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  • Phorate, generically, a powerful pesticide effective against insects, mites, and nematodes.
  • Phorate is a systemic insecticide that acts by inhibiting cholinesterases, enzymes involved in transmitting nerve impulses. Chemically, it is an organophosphate, O,O-diethyl S-(ethylthio)methyl phosphorodithioate. Like all organophosphates, it is related to the nerve gases and is among the
    most toxic of all pesticides to vertebrates, including humans.
  • Phosphorus pentasulfide and ethyl alcohol are reacted slowly in the presence of Diethyl thio phosphoric acid (DETA) heel at 60-650C. Hydrogen
    sulphide evolves from the reaction mixture. The gas is scrubbed with caustic lye. It gets converted to Di- sodium sulphide and sodium hydrogen
    sulphide, which has a by-product value. After the completion of reaction, the product is charged in another reactor through a sparkler filter. The
    product is reacted with formaldehyde and ethyl mercaptan at room temperature to produce crude phorate. This is a condensation reaction. Crude Phorate thus obtained is washed using washing soda and steam stripped to remove volatile organics and moisture.
  • The hydrolysis of phorate, an organophosphorus pesticide, was studied under simulated environmental conditions. Several metal oxides (aluminum hydroxide, hematite, goethite, and ferrihydrite) were chosen to represent the solid phase in natural aquatic systems.
  • Phorate [O,O-diethyl-S-(ethylthio)methyl phosphoradiothioate] degrading bacteria were isolated from agricultural
    soil and characterized based on their morphological and biochemical characteristics.
  • Phorate and disulfoton are organophosphate insecticides containing three oxidizable sulfurs, including a thioether.
  • The effects of a synthetic nematicide Phorate (O,O-diethyl thiomethyl phosphoro dithioate) on some biochemical components of the seeds of treated soyabean cultivars TGM 80 and TGM 344 results that treated plants had significantly (P = 0.05) higher crude fibre, crude protein, fat/oil and
    phosphorus contents but lower free fatty acids than the control.
  • Phorate can be determined
    by GC using capillary columns with a flame photometric detector (FPD) or a nitrogen-phosphorus
    detector (NPD).
  • Phorate accident happened in a tea estate in Idukki. Bamboo is being grown in this plantation as a part of diversification plan following the fall in the price of tea.
  •  A boy of 16 years who was working as a temporary labourer became ill while applying phorate.
General Information
  • Phorate Chemical Information
  • Phorate Data Sheet
  • Phorate Pesticide Information
  • Phorate Profile


  • Degradation of Phorate by azotobater isolates
  • Determination of Phorate contents
  • Phorate - Explanation
  • Hydrolysis of Phorate Using Simulated Environmental Conditions: Rates, Mechanisms, and Product Analysis
  • Isolation and characterization of phorate degrading soil
    bacteria of environmental and agronomic significance
  • Phorate - Manufacturing Process
  • S-Oxygenation of the thioether organophosphate insecticides phorate and disulfoton by human lung flavin-containing monooxygenase 2


  • Compatability of Phorate and Chlorpyriphos with trichoderma harzianum applied for integrated disease management inblack pepper
  • The effects of Phorate (Thimet) used in nematode control of some biochemical components of seeds of treated soybean Glycine max (L.) Merrill
  • Effectiveness of insecticides against blue gum chalcid, Leptocybe invasa Fisher & La Salle (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), infesting eucalyptus seedlings in middle Gujarat, India
  • Efficacy of Phorate application in the control of root-knot nematodes on two soybean varieties.
  • Soil application of insecticides influences microorganisms
    and plant nutrients
  • Metabolism and Movement of insecticides from soils into water and crop plants

Function & Technology

  • Effect of application rates of disulfoton and Phorate, and of irrigation on aphid control and residues in canning peas
  • Genotoxic Effects Of Organophosphate Pesticide Phorate In Some Exotic Fishes Of Kashmir
  • Malathion tested for synergism with cypermethrin, phosalone, phorate and fenitrothion on musca domestica L.
  • Toxic effect of Phorate on the serum biochemical parameters of snake headed fish channa punctatus
  • Organ phosphorus compounds by gas chromatography
  • Solvent Extractable nonvolatile compounds by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), thermospray-mass spectrometry (TS-MS), and/or ultraviolet (UV), detection

Regulatory Act

  • Phorate IRED Facts
  • Control of pesticide regulation - Evaluation of fully approved or provisionally approved product phorate
  • Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Phorate
  • Phorate Analysis of Risks to
    Endangered and Threatened Salmon and Steelhead
  • Toxicology summary of Phorate
  • WHO specification of Phorate
Company Profiles & Consultant
  • Indian Company
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from India
  • Company from New York
  • Company from USA
  • Consultant from Georgia
  • Consultant from USA

Product & MSDS

  • Phorate 20 G
  • Thimet
  • Phorate 10 G
  • Data Sheet of Phorate 20 G
  • Phorate 100 GR
  • Safety data for phorate

  • Insecticidal compositions comprising a synergistic mixture of terbufos or phorate and a pyrethroid.
  • Safening of herbicidal clomazone applications with organophosphorus compounds.
  • Method and compositions for protecting maize against injury from the interaction of an organophosphate insecticide-nematicide and an AHAS-inhibiting herbicide using lactidichlor.
  • Arthropodicidal use of 6-methoxy-2-benzoxazolinone to attract and control corn
    rootworm (Diabrotica)

Market & Report

  • Phorate Story of UP
  • Phorate poisoning in India
  • Final Report for the Phorate air monitoring
  • Risks of Phorate Use to Federally Threatened California Red-legged Frog
  • A Small Business Guide to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
  • Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment Phase A Preliminary Risk Assessment
  • Use information and air monitoring recommendation for the pesticide active ingredient Phorate
  • The maximum acceptable concentration (MAC) for phorate in drinking water

Equipment Suppliers

  • Gas Chromatograph (GLC) equipped with Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
  • Column injection
  • Printer-Plotter-cum-Integrator
  • Injection Volume
  • Volumetric Flasks
  • Iodine Flask
  • Measuring Cylinder
  • Pipette
  • Microlitre Syringe

Raw Material Suppliers & Suppliers

  • Acetone Suppliers
  • Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) suppliers
  • Phorate Suppliers
  • Phorate Exporters
  • Phorate Selling leads
  • Phorate Manufacturer & Suppliers

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