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  • Oxyfluorfen is a diphenyl-ether herbicide used for broad spectrum pre- and post-emergent control of annual broadleaf and grassy weeds in a variety of tree fruit, nut, vine, and field crops.

  • Used to Control of annual broadleaf and grassy weeds in artichoke, avocado, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, citrus , coffee, conifers, corn, cotton, fallow bed, grapes, guava,   nuts, olives, onion, papaya, persimmon, taro, and fruits.

  • Oxyfluorfen is also used for weed control in landscapes, patios, driveways, and similar areas in residential sites.

  • Oxyfluorfen is a white to orange or red-brown crystalline solid with a smoke-like odor.

  • Oxyfluorfen acts as a contact herbicide and requires light for activation; pendimethalin inhibits root development.

  • Oxyfluorfen is a slightly to practically non-toxic compound in EPA toxicity class III.

  • It is a contact herbicide and light is required for it to affect target plants.

  • Oxyfluorfen formulations include granular, emulsifiable and liquid concentrate,
    and ready-to-use (RTU) liquid ranging from 0.25% to 70% active ingredient.

  • Oxyfluorfen has a low acute oral, dermal and inhalative toxicity. It is not a skin or eye irritant, or a skin sensitiser.

  • Oxyfluorfen can be considered slightly mobile to immobile in soil. There was no indication that adsorption of oxyfluorfen was pH dependent.

  • Oxyfluorfen is moderately persistent in most soil environments, with a representative field half-life of about 30 to 40 days.

  • Once oxyfluorfen is adsorbed to soil particles, it is not readily removed. It is practically insoluble in water, and therefore is unlikely to be appreciably mobile in most instances, unless the sorptive capacity of the soil is exceeded. Oxyfluorfen did not leach below 4 inches in any soil except sand.  

  • In water, oxyfluorfen is rapidly decomposed by light. Because oxyfluorfen is nearly insoluble in water and has a tendency to adsorb to soil, it will be sorbed to suspended particles or sediments.

  •  The potential of oxyfluorfen (as a light-dependent peroxidizing herbicide) to be more toxic in the presence of intense light may lead to the occurrence of environmental effects that are not predicted by standard guideline toxicity tests (US EPA 2001).

General Information
  • Oxyfluorfen Uses
  • Oxyfluorfen
  • Oxyfluorfen Basis Information
  • Oxyfluorfen General Info
  • Information About Oxyfluorfen
  • Oxyfluorfen Information
Fact Sheet
  • Oxyfluorfen Fact Sheet
  • Oxyfluorfen Red FactSheet
  • Guideline for Oxyfluorfen

Company Profile

  • Company from China
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  • Company from China


  • Oxyfluorfen
  • Oxyfluorfen 2E
  • Oxyfluorfen 24 EC from Shanghai
  • Oxyfluorfen 24 EC
  • 4Farmers Oxyfluorfen
  • Striker Herbicide
  • Nufarm Double
  • Ospray Convert 240 EC
  • OzCrop Oxy 240 EC
  • Genfarm Oxyfluorfen 240 EC
  • Fenox 240EC
  • Goal Tender
  • Goal 2XL


  • Oxyfluorfen Dispersible Granule Formulation
  • Liquid Concentrated Herbicidal Micro emulsion Compositions - Oxyfluorfen
  • Synergistic Herbicidal Combination
  • Solid Glyphosate Formulations


  • Weed Management with Oxyfluorfen in Mulched Strawberry
  • Efficacy of Goal 2XL (oxyfluorfen) against broadleaf weeds
  • Determination of Oxyfluorfen in Surface Water
  • Response to Onion Oxyfluorfen during early seedling development.
  • Oxyfluorfen Shows Promise in Lodgepole Pine Seedbeds
  • Determination of Herbicide Residues in Edible Taro parts
  • Physiological Studies on Weed Control efficiency in turmeric


  • Effects of  Oxyfluorfen on Cellulose Decomposition in a Peat Soil
  • Effect of irrigation activation on Weed Control in Strawberry with Oxyfluorfen.
  • Temperature Affects Cole Crop Response to Pre-emergence and Post-emergence Oxyfluorfen


  • Oxyfluorfen Toxicity
  • Oxyfluorfen Extoxnet
  • Oxyfluorfen Toxicity Effects
  • Oxyfluorfen RED
  • Oxyfluorfen Tolerance Landscape Plants
  • Carrot Tolerance to Oxyfluorfen
  • Herbicide Tolerance
  • Exposure Estimates - Oxyfluorfen
  • Phytotoxicity of Several Herbicide


  • Oxyfluorfen - Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment.
  • Oxyfluorfen Revised Risk Assessment
  • Overview of Oxyfluorfen Risk Assessment
  • Oxyfluorfen - Analysis of Risks
  • Risks of Oxyfluorfen Use to the Federally Threatened California
  • Oxyfluorfen Human Health Hazards


  • The Generation of Singlet Oxygen by Oxyfluorfen - Photosynthesis
  • Oxyfluorfen  Application  on Photosynthesis
  • Resistance Mechanisms in Protoporphyrinogen Oxidase


  • Oxyfluorfen Plant Incidents in EIIS Database.
  • Peer Review - Oxyfluorfen
  • Re-evaluation of Oxyfluorfen
  • Oxyfluorfen Reports
  • Dissipation of Oxyfluorfen in Subtropical Soils and in water
  • Leaf Wax - Postemergence Oxyfluorfen
  • Controlling Weeds - Oxyfluorfen
  • Strategic Agrichemical Review - Onion
  • Presence of Soil Applied Herbicides
  • A Weed Control Program for Establishing Lesquerella
  • Registration of Oxyfluorfen


  • Oxyfluorfen 2E
  • Galigan 2E Oxyfluorfen
  • Solera Oxyfluorfen 4 SC
  • Titan Oxyfluorfen 240
  • Innova Oxyfluorfen 240
  • Oxyfluorfen 240 - 4farmers
  • Genfarm Oxyfluorfen 240EC
  • Rygel Oxyfluorfen
  • Goal Tender
  • Pindar GT
  • Goal
  • Goal 2XL


  • Oxyfluorfen Suppliers list
  • Suppliers for Oxyfluorfen
  • List of Suppliers - Oxyfluorfen
  • Oxyfluorfen Suppliers list
  • Oxyfluorfen Suppliers

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