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  • Metallic melts can be foamed in one of three ways: by injecting gas into the liquid metal from an external source, by causing an in-situ gas formation in the liquid by admixing gas-releasing blowing agents to the molten metal, or by causing the precipitation of gas which was previously dissolved in the liquid
  • Aluminium foam originates by solidification of liquid aluminium in which fine gas bubbles are dispersed. Aluminium foam possesses high stiffness at very low density. It absorbs high impact energies regardless of the impact direction. It is highly efficient in sound absorption, electromagnetic shielding and vibration damping.
  • Aluminium foam is a highly porous cellular material were pores represent 65 - 90 % of the total volume. The foaming process principally does not affect the properties of the cell-wall material.
  • The production process begins with the mixing of metal powders - elementary metals, alloys or powder blends - with a foaming agent, after which the mix is compacted to yield a dense, semi-finished product.This mixture may be compacted by various powder consolidation processes such as extrusion, hot pressing, or hot isostatic pressing, to produce a semi-product having a gas tight metallic matrix.
  • Foaming a piece of precursor material in a furnace results in a lump of metal foam with an undefined shape unless the expansion is limited in certain directions. This is done by inserting the precursor material into a hollow mould and expanding it by heating.
  • Lost foam cast aluminium A356 is increasingly used in the automative industry for engine block and cylinder head applications due to its combined properties of excellent castability, corrosion resistance and in particular, high tensile and fatigue strength after heat treatment.
  • Solid metallic foams exhibit many unusual combinations of physical and mechanical properties that make them attractive in a number of engineering applications. For instance, when used as cores of structural sandwich panels, they offer high stiffness in conjunction with low weight. Their use in energy absorption devices exploits their capacity to undergo large deformations at almost constant stress.
  • Metal foams, full of tiny air bubbles like a sponge cake, are gradually making inroads in industrial applications. Lightness and high energy absorption are two demanded material characteristics. Less known is the use of open-pored variants for decorative purposes.
  • The closely related closed-pore metal foams are already making headway in numerous applications. Their low weight predestines them for use in light but rigid assemblies in machines with moving parts.
  • Metal foams made of grains and pores only nanometers or billionths of a meter wide are lighter than Styrofoam, enough to float on water. The extraordinarily high surface areas these unprecedented foams possess suggest they could serve as excellent platforms for chemical reactions that for instance help generate electricity or remove pollutants, experts told UPI's Nano World.
  • Aluminum Foam-FAQs
  • Fibre Reinforced Aluminium Foams
  • Metal Foam
  • Aluminium Foam- Sandwich Structures
  • Strain Localization in  Aluminum Foam


  • Microstructure of Open Cell Aluminum Foam
  • Acoustic Properties of Aluminium Foams
  • Physical Properties of Aluminium Foams
  • Characterization of Aluminum Foam
  • Crash Behaviour of Aluminium Foams
  • Compressive strength
  • Duocel Aluminum Foam
  • Mechanical Properties of Stabilized Aluminium Foam
  • Mechanisms of Misrun Formation in Aluminum Lost Foam Castings
  • Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Al-Foam
  • Permeability of Metal Foams
  • Aluminium & zinc foam - behavior comparison


  • Manufacturing Routes for Metallic Foams
  • Aluminium Foam Process
  • Metal Foams-Manufacture
  • Production, Properties, and Applications of Alulight
  • Aluminum Foam Production Using X-Ray Radioscopy
  • Metal Foam Made by  Melt Route
  • Production Methods for Metallic Foams
  • Preparation of Aluminium Foams
  • Powder Metallurgical Process for Production of Metallic Foams
  • Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Foam Materials
  • Models of Fabrication of  Metal Foams
  • Preparation of Metal Foam Laminates Using Foaming Technique
  • Aluminium Foam Manufacturing Techniques
  • Commercial Aluminium Alloys


  • Aluminum Form Technology
  • Aluminum Foam
  • Foaming Parameters
  • Technology Offer
  • Particulate reinforced aluminum melts
  • Aluminum Lost Foam Castings
  • Aluminum Nano-Foam
  • Research Centre - China
  • Japanese Technology
  • Improvement of Aluminium Foam Technology by Tailoring of Blowing Agent
  • Multifunctional Foam
  • Perspective Technology
  • Powder Technology-Aluminium Foam
  • Conference October, 2010
  • Zeolite Crystallization


  • Cymat Granted Key Aluminum Foam Casting Patent in Europe
  • Method and Apparatus For Low Pressure Aluminium Foam casting
  • Method for Producing Foamed Aluminum Products
  • Forming Metal Foam Structures
  • Heat Dissipating Device with Metal Foam
  • Process for Producing Metal/Metal Foam Composite Components
  • Process for Shape Casting of Particle Stabilized Metal Foam


  • Alusion Product Information
  • Damping Aluminum Foam Sheet
  • PM-Aluminium-Foam Products
  • Aluminium Foam Products
  • Reinforced Aluminum Foams
Project and Plant
  • Foaming of Aluminum
  • Advanced Lost Foam Casting
  • Cellular Metals
  • Equipments for metal foam production
  • Product made - example of aluminum foam
  • Lost Foam Plant
  • Foundry Lost Foam Process Plant and Equipment
  • Modeling Compaction Bands in Metal Foams
  • Lightweight Structural Applications based on Metallic and Organic Foams
  • Metal Foams for Guards on High-Speed Machine Tools


  • Metal Foam Center
  • Company Designs
  • Technology Institute
  • German Institute
  • Andreas Mortensen
  • Aluminum Inset Casting Expert
  • Aluminum Consulting
  • Lost Foam
  • Organization Consultancy


  • Alusion Applications
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Strain Rate Effect of an Open Cell Aluminum Foam
  • Industrial Applications
  • Fluidity of Aluminum in Lost Foam Casting Process
  • Porosity in Complex 3D-Parts Prepared From Aluminum Foam


  • Annual General Meeting
  • Company2005 Annual Report
  • Technical Bulletin
  • Firm Whips Up Aluminum Foam
  • Cost Estimation and the Viability of Metal Foams
  • Material Innovations
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Company Annual Report
  • Characterisation of Ultra Light Aluminium Foams Using Micro-CT
  • Aluminium Quarterly Report


  • Aluminium Foam
  • Aluminium Foams for Lighter Vehicles
  • Metal Foams Finding Increasing Applications in Architecture
  • Nano World
  • Metal Foam Delivers Superlight Components
  • Material Database
  • Future Materials

Manufacturers, Suppliers

  • Metal Foam Manufacturers
  • Aluminum Foam Suppliers
  • Aluminum Foam Manufacturer
  • Equipments for metal foam production

Company Profiles

  • European Company
  • Austria Company
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Innovative Technology Company
  • German Company
  • Institute of Materials & Machine Mechanics
  • British Company
  • Multinational Group

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