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  • Drains are usually designed to carry different type of wastewater - from rainfall runoof to spent water generated from residential and commercial centres.
  • The basic principle involved is to allow the wastewater to flow through the coir geotextile bed placed in a specific configuration by eliminating the problems of stagnation.
  • Biodrains are configured into two different types mainly Annulur flow systems and baffled flow systems.
  • The bio-drain configuration could be easily fabricated and installed in the existing residential units and commercial establishments to reduce the decaying matter being taken directly to drains.
  • The aim of biodrainage is to remove excess groundwater through the process of transpiration by vegetation. This is achieved by enhancing the transpiration capacity of the landscape by introducing high-water use vegetaion types in large enough ares to balance recharge/discharge processes to maintain groundwater balances below the rootzone of the agriculture crops.
  • BioDrain Control helps keep septic systems working properly and counteracts drain line odors when dispensed on a regular basis according to directions.
  • The BioDrain fluid management system can be used to dispose of fluid wastes from many medical procedures, including: Orthopedic , Urologic , Obstetrics/Gynecologic , Neurosurgery , Plastic Surgery , Other / any endoscopic procedure , Any open general surgeries.
  • FAQ
  • Green Cleaning
  • Biodrainage
  • Biodrainage Works
  • Biodrainage Systems


  • Biodrainage Applications
  • Bio-Drains to Reduce Pollutants
  • PCB Remediation
  • Tech Trends
  • Bio-Polymer Slurry Drainage Trench Construction
  • Bio-Drain FMS Applications
  • Surgical Waste Disposal-United States Patent
  • Biodrainage Can Reduce Excess Moisture Risk


  • Modular Media for Wastewater Treatment
  • Bio-Drain Control
  • Biological Water Management
  • BioDrain Fluid Management System
  • Bio-Ecological Drainage System
  • Greenfix Environmental Solutions
  • Tree Plantations
    for Biodrainage Management
  • Bio-Polymer Drain Solution
  • Greenfix GreenRoof Systems

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • In Vade Bio-Drain
  • OdoBan Bio-Drain Control
  • BioOdor Control
  • Clean Bio-Drain Control
  • Swish Bio-Drain Control
  • Jaeger Products
  • BioDrain Grease & Waste
  • InVade Bio Cleaner
  • Green Cleaner/Degreaser
  • 142 Green
  • Micro Fiber
  • BioDrain Control
  • InVade Bio Drain Gel
  • Mega-Bio Drain Field Treatment
  • Power Max
  • Bio Drain Sachets
  • BioMatrix
  • Drain and Pipe Cleaners


  • Random Media Bio-Drain
  • Bio-Pac
  • 542 Green Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • 242 Green Neutral Cleaner
  • 342 Green Mild-Acid Bath
    & Grout Cleaner
  • Cleaning Tools and Equipment
  • Sessil Trickling Filters
  • Vacuum Cleaner

Projects and Reports

  • Controlled Drainage Project
  • TDR Project
  • Haryana Operational Pilot Project
  • APG Insitu Chlorinated Remediation
  • Bioreclamation of Sodic Waste Land
  • Investments in Waterlogging and Salinity Control
  • Remediation of Cooper Industries
  • BSC Buzz-2006


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