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  • Zineb is a foliate fungicide and is a polymeric complex of zinc with the ethylene bi (dithiocarbamate) anionic ligand.

  • Zineb [zinc ethylenebis(dithiocarbamate) is used as a fungicide much like thiuram.

  • Zineb is produced by reacting ethylene bis(dithiocarbamate) sodium salt, nabam, with zinc sulfate.

  • Zineb is an ethylene bisdithiocarbamate protective fungicide.

  • Zineb Used to protect foliage and fruit of a wide range of crops against diseases such as potato and tomato blight, Botrytis spp., downy mildews and rusts.

  • Zineb Used especially on citrus for control of greasy spot and to extend control of citrus rust mite.

  •  Zineb also results from combining nabam(or diammonium or potassium ammonium analogs) with zinc sulfate in the spray tank.

  • Zineb pure product is white powder. Its tech is yellow or white powder. It has slight rotten egg odor, decompose before melting point. Flash point is 138-143℃.

  • Zineb soluble in water hard, insoluble in most organic solvents, but can soluble in pyridine carbon bisulfide, in stability to sunlight, hot, wet.

  • Zineb decompose easily with alkalescence or matter with Cu, Hg, give out CS2 and decrease efficacy.

  • Zineb is unstable under light, heat and moisture condition, when mixture with the strong alkali, copper and mercurial material, Zineb is readily release carbon bisulfide to reduce the efficacy.

  • Zineb is effective for the treatment of Zineb deficiency. Zineb refers to a group of fat-soluble substances that are structurally related to and possess the biological activity of the parent substance of the group called all-trans retinol or retinol.

  • Zineb can cause irritation to eyes, nose, and throat and is harmful if inhaled. Zineb produced an increased incidence of lung tumors after its oral administration in one strain of mice.

  • Zineb is slightly to moderately toxic when ingested .

  • Early symptoms from exposure of humans to inhalation of zineb include tiredness, dizziness and weakness. More severe symptoms include headache, nausea, fatigue, slurred speech, convulsions and unconsciousness

  • Zineb is metabolized, or broken down chemically, to ethylene thiourea (ETU), a chemical which can cause abnormal fetal development .

  • Zineb is closely related to another fungicide, maneb, as they are both in the same chemical class, ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamates (EBDCs).

  • Zineb is generally not poisonous to plants, except in zinc-sensitive varieties, such as tobacco and cucurbits.

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  • Zineb information
  • Zineb general information
  • Zineb Basic Information
  • Zineb chemical profile
  • Zineb Drugs a glance
  • Zineb properties
  • Zineb general description
  • Zineb information
  • Zineb hazardous Fact sheet
  • EBDC fact sheet
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  • Zineb
  • Zineb
  • Zineb 80 W
  • Barmac Zineb
  • King Ptv Dust
  • SeaMate Red
  • Universal Zineb WP
  • Zineb 75 wettable  powder


  • Zineb
  • Zineb 80W
  • Zineb WP
  • Agway Zineb 150
  • Barmac Zineb 800
  • Villa Zineb WO
  • Zineb micro 80
  • Zineb Sulfur


  • H-Point Standard Addition  for Simultaneous Determination Zineb
  • High performance liquid chromatographic to distinguish zineb
  • Spectrometric determination of zineb on slurry sampling
  • Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Fungicide Zinc Ethylenebisdithiocarbamate using Sodium Molybdate
  • Indirect determination of zineb in food stuffs by spectrometry
  • Indirect determination of dithiocarbamate  by spectrometry


  • Decomposition of zineb applied to plants
  • Distribution and retention of zineb in rainbow trout
  • Growth, Morphological alterations and adaptation of some plant pathogenic fungi to zineb
  • Melanin inhibitors in some Phytopathogenic fungi
  • Properties of metal containing zineb
  • Zineb plant product produt - FAO
  • Vitamin E prevents ethylene bis(dithiocarbamate) pesticide zineb-induced sister chromatid exchange in Chinese hamster ovary cells


  • Fungicides and  plant injury
  • Differential Response of Green Algal Species  to Six Pesticides
  • Standard for zineb active constituent
  • Environmental Criteria - Zineb
  • Correlation of the Structures of
    Agricultural Fungicides


  • Zineb Analytical Methods
  • Analytical procedure of Zineb in plant material
  • Zineb Residue analysis
  • Zineb Residue Analysis by Kenya, Korea

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  • Zineb use as a booster biocide in antifouling products
  • Zineb Control the rust mites on citrus
  • Downy Mildew control - Zineb


  • Stabilization of zineb
  • Fungicidal compositions employing synergistic mixtures of phenylacetamide derivatives and Zineb
  • Mixtures of methyl 2-benzimidazolecarbamate and ethylenebisdithio-carbamic acid salts as foliar fungicides
  • Mixtures of 1-(Butlacarbamoyl)-2-Benzimidazolecarbamic acid, methyl ester and ethylenebisdithtocarmic acid salts as foliar fungicides


  • Effect of zineb on citrus seedlings
  • Zineb effects on human lymphocytes
  • Histopathological effects of the residual zineb in lettuces on the liver and kidney of albino mice
  • Control of  mummy berry of high bush blueberry
  • Effect of  Zineb in Sweet potato


  • Zineb Toxicity
  • Zineb extoxnet
  • Zineb toxicity effects
  • Genotoxic effects of fungicide Zineb
  • Acute intoxication -  zineb
  • Metabolism of zineb in laying hens
  • Residue estimation in Zineb
  • Tolerance of zineb
  • Toxicity and residue of zineb
  • Evaluation of zineb residue in food
  • Dermatotoxicity of Chemicals in the Dorsal Skin of Hairless Dogs


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