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  • BT resins are heat-resistant thermosets, made of bismaleimide triazine resin, co-reacted with epoxy, to give a resin system with some flexibility.
  • The proportions in the blend are varied to produce different properties: a resin with 10% bismaleimide by weight is used for general purpose circuit boards, as it has a similar curing temperature to epoxy resins.
  • The enhanced heat resistance of BT resins comes from their ring structure rather than increasing the density of cross links. This means that they have relatively good bond strength and are less brittle than epoxies.
  • BT resins also have a low proportion of polar groups, giving lower dielectric constant than FR-4, low loss, low dissipation factor, and excellent insulation resistance after moisture absorption: in humid conditions, their service life is several times that of conventional glass epoxy boards.
  • BT resin has become the preferred laminate material for many manufacturers because of its high Tg, low dielectric constant and good insulation properties. In fact, BT is now apparently the standard substrate material for BGA's, and is also being used in CSP laminates.
  • Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, the world’s largest producer of bismaleimide-triazine (BT) resin, a material used to make substrates that connect chips used in handsets to printed circuit boards.
  • BT Epoxy Basic Info
  • Resin Types


  • Modified BT cured Resin
  • BonDuit - Gel Resin – BT
  • BT Chelex 100 Resin


  • Duraver -BT-Cu
  • Dupont CB 102
  • BT/Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg
  • BT/Epoxy Laminate
  • Nelco BT/Epoxy Laminate

Company & Suppliers

  • Tokyo company
  • Supplier for BT resin


  • Smart phone makers face chip resin shortage
  • Analysts fear shortage of key resin


  • Controlling Moisture in Printed Circuit Boards
  • Recovery plan for specific BGA & LGA packages raw material
  • Risks to BT supply
  • PCB Laminate Materials
  • BT resin in full production in May
  • IC material supplier in korea, Taiwan and china developing BT resin
  • Limited BT resin impacts tablet production
  • Shortage of epoxy resin expected after quake

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  • In-situ Characterization of Moisture Absorption and Desorption in a Thin BT Core Substrate
  • Curing mechanism and properties of the Bismaleimide-Triazine/ EOVS composites
  • Novel modification of bismaleimide–triazine resin by reactive hyperbranched polysiloxane
  • Package Assessment of Fine Pitch Flex Tape and BT-resin Substrate
  • Reliability Study of High-Pin-Count Flip-Chip BGA


  • Effects of Bending Fatigue on the Electrical Resistance in Metallic
    Films on Flexible Substrates
  • A New Built-up Epoxy Resin PCB Technology for High Density Surface Mount Package and Device Attachment
  • Numerical analysis of thermally cycled Ball Grid Array solder joints
  • Silicon-on-Organic Integration of a 2.4-GHz VCO using high-Q copper inductors and solder- bumped Flip Chip Technology


  • Bismaleimide triazine composition
  • Bismaleimide-triazine resin and production method thereof
  • Bismaleimide-triazine resin bonded superabrasive wheels
  • High frequency electronic component having base substrate formed of bismaleimide-triazine resin and resistant film formed on base substrate
  • Flexible printed circuit board base material
  • Homogeneous BT epoxy compositions useful for the manufacture of electrical laminates
  • Halogen free triazines, bismaleimide/epoxy polymers, prepregs made therefrom for circuit boards and resin coated articles, and use

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