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  • A blood bank is a cache or bank of blood or blood components, gathered as a result of blood donation, stored and preserved for later use in blood transfusions.
  • A blood bank is a place designed especially for the storage of blood and blood products.
  • Large coolers hold these products at a constant temperature and they are available at a moment's notice.
  • A blood bank stores whole blood, packed red cells, plasma and other blood products.
  • These products are used for trauma patients, surgeries, blood transfusions that treat disease and a host of other applications.
  • The first blood bank in the United States opened in 1936 in Cook County Hospital in Chicago.
  • Later on, Dr. Charles Drew, a pioneer in the field of blood transfusion science, helped establish the first American Red Cross blood bank.
  • After that, organizations both public and private began establishing blood banks of their own, and soon, they could be found nationwide.
  • Blood and donors are screened for hepatitis, AIDS, malaria and other infectious diseases.
  • Blood type is determined by which antibodies and antigens the person's blood produces.
  • The most common blood type is O, followed by type A.
  • Whole blood can only be stored for a limited time, but various components of blood (red blood cells, platelets, albumin, and plasma fractions) can be frozen and stored for a year or longer.
  • Blood plasma, the fluid portion of the blood, may be frozen and/or dried and stored indefinitely.
  • The online Blood Bank
    Technology program curriculum provides
    intensive professional study in both theoretical and clinical educational areas of immunohematology for the experienced clinical
    laboratory scientist.
  • American Red Cross provides a nationwide collection and distribution service.
  • The Red Cross collects about 50% of the blood for the nation's blood banks.
  • The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) is an international organization of blood banks, transfusion and transplantation services, and those working in these groups.
  • The Food and Drug Administration licenses blood banks.

 Blood Bank and Donation

  • Blood Bank
  • Blood Bank Establishment
  • Infrastructure  Requirements
  • Calendar
  • Operations Schedule
  • Blood Component Therapy
  • Up-to-date List
  • FAQ
  • Autologous Blood Donation
  • Volunteers
  • Blood Withdrawal

Web Based Blood Bank

  • Blood Bank Software
  • Software Manual
  • Web Based Blood Bank Management
  • Blood Bank Analysis System

Blood Banks Sample

  • Blood Outlines
  • Siouxland Community Web Site
  • Blood Bank Resources

Blood Products and Processing

  • Administration
  • Blood Products Provision
  • Blood Transfusion Process
  • Specimen Collection
  • Blood Processing
  • Blood Plasma Processing
  • Blood Screening
  • Vacuette Tube
  • Antibody Test System
  • Blood Grouping Reagent
  • Blood Type "Q"
  • Tissue Bank Blood Protocol
  • Blood Separation

Profitable Blood Bank Set-Up

  • Altruism or Profit
  • Blood Drive Success
  • Blood Bank Set Up

Required Staff

  • Smart Start
  • Suriname Red Cross
  • Home Service
  • Transfusion  Responsibilities
  • Blood Ordering

Service and Technology

  • Blood Bank Services
  • Community Blood Services
  • National Blood Service
  • Blood Collection Services
  • Development and Modernisation
  • RFID Technologies
  • Specialist
  • Transfusion Services
  • Workshop


  • Navy Blood Program
  • National Blood Policy-India
  • Online Blood Bank Technology
  • Accreditation system
  • Questionnaire
  • Lifesaver Club Program
  • Blood Donor Benefit Program

Safety and Quality Regulation

  • Rules Amended
  • Blood Control Act
  • State Blood Transfusion Council
  • Blood Quality Regulations-UK
  • Quality Systems
  • Safety Progress
  • Quality and Safety Standards
Preventing Infections
  • Intravascular Devices
  • Leukocyte Reduction
  • Hepatitis
  • Avoiding Diseases


  • Transfusion Medicine
  • Terumo Penpol Limited
  • William Miller


  • Blood Bank Computing
  • Blood Donation
  • Blood Donors
  • HPFS Blood Bank
  • Sterile Connecting Devices
  • Massive Hemorrhage
  • Transfusion Recipients
  • Training Guide

Machinery Equipments and Suppliers

  • Blood Bank Equipment
  • Blood Bank Refrigerators
  • Equipments
  • Blood Bank Printers
  • Haemonetics
  • Blood Bag Tube Sealer
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Olympus
  • Bioasset Technologies
  • Blood Bank Refrigerators
  • Trade Leads

Market and Cost Estimation

  • Blood Market
  • Therapeutic Apheresis-US
  • Global Med Technologies
  • Blood Counts
  • Plasma Freezer
  • Placental
  • CJD Blood Tests

Investment required & profitability

  • Profit Center
  • Greenhouse Fund
  • Biological Insurance
  • Haemonetics
  • Directed/Designated Blood Donations
  • Blood Center Construction

Blood Bank Center

  • Blood Donor Centers
  • America's Blood Centers
  • Apheresis Center
  • BCP
  • Baxter
  • Cisco Systems
  • Globule Blood Donor Centers
  • Hawaii’s Community Blood Center
  • Inland Northwest Blood Center
  • New York Blood Center
  • Puget Sound Blood Center
  • San Diego Blood bank
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Blood Bank Computer Systems
  • Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank
  • Rock River Valley

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