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  • Triallate is widely used as selective pre-emergence herbicide for the control of diverse monocotyledons such as wild oat, slender foxtail and wind bend grass in different crops like cereals, oilseeds and sugar beets.
  • Triallate belongs to the herbicide Group N (as classified by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee, HRAC) which has no black-grass resistance problems.
  • “Avadex, triallate has been on the market in many countries for over four decades with no development of weed resistance.
  • The phytotoxic action of triallate in soil is attributed to
    vapor absorption by shoots of susceptible seedlings.
  • Adsorption of the herbicide triallate has been measured onto four different sandy soils and a pig-slurry sample using a slurry-type procedure.
  • Triallate analysis used solid-phase microextraction (SPME) and gas chromatography with
    electron capture detection. Detections of triallate were sporadic and occurred in lysimeters from all three sampled depths.
  • The relation between an indicator of cumulative exposure to triallate and selected measures of neurological function, including nerve conduction, the prevalence of certain neurological deficits as determined by a medical examination, and vibration perception threshold testing in workers at a pesticide manufacturing plant.
  • An analytical method for determining triallate residues in lentil green tissue and mature grain was developed Using electron-capture gas
    chromatographic detection.
  • Spring barley is the best-adapted agronomic
    crop in Alaska and its production requires the
    use of Persistence of metribuzin and triallate in soil to control annual weeds.
  • Extensive use of the preemergence herbicide
    triallate over the last three decades has selected for resistant (R) Avena fatua
    L. populations in several areas of the United
    States and Canada.
  • Triallate is a thiocarbamate herbicide used to control wild
    oat in wheat and certain other field crops.
  • Triallate resistance in wild oat has been documented in numerous fields.
  • Triallate was originally introduced to the Australian market for preemergent
    control of Wild Oats using full cut seeding systems. It was
    found to be variable when incorporated with knife points because of its requirement for full incorporation in a loose seedbed.
  • Export of treated produce containing finite (measurable) residues of triallate may pose a risk to Australian trade in situations where (i) no residue
    tolerance (import tolerance) is established in the importing country or (ii) where residues in Australian produce are likely to exceed a residue
    tolerance (import tolerance) established in the importing country
General Information
  • About Triallate
  • Triallate Chemical Profiles
  • Triallate Pesticide Information

Analytic Process

  • Environmental Chemistry method
  • A cross-sectional study of triallate exposure and neurological health among workers at a pesticide
    manufacturing and formulating facility
  • Field Scale Pesticide transport to ground and surface water
  • Multimedia study of  pesticides in the battle river
  • Tolerance and residue studies of triallate in lentils
  • Comparison between measured and predicted rates of pesticide volatilization from an agricultural field
  • Investigations on the behavior of the carbamate insecticide
    pirimicarb and the thiocarbamate herbicide triallate and their metabolites in soil
  • Selecting for triallate resistance in wild oat


  • Managerial practices to control wild oats (Avena ludoviciana dur. and A. fatua L.) in queensland
  • Mass transfer of pesticides into the atmosphere by volatilization from soils and plants: overview
  • Persistence and carry-over of Metribuzin and Triallate in subarctic soils
  • Triallate and Trifluralin are not effective with minimal incorporation in black earths in southern queensland
  • Sorption behaviour of s-Triazine and thiocarbamate herbicides on soils
  • Two Recessive Gene Inheritance for Triallate Resistance in Avena fatua L.
  • Wild Oat (Avena fatus L.) control with Triallate (FAR-GO) in wheat


  • Avadex®
  • Buckle® Granular Herbicide
  • Fortress® Herbicide
  • Genfarm Triallate Gold 500 Selective Herbicide
  • Tri-allate 400 E.C. Herbicide


  • A comparative ecological risk assessment for herbicides
    used on spring wheat: the effect of glyphosate when used within a glyphosate-tolerant wheat system
  • Compound-independant elemental quantitation of pesticides by gas chromatography with atomic emission detection
  • Microwave-assisted extraction through an aqueous medium and
    simultaneous cleanup by partition on hexane for determining
    pesticides in agricultural soils by gas chromatography: A critical study
  • Solvent-extractable nonvolatile compounds by high performance liquid chromatography/ thermo spray/ mass spectrometry or ultraviolet detection


  • Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Triallate
  • The history of herbicide use for weed management on the prairies
  • California department of pesticide regulation public report
  • Health assessment information on Triallate
Company Profiles
  • Company from Belgium
  • Company from Arizona
  • Belgium Company
  • Consultant from Missouri
  • Consultant from UK
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from Washington


  • 4Farmers Tri-allate 500 EC Herbicide
  • Agri West AW Trunkate
  • Avadex 15G
  • Genfarm Triallate Gold 500 Selective Herbicide
  • Far-GO® Herbicide
  • Titan Triallate 500 EC Herbicide
  • Avadex XTRA Selective Herbicide


  • Compositions and methods for reducing herbicidal injury
  • Synergistic herbicidal composition comprising N-(butoxymethyl)-6'-tert-butyl-2-chloro-o-acetotoluidide and triallate
  • 2-Substituted-5-phenyl-4-thiazolecarboxylic acids and their derivatives as safening agents
  • Amphipathic graft copolymer pesticide formulation compositions and methods of their use
  • Encapsulation by interfacial polycondensation, and aqueous herbicidal composition containing microcapsules produced thereby

Guidelines & Project

  • Interim Guidelines For The Decommissioning Of A Warehouse Used For The Storage Of Crop Protection Chemicals
  • Canadian Water Quality
    Guidelines for the Protection
    of Aquatic Life
  • Mechanisms of Pesticide Transport to Surface Water at the Field Scale in a Dryland-Agriculture Region
  • Surface and Subsurface Transport Pathways of Non-Point Agricultural Pollutants: Analysis of the Problem Over Four Decades of Basin Scale


  • Trade Advice Notice on Triallate in the product Nufarm Avadex Xtra Selective Herbicide
  • Six things you need to know about pre-emergent ryegrass control
  • Triallate and Metolachlor for pre-emergent control of Ryegrass
  • Press Release 9th March 2009
    Avadex® Triallate herbicide receives
  • A Review of Agricultural Pesticide Pricing and Availability in Canada


  • Triallate Selling leads
  • Triallate Supplier List
  • Triallate Exporters
  • Triallate Manufacturer & Suppliers
  • Triallate Suppliers

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