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  • Permethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid. Like most members of this family of insecticides, it
    has four isomers, molecules made up of the same atoms with different three-dimensional structures.

  • Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide, acaricide, and insect repellent. It belongs to the family of synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids and functions as a neurotoxin, affecting neuron membranes by prolonging sodium channel activation.

  • Technical permethrin ranges from a colorless crystal to a yellow or brown viscous liquid.

  • It is an ester of the dichloro analogue of chrysanthemic acid, chemically identified as (3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl-(±)- cis-trans-3(2,2-dichloroethyenyl)-2, 2dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate.

  • Permethrin was first registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) in 1979, and was re-registered in 2006.

  • Permethrin is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide. It is available in dusts, emulsifiable concentrates, smokes, ULV concentrates, and wettable-powder formulations.

  • Permethrin is used to kill pest in-sects in agriculture, home pest control, forestry, and in public health programs, including head lice control.

  • Permethrin is not phytotoxic, or poisonous, to most plants when it is used as directed.

  • Permethrin is a useful synthetic insecticide that has proven effective in a number of environmental and clinical settings. It appears to be more effective than DEET in protecting individuals from tick bites.

  • Permethrin can affect insects if they eat it or touch it. Permethrin affects the nervous system in insects, causing muscle spasms, paralysis and death.

  • Permethrin can be effective by contact or ingestion and also acts as a mild repellent.

  • Permethrin is highly toxic to marine/estuarine, freshwater fish and other aquatic organisms

  • Permethrin is more toxic to insects than it is to people and dogs.This is because insects can’t break it down as quickly as people and dogs.

  • If permethrin is applied to plants, it may stay on the leaves for between 1 and 3 weeks. Scientists applied permethrin to soil and then planted sugar beets, wheat, lettuce and cotton in the soil. Scientists found trace amounts of the permethrin residue in the edible parts of the plants at 30 and 120 days after planting.

  • The widely-used synthetic insecticide permethrin dramatically reduces testosterone levels and sperm counts in adult male mice exposed to it for six weeks.

  • Permethrin is a viscous liquid at room temperature; it does not dissociate in water and has extremely low water solubility and volatility. It is stable to hydrolysis at pH4–7 but is slowly hydrolysed at pH 9.

  • Permethrin impurities were determined by capillary GC with FID detection.

  • Permethrin only decomposes at extremely high temperature and, although photochemical degradation was observed in
    laboratory studies, this was stated by Sumitomo to be of negligible significance in the field.

  • Permethrin was classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as “not
    classifiable as to its carcinogenicity
    to humans” in 1991.The U.S. EPA
    decided that permethrin was “likely to be carcinogenic to humans” if it was eaten.

  • In the U.S., al-most 70 percent of the permethrin used in agriculture is used on corn, wheat, and alfalfa.

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Company Profile

  • Company from China
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  • Permethrin Toxicity
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  • Permethrin RED
  • Acute toxicity of permethrin on guppies Poecilia reticulata
  • Toxicity of permethrin after adult mosquito management
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  • Toxicity of  Permethrin in Cockroaches
  • Skin Absorption and Fly Toxicity of Permethrin
  • Toxicity of PifPaf(Containing Permethrin) to Gonads of Male Rats
  • Permethrin Toxicity on Adult Males And Females
  • Toxicity of  Permethrin to six species of stored product insects
  • Toxicity of Permethrin to
    Mononychellus progresivus Doreste
  • Contact Toxicity and Residual Activity of  Different Permethrin-Based Fabric Impregnation Methods


  • Permethrin Suppliers
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  • Analysis of Permethrin in Human Blood by  SPE - GC/MS
  • Biomonitoring of Exposure to Permethrin Based on Proteins
  • Liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for Permethrin determination in wood
  • Deposition of permethrin onto grass surfaces after ultra-low volume
    (ULV) application

Safety & Risk

  • Environmental Health - Permethrin
  • Health and Safety Guide Permethrin
  • Safety of Permethrin in Breastfeeding
  • Overview of Permethrin Risk Assessment
  • Permethrin Risk Information
  • Permethrin Safety guide
  • International Safety Card Permethrin
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  • Permethrin: Treatment for Clothing
  • Analysis of Risk  for the Permethrin


  • Permethrin in Drinking-water
  • HPLC Determination of Synthetic
    Pyrethroid Insecticides in Shampoos
  • Permethrin For Control of Horn Fly


  • Method and means for retaining permethrin in washable fabrics
  • Synergistic effect of amylopectin-permethrin in combination on fabrics
  • Method of diffusing an acaricidal composition comprising permethrin
  • Method of impregnating garments with an insecticide
  • Covering impregnated with insecticide


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  • Efficacy of Permethrin
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  • Permethrin Spray Truck Tanks
  • Evaluation of  Permethrin  in Dogs
  • Efficacy and Dissipation of Permethrin
  • Permethrin Spot-on for Prevention of Canine
  • Deposition and Air Concentrations of Permethrin
  • Bioactivity of Argentinean essential oils against permethrin
  • Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Pyrethroid Permethrin
  • Permethrin exposure inhibits production and macrophage function in  mice


  • Clinical effects of  Permethrin
  • Antagonistic Effect of Azadiration on Permethrin
  • Effect of  Permethrin on freshwater Fish
  • Effect of  Permethrin on the Chicks
  • Effect of Adding Mineral Oil to the Effectiveness of Permethrin
  • Effect of Permethrin on Cholinesterase
  • Immunotoxic Effects of  Permethrin
  • Effect of Piperonyl Butoxide on Permethrin
  • Factors Affecting Use of Permethrin

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