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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • WEEDS are the plants, which grow where they are not wanted. They grow in the fields where they compete with crops for water, soil nutrients, light and space and thus reduce crop yields.
  • The controlling of weeds in the growing crops with weedicides increases their yields and ensures the efficient use of irrigation,  fertilizers and plant-protection measures, such as the spraying of insecticides and fungicides.
  • Both the nature of the weeds and that of the crops which they infest, influence the action of the weedicides. For example, the same types of weeds occur in maize and cotton which are kharif crops. 2,4-D can be used for killing the weeds in maize, but this weedicide should never be used on cotton which is highly sensitive to it.
  • A series of field trials were conducted to evaluate the effect of newly introduced weedicide against broad leaved weeds of wheat crop at Adaptive Research Farm.
  • To manage the weeds in direct seeded rice, four weedicides were tested and compared their efficacy with handweeding. Among the weedicides
    Nominee 100SC (bispyribac sodium) and Sunstar Gold 60WG (Ethoxy sulfuron) proved as the best weedicides with 90.5 and 87.19% weed control respectively.
  • The on-line automated weedicide sprayer system was developed at Universiti Putra Malaysia to locate the existence and intensity of weeds in real-time environment and to spray the weedicides automatically and precisely.
  • Some of the weedicide effect can be lost over the winter months and can offer less weed control in the first summer when compared with
    Post-planting applications in the spring.
General & Process
  • Weed Control
  • Demonstration and Evaluation of effect of Weedicides on broad leaved weeds on wheat yield
  • Evaluation of effective Weedicide for onion crop
  • Weed management in direct seeded rice
  • New chemicals for the control of rice weeds
  • Software Development for Real-Time Weed Colour Analysis


  • Weedicide Product list 1
  • Weedicide Product list 2
  • Weedicide Product list 3
  • B6 - Selective Turf Weedicide
  • Weedicide


  • Weedicide solution applicator
  • Agricultural liquid, such as weedicide or hormone, spraying apparatus
  • Hand held motor driven applicators
  • Novel plant test procedure to detect natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic compounds and physical stress factors through expression of distinct responses


  • Active Weedicide compounds from the fungus, Alternaria
  • Gender roles in malaysian agriculture: Implications for extension planning
  • Observation and results with Weedkillers at illovo
  • Pesticides and Weedicides, and their impact on children
  • Tender form for supply of fertilizers/ pesticides/ fungicides/ weedicides for the financial year 2010-2011
  • Jute Agrotextiles its properties & applications
Company Profiles & Consultant
  • Company from Coimbatore
  • Company from Haryana
  • Company from Hyderabad
  • Company from India
  • Company from West Bengal
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from South Africa


  • Plant from Delhi
  • Plant from Haryana
  • Plant from India
  • Plant from Mumbai
  • Plant from Orissa


  • Controlling vegetation on Indian aerodromes using Weedicide: A preliminary appraisal
  • Effect of pre emergence weedicide on adsorption and desorption in inceptisol soil
  • Weed control in garlic crop in relation to Weedicides
  • The impact of Weedicides on cotton production
  • Pre-emergent Weedicides in forest nurseries- green hills state forest no. 657
  • Effect of various Weedicides on weed control and yield of lentil crop in salt affected soil
  • Grass control for radiata pine establishment on droughty sites
  • Impact of various weed control methods on the productivity and quality of sugarcane
  • The effect and cost benefit ratio of different weeding methods on the yield of chickpea under agroclimatic conditins of district karak


  • Weedicide Suppliers
  • Weedicide Dealers
  • Weedicide Selling Leads
  • Weedicide Manufacturer & Suppliers

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