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  • Benzoin or 2-Hydroxy-2-phenylacetophenone or 2-Hydroxy-1,2-Diphenylethanone or desyl alcohol or bitter almond oil camphor is an organic compound consisting of an ethylene bridge flanked by phenyl groups and with a hydroxyl and a ketone functional group. It comes as off-white crystals, with a light camphor odor. Benzoin is synthesized from benzaldehyde in the benzoin condensation.
  • Benzoin resin or styrax resin is a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax. It is used in perfumes, some kinds of incense, and medicine. It principally contains benzoic acid. Commonly called "benzoin", it is called "benzoin resin" here to distinguish it from the crystalline compound benzoin. Benzoin resin does not contain this crystalline compound.
  • There are two types of benzoin resin used in incense and perfumery, benzoin Siam and benzoin Sumatra. Benzoin Siam is obtained from the Styrax tonkinensis Craib found across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Benzoin Sumatra is obtained from the Styrax benzoin Dryand. grown on the island of Sumatra. Both varieties are pathogenic resins, which are exuded from the tree when it is damaged.
  • Benzoin resin is a common ingredient in incense making and perfumery because of its aroma and fixtative properties. Gum benzoin is a major component of the type of church incense used in Russia and some other Orthodox Christian societies. Benzoin resin is also used in blended types of Japanese incense, Indian incense, and Chinese incense. When called sambrani or sambraani, it's a popular Indian incense used to scent and treat hair and prevent infections.
  • The benzoin condensation was originally discovered by using cyanide ion as a catalyst. The reaction also can be performed using thiamin. The benzoin condensation is one of the most important reactions of biochemistry, it is the central reaction in sugar biosynthesis and metabolism. It is catalysed by thiamin in living systems, not cyanide.
  • Benzoin (I), having both a secondary alcohol and a ketone functional group can be oxidized to a diketone, benzil (II), or reduced to a diol, hydrobenzoin (III). Sodium borohydride, is used for the reduction.
  • Benzoin has well-established uses in both allopathic and traditional forms of medicine. Several national pharmacopoeias - including the British, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Swiss, Thai and US - describe specifications and tests for benzoin. Although most imports of benzoin into Malaysia are of block benzoin for direct use as a source of incense, one fragrance compounder purchases benzoin extract for the production of joss stick perfumes. A little benzoin extract goes a long way, however, and in the case of Malaysia, less than 100 kg of extract are purchased per year.
 General Information
  • Benzoin
  • Benzoin Resin
  • Lindera Benzoin
  • Styrax Benzoin
  • Monographs of Benzoin
  • Random Image for benzoin

Production and Processing

  • Preparation of Benzoin
  • Preparation Procedure of Benzoin
  • Synthesis of Benzoin
  • Production process of Benzoin
  • Synthesis of Benzoin from Thiamine
  • Rhizopus Oryzae CBS 111718 Catalysed Enantioselective Benzoin Synthesis

Functions and Properties

  • Oxidation and Reduction of Benzoin
  • Benzoin Condensation
  • Conversion of Benzoin into 9,1 0-Phenanthrenequinone by Photocyclisation
  • Conversions of unsymmetrical benzoins in basic media
  • Reduction of Benzoin
  • Chemoselective air oxidation of benzoins to benzils using alumina
  • Reduction of benzoin using sodium borohydride
  • Nitric Acid Oxidation of Benzoin to Benzil

Company Profiles

  • PT. Benzoin Sumatra
  • Lamberti USA
  • Berje
  • Hem Corporation
  • Pure Pro
  • Salvi Chemical Industries
  • Super Chemicals


  • Alan G. MacDiarmid
  • Bert G. Drake
  • Experts on Benzoin
  • Ilka C. Feller
  • John C. Warner
  • Roy Chan Kum Wah


  • Benefits of Benzoin
  • Application of Benzoin
  • Uses of Lindera benzoin
  • Application of Benzoin Oxime
  • Aromatheraphic Uses of Benzoin
  • Uses of styrax benzoin
  • Benzoin Nature's Gift

Technology and Patent

  • New Developments in the Field of Reaction Technology
  • Ultraviolet light in nitrogen atmosphere with benzoin isopropyl ether as a photo-initiator
  • Novel  Acrylic Cure Polyester Powder Coating Resin Technology
  • Process for monohydroxylation of phenolic compounds
  • Laminated light polarized sheet
  • Fluorinated benzils and a process for their preparation
  • Method of Producing Benzoin Ethers
  • Production process of Benzoin Resin
  • Production of Photosensitive Recording Element
  • Monitoring a Chemical Reaction by High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • Carcinogenic Potency Project
  • Benzoin Resin Project
  • Benzoin Research Project
  • List of Projects of Benzoin


  • Benzoin Incense Sticks
  • Benzoin gum/oil
  • Helichrysium Cleanser
  • Lemon Burst Benzoin Products
  • Natural Soaps
  • Benzoin Burning Sticks
  • Benzoin Essential Oil
  • Benzoin Tincture
  • Pure Benzoin Oil

Market and  Report

  • Markets and end-uses of benzoin
  • Prospects for improved benzoin production and marketing in Lao PDR
  • Production and Marketing of Agro-Forest Products in
    Northwest Upland of Vietnam
  • Traditional benzoin production within its village context
  • Bioassay of Benzoin for Possible Carcinogenicity
  • Green Chem Company Report
  • Evolution and sustainability of systems of management between extractivism and plantations
  • Molecular Basis of Enantiomeric Discrimination
  • Cifor Annual Report
  • DSM Responsible Care Progress Report
  • Natural phenolic compounds Review

 Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Benzoin Tincture
  • Benzoin Compound Tincture
  • Benzoin Tincture Plain
  • Benzoin
  • JML Benzoin Data Sheet
  • Tincture of Benzoin Swabs - S42450
  • Alpha-Benzoin Oxime
  • Medi-Flex Benzoin Data Sheet

Manufacturers, Suppliers

  • Fischer Chemic Ltd.
  • Trade Leads of Benzoin
  • Manufacturers of Benzoin
  • SBEPL Benzoin Suppliers
  • Selling Leads of Benzoin
  • Benzoin Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Benzoin
  • Zhaoqing Dongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

 Safety and Guides

  • Plant Guidelines of Spicebush
  • Strategies for benzoin development and recommendations
  • Guidelines of Benzoin

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