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  • Prallethrin is in Insecticide from the group that Pyrethroide. The egg then name Prallethrin and the CAS number refer to razemisches
    Mixture from eight Stereoisomers.
  • Prallethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide.
  • Prallethrin (E-ISO) is the common name for the racemic mixture of 8 stereoisomers.
  • The active integredient has a purity of 90%.
  • It is a yellow brown viscous liquid of molecular mass 300.4 and boling point is 314C.
  • Prallethrin is sparingly soluble in water but soluble in a range of organic solvents.
  • The analytical method for determination of the isomer composition of prallethrin is in
    process of peer validation.
  • Geometric and optical isomer ratios at the acid moiety, and optical isomer ratios at the alcohol moiety, are determined separately by HPLC using a chiral stationary phase, after hydrolysis of prallethrin.
  • Prallethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid with fast knock-down activity against household insect pests.
  • It is used in household insecticide products against mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches.
  • Prallethrin also has veterinary uses in the treatment of domestic pets.
  • Pyrethroids are widely used as commercial and domestic insecticides.
  • Prallethrin is a type I pyrethroid compound and is used as a liquid mosquito repellant.
  • A new use is requested for the active ingredient, prallethrin (ETOC®), (RS)-2-Methyl-4-oxo-3-
    (2-propynyl)cyclopent-2-enyl(IR)-cis,trans-chrysanthemate, a quick knockdown synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.
  • Prallethrin is currently registered for use inion all food items in food handling establishments where food and food products are held, processed, or prepared to control nuisance and food product contaminating insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas and ticks.
  • A tolerance is established at 1.0 ppm on all food items to cover the food handling use.
  • There are no agricultural uses or international tolerances for prallethrin.
  • Prallethrin has been extensively tested as a repellant and as a toxicant against stored product pests.
General Information
  • Prallethrin
  • Prallethrin information


  • Analytical Method Development and Validation
  • Analysis of Pyrethrins, Pyrethroids
    and PBO by HRGC/HRMS
  • Prallethrin-Induced Excitation Increases Contact Between Sprayed Ultralow Volume Droplets and Flying Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in a Wind Tunnel
  • Laboratory claluations of aerosol samples against vector
    mosquitocs,Aedes aegl,ti,and Culex q nquet scm.,ir and using Glass Chamber method.


  • Efficacy and sublethal effects of mosquito mats on aedes aegypti and culex quinquefasciatus
  • Control of phlebotomine sandflies in confined spaces using diffusible repellents and insecticides
  • Microwave-assisted extraction of pyrethroid insecticides from semi permeable membrane devices (SPMDs) used to indoor air monitoring
  • Pesticides in house dust from urban and farmworker households in California: an observational measurement study
  • Field Adulticide Efficacy Studies of Duet and Zenivex
  • Biocidal potential of clove oils against Aedes albopictus – A comparative study


  • Seed treatment with combinations of insecticides
  • Pesticidal composition
  • Article for insert control by passive evaporation of an active ingredient
  • Pesticidal Compound Mixtures
  • Pesticidal Composition and method for controlling pest

Company & Consultancy

  • Company from China
  • Company from India
  • Company from Singapore
  • Company from Korea
  • Consultancy from Hong Kong
  • Consultancy from USA
  • Consultancy from Washington


  • Cirrus™ Fogging Concentrate
  • Dual Action Adulticide
  • Prallethrin Technical
  • Multicide® Fogging Concentrate
  • Prallethrin technical data sheet
  • SSS Flying Insect spray
  • Talstar Insecticide

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Prallethrin Technical Grade
  • CIRRUS™ Fogging Concentrate
  • DUET® Dual-action Adulticide
  • Prallethrin safety data sheet
  • Prallethrin msds
  • Safety data for prallethrin
  • Vet-Kem Siphotrol® X-Tend™ Carpet Aerosol


  • Control of mosquito vectors of tropical infectious diseases: bioefficacy of mosquito coils containing several pyrethroids and a synergist
  • Control of mosquito vectors of tropical infectious diseases: Susceptibility of aedes aegypti to pyrethroid and mosquito coils
  • Control of mosquito vectors of tropical infectious diseases: Pyrethroid susceptibility of aedes aegypti collected from different sites in thailand
  • Control of household pests
  • Prallethrin tolerances for residues


  • Aquatic Mosquito Control Draft Permit Comments
  • Prallethrin pesticide tolerance
  • Management of a case of prallethrin poisoning an unusual agent for suicidal ingestion
  • Evaluation on prallethrin
  • Monitoring plan for mosquito larvicides and adulticides
  • Prallethrin
  • Product Comparisons for Mosquito Adulticides
  • Prallethrin report


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  • Selling leads of prallethrin
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