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@ a glance
  • Beta vulgaris (Linn.) is a native of South Europe, extensively cultivated as an article of food and especially for the production of sugar, and presents many varieties.
  • The juice of the Red Beetroot was recommended 'to stay the bloody flux' and 'to help the yellow jaundice,' also the juice 'put into the nostrils, purgeth the head, helpeth the noise in the ears and the toothache.
  • Beets are low in calories and are a good source of vitamin C. A medium sized root has only 50 calories, no fat, and supplies 4% of the daily vitamin C requirement. Beet tops (greens) are an excellent source of vitamin A and
    provide more minerals and vitamins than the root.
  • The red pigment in beetroot - betaline is used as a natural food colouring for a wide range of foods, including frozen pizzas, tomato paste and strawberry icecream.
  • Beets are grown for both the fresh market and the processing industry.  The major beet producers are Russia, France, the US, Poland, and Italy.  In recent years, the US has grown beets on 14,000 acres. 
  •  Over 400,000 cwt. have been produced for the fresh market, with an additional volume of 200,000 tons for the processing industry.  Major production areas in the US are New York, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Texas.


General Characteristics

  • General Description
  • History of beets
  • Beets in the garden
  • Vegetable for health
  • Beneficial effects
  • Health aspects
  • Medicinal facts
  • Overview
  • Physicochemical properties
  • Varieties
  • Adverse effect

Technical Innovation

  • Powdered Beetroot
  • Commercial preparation of Beetroot Jam
  • Vitamin water
  • Beet Juice Extract
  • Beet juice powder
  • Commercial products
  • Encapsulated form
  • Thermal Treatment
  • Innovative product list
  • Redibeets
  • RediBeets - Beet juice
  • Biocare Beetroot Extract
  • Propagation method
  • Pre-cooked beets


  • BioSynthesis and radical scavenging activity
  • Colors from Nature
  • Colors in Foods
  • Determination of betanin
  • Natural colours
  • Commercial uses of Natural colors
  • Potential for colorants
  • Beeturia
  • Food color additive guide
  • Natural colorant - absorptive aspect
  • Natural colors
  • Allergen
  • Potential for Colorants from Plant Sources

Pigments and Dyes

  • Betalain Producing Cell Culture
  • Biosynthesis of Betalain
  • Betacyanin
  • Betanin
  • Beetroot dyes
  • Pretty Pigments
  • Stability of red beet pigments


  • Crops Production Guide
  • Recommended varieties for Selection & Plantation
  • Guide for Fresh - Market growers
  • Field Operations - hand book
  • Processing of Beets
  • Beetroot Seeds
  • Growing beetroot in UK
  • organic beetroot
  • Processing of Beetroot Powder
  • SkIL processing

Post Harvest Technologies

  • Beet root - Furovirus

  • Root rot for table beets

Market Details

  • Machine work rates

  • Defoliators

  • Filters

  • Suppliers

  • Relevant markets and the effects of the merger

  • US grades for table beets
  • US grades for canned beets

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