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  • Oxycarboxin (5,6-dihydro-2-methyl-N-phenyl-1,4-oxathiin-3-carboxamide-4,4-dioxide) is a member of the oxathiin class of systemic fungicides.
  • Oxycarboxin is an off-white, crystalline compound with a melting point of 127.5-130-C.
  • Some of the other names are  Carboxin sulfone , DCMOO , Oxicarboxina , Oxikarboxin , Oxycarboxin , Oxycarboxin , Oxycarboxin (DCMCD) , oxycarboxine , Plantvax.
  • Used for the control of rust diseases on ornamentals, cereals and nursery trees.It is also used to control fairy rings on turf.
  • It is the first systemic fungicides were released to Australian horticulture in the early 1970s.
  • Also known as 5,6-dihydro-2-methyl-1,4-oxathiin-3-carboxanilide-4,4-dioxide.
  • Products such as Benlate (benomyl) and Plantvax (oxycarboxin) offered new standards of control for diseases such as grey mould, powdery mildews and rusts.
  • The mode of action of these systemic fungicides differed from that of older protectant fungicides.
  • They had selective toxic activity effective against certain life processes in the fungi.
  • At normal rates of application they had no deleterious effect on plant tissue.
  • This type of activity has been called `systemic', `eradicant' or `kick-back' since it stops the progress of established infections.
  • Oxycarboxin is believed not to persist on plants post-application; there is little likelihood of sustained potential exposure.
  • Very limited residential exposure to oxycarboxin may be possible if treated ornamentals are obtained from an enclosed commercial structure such as a nursery or greenhouse and then brought back to a residence.
  • Oxycarboxin was first registered as an active ingredient in the United States (US) in 1971 for control of rust on carnations.


  • General information
  • Chemical profile
  • Threats and strategies
  • Standard for oxycarboxin active constituent
  • Modes of action
  • Identification, Properties and Use
  • Protecting honey bees from pesticides
  • Frangipani Rust


  • Selling leads
  • Manufacturers of Oxycarboxin
  • Suppliers of Oxycarboxin
  • Chemical Datasheet
  • Oxycarboxin datasheet

Company profile

  • Company from China
  • Company from Pennsylvania
  • Company from USA
  • Company from New York
  • Another Company from China
  • Company from Andra pradesh, India
  • Company from Hanover

Products & Data sheet

  • Plantvax 750 WP
  • Arrest - 75W label
  • Arrest dry
  • Plantvax 75W ornamental fungicide
  • Plantvax 750WP Systemic Fungicide
  • Arrest 75W

Application & Properties

  • Mode of action
  • Application of Oxycarboxin
  • Conditions of use
  • Properties of Oxycarboxin
  • Physical & Chemical properties


  • Fungicidal Mixtures
  • Wood preservatives and methods of wood preservation
  • Method for controlling fungal diseases in leguminous plants
  • Composition for preventing plant diseases and method for preventing the diseases
  • Fungicidal active compound combinations
  • Active substance combinations that have nemticidal. insectidal, and fungicidal properties and are based on trifluorobutenyl
  • Method of inducing tolerance of plants against bacterioses


  • Toxicological effects
  • Oxycarboxin - ecological toxicity
  • Environmental fate - Ecotoxicity
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Oxycarboxin - Toxicology details
  • Ecological toxicity of Oxycarboxin


  • The effect of Oxycarboxin on Amino acid metabolism by phaseolus vulgaris var. pinto
  • Effect of fungal death or Inhibition induced by Oxycarboxin or Polyxin D on the interaction between resistant or susceptible bean cultivars and the bean rust fungus
  • Potential for Improved Control of Southern Stem Rot of Peanut with Resistance and Fungicides
  • Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance Oxycarboxin
  • Guide for Control of Annual and Perennial Flower and Ground Cover Diseases in the Landscape
  • Chemical overview
  • Carbathiin and Oxycarboxin
  • Uptake, Translocation, and Decomposition of systemic Oxathiin fungicides in Bean
  • Guava Rust, Puccinia psidii, on Eugenia, Simpsonís stopper and Related Plants
  • Diseases of Grasses
  • Pesticide names

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