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  Content Headlines for the Information on the CD ROM

Bamboo  Farming

  • Bamboo Industry : Past, Present & Future
  • Bamboo Nurseries
  • Bamboo Nurseries - Technology transfer
  • Medium & Large Bamboo Plantations
  • Bamboo preservation by sap displacement
  • More details on Large Plantations
  • More on Bamboo preservation by sap displacement
  • Calcutta Bamboo
  • Cultivation Potentials in Europe
  • Improved Cultivation Technique for High-yielding Bamboo Stands for Industrial Pulp and Paper Production
  • Bamboo Preservation
  • More on Bamboo Preservation
  • Bamboo Shoot Plantation
  • More on Bamboo Shoot Plantation
  • Land reclamation
  • World Bamboo Congress

   World Market

  • Potentials in Australia
  • Bamboo Shoots - Supply Chain Management
  • Bamboo : An overlooked Biomass
  • Bamboo as Construction Material
  • Culinary Bamboo Shoots
  • Bamboo Flooring & Environment
  • International Network for Bamboo & Rattan
  • Strength and Durability of Bamboo Treated Through an Oil-curing Process
  • Integrated Rural Bamboo Project
  • Bamboo: A material for cost effective and
    disaster resistant housing
  • Bamboo Biodiversity
  • Advance Bamboo Applications
  • Ecuador Bamboo Industry
  • Hand Made Paper Industry - India
  • Building a Bamboo House
  • Industrial Utilization of Bamboo
  • The Multipurpose Plant
  • Hydroelectric Plant


  Projects Information

  • Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource & Technology
  • Bamboo Flooring Manufacturing Project
  • Laminated Bamboo Floor Board Manufacturing Unit
  • Bamboo Furniture Making Unit
  • Laminated Bamboo Furniture Project
  • Corrugated Bamboo Sheet Project
  • Another Model Corrugated Sheet Project
  • Bamboo Roofing Sheet
  • Tooth Pick Manufacturing Unit
  • More details on Tooth Pick Making
  • Sample Project for Mat Trays
  • Charcoal Unit
  • Match Stick Unit
  • Woven Bamboo Products
  • More details on Woven Bamboo
  • Panel Construction for Bamboo House
  • Bamboo Mat Board
  • Another sample mat project
  • Project for Bamboo Mat Board
  • Bamboo Mat - wood veneer composites
  • Hand Made Paper
  • Hand Made Bamboo Paper
  • Bamboo Splitting & Silvering Unit
  • More on Bamboo Splitting & Silvering
  • The Bamboo Treadle Pump
  • More details on Treadle Pump Project
  • Bamboo Flooring Techniques
  • The major steps involved in the process of making paper.
  • Small Scale Paper Making

More Information Sources

  • Research Papers
  • Latest News
  • What is talked about 
  • Reference Books & Publications
  • Products being sold
  • Directory of Links

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