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  • Triadimefon is a broad spectrum, systemic fungicide.

  • Triadimefon [1-(4chlorophenoxy) -3,3-dimethyl-1-1H(1,2,4-triazol-1-Y1)-2 butanone] which is used as a fungicide belong to triazole group of compounds and has been demonstrated as “plant multiprotectant” from their ability to protect plants against
    various environmental stresses.

  • Triadimefon used to control rust and mildew on apples, grapes, pears, pineapples, and raspberries.

  • In addition,Triadimefon is used to control various fungal diseases on non-food use sites such as pine seedlings, Christmas trees, residential and commercial turf, ornamentals, and landscapes.

  • Trade names for products containing triadimefon include Acizol, Amiral, Bay MEB 6447, and Bayleton.

  • Triadimefon's use as a systemic fungicide releases the compound directly to the environment through applications in dusts, emulsifiable concentrates, sprays and other routes of application.

  • Triadimefon's mode of action is systemic, and to some extent eradicant, as opposed to preventive only; triadimefon controls or eradicates some preexistent infections and prevents new infections.

  • Triadimefon released to the atmosphere, triadimefon will degrade rapidly in the vapor-phase by reaction with photochemically produced hydroxyl radicals (estimated half-life of about 14 hr).

  • Triadimefon with carbendazim and sodium alginate is used to protect pruning wounds on apple and pear trees.
  • Single low rate applications (for example, 280 g ail hectare or 4 oz ail ac) of triadimefon provide
    effective control of fusiform rust in pine seedlings forup to 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Triadimefon is classified as category III for acute oral and dermal toxicity and as category IV for acute inhalation. It is also classified as category IV for eye irritation potential and category IV for skin irritation potential.
  • Triadimefon treatment could significantly protect integrity
    of newly assembled membrane system could be further substantiated from the data of membrane injury index and relative leakage ratios, data in both the cases exhibited significant reduction while treated with retardant during salinity stress.

  • Some results conclusively suggest that triadimefon mediated salinity tolerance in amaranthus during early germination involves not only the mitigation of oxidative stresses and membrane stabilization through restoration of membrane protein thiols and lipids but also expression of stress proteins that could provide additional tolerance to salinit.

  • About 60% triadimefon technical in China is exported to overseas market, and the export situation of triadimefon technical has been gradually turning better since 2010.

  • At present, Jiangsu Sword, China's largest triadimefon technical producer with capacity of 1,800t/a, is not able to supply sufficient triadimefon technical to the market.

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  • Triadimefon from China
  • Triadimefon from USA
  • 4Farmers Triadimefon 125 EC
  • Bayleton 125 EC Fungicide
  • Kenso Agcare Triadimefon 125
  • Genfarm Triadimefon 125 Fungicide
  • ChemAg Triadimefon 125  Spray
  • Slingshot Fungicide
  • Imtrade Triadimefon 500 WG
  • 4Farmers Triadimefon 500 WP
  • Triadimefon 500 WG from Ospray
  • Genfarm Triadimefon 500 WP
  • Farmoz Triad 500 WP
  • Bayleton Garden Fungicide
  • Bayleton 50 systemic fungicide
  • Bayleton floe turf and ornamental
  • Strike 50 WDG
  • Armada 50 WP
  • Farmoz Triad 125 EC Spray
  • Tartan Fungicide


  • Triadimefon
  • Allfire triadimefon 125
  • Conquest triadimefon 125
  • 4Farmers triadimefon 125
  • Genfarm triadimefon 125
  • Kenso triadimefon 125
  • United farmers triadimefon 125
  • Genfarm triadimefon 500 WP
  • Ospray triadimefon 500 WG
  • 4Farmers triadimefon 500
  • Strike 50 WDG


  • Enantioseparation of  Triadimefon by Cyclodextrin-Modified Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
  • Degradation of  Triadimefon funjicide in wastewater by Electro-Fenton
  • Biotransformation of triadimefon to triadimenol
  • Analysis of bayleton and its metabolites in cattle tissues and milk by gas chromatography
  • Characterization of triadimefon sorption in soils using supercritical fluid (SFE) and accelerated solvent (ASE) extraction techniques


  • Triadimefon residue analysis data
  • Aqueous photochemistry of  triadimefon
  • Build-up of resistance to triadimefon for isolates of Erysiphe graminis
  • Competition between triadimefon sensitive triadimefon resistant isolates
  • Genetic study of a triadimefon resistant mutant
  • Occurrence of resistance in uncinula necator to triadimefon in grapevines
  • Triadimefon - a fungicidal triazole-type P450 inhibitor
  • Photophysics and photochemistry of
  • Triadimefon against uncinula necator on wine grapes
  • Analysis of the mutations induced by conazole fungicides in vivo


  • Application Timing to efficacy of triadimefon in controlling apple powdery  mildew
  • Triadimefon pretreatment protects newly assembled membrane system
  • Control of cone rust in a slash pine seed using triadimefon
  • Triadimefon to Control Fusiform Rust in Pine Tree Nurseries
  • Triadimefon on Controls White Pine Blister Rust on Sugar Pine
  • Application of triadimefon on the incidence of sugarcane smut
  • Triadimefon induced physiological and ultra structural changes for moisture stress protection in Bougainvillea at nursery stage
  • Plant growth regulating effects of systemic fungicides applied to kentucky bluegrass


  • Fungicidal compositions employing synergistic mixtures of a substituted 1-hydroxyethyl-triazole and triadimefon
  • Preservatives for wood-based products
  • Fungicidal Mixtures for Wood Preservation
  • Treatment of wood based on novel formulations of boratranes


  • Effects of the Growth Retardant Triadimefon on the Ex vitro Establishment of Gladiolus
  • Effect of triadimefon foliar treatment on powdery mildew epidemics in wheat
  • Effect of BREAK-THRU S 240 on Triadimefon to Control Powdery Mildew in Grapes
  • Effect of triadimefon on  powdery mildew of tomato
  • Fungicide spray trials for leaf rust control


  • Triadimefon Testing (2007 - 2008) – Technical Report
  • Fao Specification of triadimefon for plant protection
  • Triadimefon under Tight Supply
  • Pesticide residues in food 2009
  • Fungicide strategies in integrated management of wheat and barley leaf diseases in southern WA
  • Peer Review of  Triadimefon


  • Triadimefon Toxicity
  • Triadimefon extoxnet
  • Triadimefon RED
  • Triadimefon residue in food
  • Triadimefon Risk and Facts
  • Triadimefon Human health effects
  • Behavioral and in vitro effects of triadimefon
  • Persistence of triadimefon residues in vegetable fruits
  • Long-term Effect of  Triadimefon on Proliferation of Uncinula necator
  • Triadimefon report of hazard identification
  • Triadimefon residues
  • Risk Assessment of triadimefon
  • Toxicity Profiles in Mice Treated with triadimefon
  • Triadimefon  Alters the Antioxidant Enzyme Profile of Radish


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