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  • Metribuzin is a white, crystalline solid with a slightly sharp, sulfurous odor.
  • Metribuzin is soluble in methanol, ethanol and glycol ether acetate; soluble in toluene (observed); slightly soluble in water, 1200 ppm
  • Metribuzin is registered for control of broadleaf weeds and grasses in soybeans, potatoes, barley, winter wheat, dormant established and sainfoin fields, asparagus, sugarcane, tomatoes, lentils, peas, and non-cropland.
  • Metribuzin is a selective triazine herbicide which inhibits photosynthesis of susceptible plant species.
  • Metribuzin is available as a 50% formulation intermediate, and 94% technical for formulation into end-use products, wettable powder, flowable concentrate, and dry flowable concentrate.
  • Metribuzin may be soil-incorporated, surface applied, or applied foliarly, broadcast or band with ground equipment. It can be applied by aerial equipment or sprinkler irrigation(Potatoes).
  • Metribuzin is not acutely toxic by oral, dermal, inhalation, or eye irritation routes of exposure.
  • Users are advised not to apply metribuzin where the water table (groundwater) is close to the surface and where the soils are very permeable i.e., well drained soils such as loamy sands.
  • Metribuzin and its breakdown products have been frequently detected in Minnesota groundwater beneath areas with coarse-textured soils.
  • Metribuzin has not yet been
    thoroughly endocrinologically investigated, and although it is suspected of gererative toxicity and carcinogens that are active in endocrine disturbance, such endocrine disturbance has not been confirmed.
  • People may be exposed to residues of metribuzin through the diet.
  • Tolerances were reassessed for metribuzin and three of its primary metabolites.
  • Goosegrass is one of the most difficult turfgrass weeds to
    control in the tropics and warmer temperate zones.
  • Selective POST control of flowering goosegrass has been
    reported following applications of metribuzin plus MSMA.
  • Metribuzin can leach through soil and contaminate ground water which may be used for drinking water.


  • Introduction
  • Chemical Profile for Metribuzin
  • Herbicide Profile
  • Water quality
  • Metribuzin fact sheet
  • Chemical fact sheet
  • General facts of Metribuzin
  • Metribuzin 750 WG
  • Metribuzin 480 SC
  • Metribuzin 75% DF
  • Metribuzin 750 WG Herbicide
  • Metribuzin 750 Wettable powder Herbicide

Application & Technology

  • Metribuzin application
  • Determination of the herbicide metribuzin and its major conversion products in soil by micellar electrokinetic chromatography


  • Herbicidal compositions comprising Metribuzin
  • Selectively herbicidal Metribuzin plus Bromoxynil
  • Selective herbicides based on Metribuzin and substituted compounds
  • Herbicidal agents based on Heteroaryloxylacetamides and Metribuzin
  • Defoliant
  • Herbicidal combinations and method of controlling weeds in crops
  • Emulsifiable liquid concentrates containing 4- amino-6-T-butyl-3-(Methylthio)-1,2,4-triazin-5-one and 2-chloro-N-(2,6-Diethylphenyl)-N-Methoxymethylacetamide
  • Herbicidal composition comprising HW-52 and Metribuzin
  • Aluminium silicate-free, highly concentrated suspension concentrates of Metribuzin
  • Thiol methylation process-reaction, recycle and regeneration of Methyl bromide
  • Herbicidal spray Mixtures

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from Hungary
  • Another Company from China
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from North America
  • Company from Jiangsu, China
  • Manufacturers of Metribuzin
  • Suppliers of Metribuzin
  • Metribuzon Suppliers
  • Suppliers list
  • List of Suppliers
  • Manufacturers list
  • Exporters list


  • Metribuzin properties
  • General properties
  • Physical properties
  • Basic and solid properties

Data sheets

  • Metribuzin 75
  • Metribuzin 750 WG
  • Metribuzin 750 WP
  • Metri DF
  • Metribuzin 95% TC
  • Ospray Metribuzin 750 WG Herbicide
  • Rygel Metribuzin 750 WG
  • Sencor DF
  • Sencor Technical


  • Review of field trials and grower use of metribuzin products in cereal (and other) crops
  • Metribuzin resistant Goosegrass in BermudagrassTurf
  • FAO Specifications for Metribuzin
  • Assessment of metribuzin effects on potatoes using a method of very rapid fluorescence induction
  • Analysis of metribuzin using positive and negative APCI LC-MS
  • Sensitivity of potato selection AO96160-3 to metribuzin
  • Review report for Metribuzin
  • Genotoxic Effect Of Two Herbicides Glyphosate And Metribuzin On Mitosis In Vicia faba L.
  • Studies on the residue analysis and Residual dynamics of metribuzin and other pesticides.


  • Health Effects Support Document for Metribuzin
  • Analysis of Risks to Endangered and Threatened Salmon and Steelhead
  • Evidence on the developmental and reproductive toxicity of Metribuzin
  • Human Health Assessment
  • Health effects
  • Contaminant Candidate List Regulatory Determination Support Document for Metribuzin
  • Probable Routes of Human Exposure
  • Toxicological effects
  • Metribuzin - Toxicological effects
  • Toxicity Information for Metribuzin

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