicidal Composition and Method of Use
  • Herbicidal Composition


  • Effects on Metolachlor Volatilization
  • Effects of Metolachlor on Cellulose Decomposition in a Peat Soil
  • Effects of the herbicide metolachlor
  • Toxic Effects of  Metolachlor on Chlorella Fusca Var-Fusca
  • Long-term Tillage Effect on Soil Metolachlor


  • Mobility and Persistence of  Metolachlor
  • Fate and Efficacy of  Metolachlor
  • Metolachlor Structure
  • Reactive Chemicals in Soils
  • Drinking Water  - Metolachlor
  • Mobility and Persistence of Metolachlor
  • Sediment in Metolachlor transport from agricultural fields
  • Factors Contributing to Metolachlor


  • Metolachlor in Drinking-water
  • Plant protection - Metolachlor
  • Control In Soybean with Metolachlor
  • Metolachlor in Surface Runoff under Typical Rainfall Conditions
  • Lysimeter experiments with metolachlor in Tor Mancina
  • Metolachlor in the Sugar Creek Watershed


  • Metolachlor Toxicity
  • Metolachlor Extoxnet
  • Metolachlor Pesticide Tolerance
  • Metolachlor RED
  • Metolachlor RED Facts
  • Toxicology Chapter for Metolachlor
  • Tolerance Summary for Metolachlor
  • Ratios of Metolachlor to its metabolites in ground water
  • Metolachlor Sorption to Switchgrass Residues

Safety & Risk

  • Environmental Fate of Metolachlor
  • Metolachlor Analysis of Risks
  • Safety Card - metolachlor
  • Health Risk - Metolachlor
  • Oxanilic acid degradate of metolachlor
  • Risk Information Metolachlor
  • Ecological Effects - Risks of Metolachlor
  • Risks of Metolachlor Use to 26 Evolutionarily Significant Units


  • Metolachlor Breakdown Product Formation Patterns in Aquatic Field
  • Final rule of EPA - Metolachlor
  • Verification Memorandum for Metolachlor
  • Water Quality for Metolachlor
  • Activity of Different form of metolachlor
  • Federal registration - metolachlor


  • Helm Metolachlor 8E
  • 4Farmers Metolachlor 720
  • Ospray Metolachlor 720
  • Rygel  Metolachlor 720
  • United Farmers Metolachlor 720
  • Allfire Metolachlor Herbicide
  • Concep Herbicide Antidote
  • Conquest Metolachlor 720
  • Titan Metolachlor 960
  • Metolachlor 960 EC
  • Dual


  • Metolachlor Suppliers list
  • Suppliers for Metolachlor
  • Metolachlor Supplier

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