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  • Alkyd coatings are a class of polyester coatings derived from the reaction of an alcohol (alkohol) and an acid or acid anhydride. Alkyd coatings today are typically manufactured from acid anhydrides such as phthalic anhydride or maleic anhydride and polyols such as glycerine or pentaerythritol and are modified with unsaturated fatty acids to give them air drying properties.
  • The unsaturated oils react with oxygen from the air which cause the oils to polymerize or crosslink with each other. The drying speed of the coatings depends on the amount and type of drying oil employed  and use of organic metal salts or "driers" which catalyze crosslinking between the unsaturated oils used to modify the base polyester resin.
  • Alkyd coatings are produced in two processes; fatty acid process and the alcoholysis or glyceride process. Higher quality higher performance alkyds are produced in the fatty acid process where the composition of the resulting resin can be more precisely controlled. In this process an acid anhydride, a polyol and an unsaturated fatty acid are combined and cooked together until the final product has achieved a predetermined level of viscosity as suitable for its intended use.
  • More economical alkyd resins are produced from the alcoholysis or glyceride process where end product quality control is not as paramount. In this process raw vegetable oil, high in unsaturated component, is combined with additional polyol and heated to cause transesterification of the triglycerides into a mixture of mono- and diglyceride oils.
  • Alkyd coatings are typically sold in three classes; Long, Medium, and Short. Long oil alkyds have a high percentage of drying oil content and are generally sold as medium duty coatings for the consumer market. Medium oil alkyds have less drying oil and have a higher percentage of large molecular weight polyester backbone. They dry slower and are employed as high gloss coatings and wood finishes. At the bottom end are short oil alkyds where the percentage of drying oil is very low in relation to the base polyester polymer or backbone chain. These coatings will not air dry or harden unless heated. Short oil alkyds are employed as baking enamels for finished metal products.
  • Alkyd resins are used in solvent-based paints. These paints incorporate driers which cause the alkyd to crosslink with itself using atmospheric oxygen as the solvent evaporates, resulting in a polymer that is no longer soluble in the original solvent.Alkyds are also used in stoving enamels where they are crosslinked with amino resins.
  • The paint and coatings industry is a mature market, growing at an estimated 2% per annum, or about the same rate as durable goods. Although a number of paint and coating manufacturers have captive resin manufacturing capabilities today, increased costs of product reformulation and updating of resin manufacturing processes to comply with environmental regulations are causing a shift from captive
    manufacturing to outsourcing.
  • Alkyd resins and copolymers are formulated and engineered according to customer specifications for various purposes and the same product can be used in different applications depending on the product's formulation.
 General Information and    History
  • Alkyd
  • Resin
  • Glycerol
  • Alkyd resin
  • Paints
  • History of painting mediums
  • History of plastic materials

Production methods

  • Manufacturing process of paints
  • Manufacturing methods of industrial resins
  • Alkyd resins derived from the glycolised PET
  • Technical advances in the manufacture of resins
  • Plasma spray process of coating

Types and Properties

  • Acrylic modified alkyds
  • Long oil alkyd resins
  • Short oil alkyd resins
  • Medium oil alkyd resins
  • Modified alkyd resins
  • Saturated polyester resins
  • Silicone modified alkyds
  • VT/Styrenated alkyds
  • Water reducible alkyd resins
  • Resins for decorative and protective & maintenance coatings
  • Effect of modification with nitrocellulose and phenol formaldehyde resins
  • Effects of alkyd/melamine resin ratio and curing temperature on the properties of the coatings
  • Alkyd Coating resin properties
  • Enhancing the quality of alkyd resins using methyl esters of rubber seed oil

Company Profiles

  • Crystal Chemicals
  • Daily Polymer Corporation
  • D.S.V. Chemicals
  • Frigmaires Engineers
  • IGPL
  • Kemwerke
  • Kraemer
  • Megara Resins Anastasios Fanis S.A.
  • Mobile Rosin Oil, Inc
  • Resins Polymer Industries
  • Scott Bader
  • Synthad chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


  • Consultants - Resumes
  • Experts in alkyd resin

Plants, Projects and products

  • Hagemann alkyd and polyester resin plants
  • CSR chemicals resins plants
  • Hawilux paint and resin plants
  • Sovent based resin plants
  • Profile of plastic resin and manmade fiber industries
  • The Demiurge project
  • The development of Euphorbia lagascae as a new oil crop within the European community
  • Formation of alkyd resin dispersions using OFM
  • List of alkyd resin products


  • Polymer applications
  • Technical specification of never paint again textured wall coatings
  • Corrosion resistant resins for chemical containment and piping
  • New UV-curing wood coatings for exterior applications
  • Decorative coating resins
  • Pentaerythritol applications
  • Novel carbohydrate based alkyd resins as binders for coatings


  • Foreign buyers of alkyd resins
  • Indian buyers of alkyd resins
  • Buy trade leads of alkyd resins
  • Alkyd resins buyers list
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Glycerol-Data sheet
  • Pentaerythritol- Data sheet
  • Phthalic anhydride
  • Phthalic anhydride- Spectrum fact sheet
  • Soy based paints and coatings- Fact sheet


  • Alkyds
  • Alkyd resin
  • Alkyd resins
  • Acrylate- modified alkyd resin
  • Alkyd resin emulsion
  • Alkyd resin cure modifiers
  • Polyurethane-modified alkyd resin
  • Process for producing grafted alkyd resin
  • Solvent-borne alkyd resin compositions
  • Water-dissipatable alkyd resins and coatings prepared therefrom


  • The basics of resin technology
  • Coating technology of alkyd resins
  • Lorama polysaccharide resin technology modification of an exterior alkyd high gloss white enamel
  • The preferred technology for the future
  • Development of Environment-friendly technologies
  • Quantitative determination of the distribution of free hydroxylic and carboxylic groups in  alkyd resins
  • Characterization of alkyd resins using NMR spectroscopy


  • Advances in waterborne UV coatings
  • Reichhold company market
  • Overview of market of paints, pigments and dyes
  • Phthalic anhydride market details
  • Resin production in Poland


  • Polymer in HA-73-8835 alkyd resin
  • Polymer in HA-45-6149 alkyd resin
  • Power coating resins- Company report
  • Mcwhorter Technologies Inc- Company report
  • Agriculture and industry explore new crop and market opportunities
  • Meeting report for production of polymers
  • Sales and production of paints in 1998
  • Development of equipment for alkyd resins manufacture

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of alkyd resin
  • Suppliers of alkyd resins
  • Distributors of alkyd resins
  • Exporters of alkyd resins
  • Factories of alkyd resins
  • Foreign exporters of alkyd resins
  • Indian exporters of alkyd resins
  • Selling leads of alkyd resins
  • Directory of alkyd resins suppliers
  • Sell trade leads of alkyd resins

 Safety and Guides

  • Guidelines for manufacturing alkyd enamels with lorama polysaccharide resin technology
  • Guide for Australian paint manufacturing industry
  • Environmental guidelines for petrochemicals manufacturing
  • Environmental, health and safety guidelines for petroleum-based polymers manufacturing

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