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Information Profile at a Glance

  • Ceramic colours are pigments based on Zirconium and are used directly in enamel slip, pottery, coloured wall tiles, sanitaryware etc. Zirconium based yellow, blue, green and pink stains are used directly for producing coloured wall tiles..
  • Overglaze Ceramic colours of low temperature are widely used for decoration on glazed ceramic articles and to manufacture ceramic transfers. Underglaze Ceramic colours are commonly used for decoration on unglazed ceramic articles which are finally covered with a transparent glaze.
  • The main raw materials are Glass Fluse and pigments. 4 MT of raw batch of materials are required for every 3 MT of glass flux to be produced.
  • Ceramic colours find application in different types of wall tiles, ceramic articles etc. In the modern age, ceramic wall tiles and other ceramic articles are being used increasingly.
  • Stains are fired blends of metal and ceramic oxides that have been reground into a fine powder. Stains containing otherwise toxic oxides can be employed without significant dangers. This is the first aspect of something that stains have that coloring oxides don't: stability. A second aspect of stability is that stains produce much more consistent and repeatable color than using raw oxide colors. Stain companies often supply multiple products to produce a given color using different oxide systems .

 Content Headlines on CD ROM

  • Basics Brochure
  • Ceramic Chemicals
  • About Colorants, Pigments and Dyes
  • Glaze Materials
  • Ceramic Stains Overview

List of Colours

  • CMYK Colour Chart
  • Anima Ceramic Design
  • Colors and Pigments
  • Chinese Brush Painting Colors
  • Pottery Colors
  • Graphic Design for Ceramic Tiles
  • Resene RGB Values List

Manufacturing Process and Coloring Techniques

  • How are Ceramics Produced
  • How do the Coatings Work
  • Fairy Tales
  • Low Emissivity Coatings
  • More on Heat Transfer
  • R Value and Insulating Coatings
  • Temperature and Heat Flow
  • Truth in Insulating Coatings
  • Can Ceramic Insulation Coatings be applied direct to Carbon Steel
  • How CoolColors and Eclipse Work
  • Soluble Salt Work
  • Color in Glazes
  • InstantColor
  • InstantColor Plus

Products and Its Price

  • Chinese Catalogues
  • Super Ceramic Repair Liquid Color Additive-MSDS
  • Ceramic Color Products
  • Ceramic Products
  • Color Products
  • Ceramic Powder and Products
  • Chemicals Price List


  • HID Technology
  • Ceramic Tedchnologies
  • Ceramic Colour Management System
  • Preservation Of Low-Fired Ceramic Objects
  • Ferro R&D involved in Color Matching Technology
  • Bonding Frits For Ceramic Composites-US Patent
  • Super Ceramic Software
  • CMYK Test Strip Printer, exposure
  • Optimised 7-colour separations for ceramic decal printing


  • Ferro Corporation and subsidiaries Annual Report
  • Ceramic Tiles Market Report 2006
  • CTIOA Report
  • Ceramic Market Report Lists
Decal Processing
  • Decal
  • Decals - basics
  • Decal Paper
  • Decal Making
  • Decal Manufacture
  • Ceramic & Glass Decoration
  • Laser Printed Decals
  • Liquid Laminator
  • Laser Decals
  • Solvent-based overprint lacquer
  • Decal Paper Suppliers
  • Decal Paper Manufacturer
  • RGB to CMYK Conversion
  • CMYK Guide


  • History of Colour Standards
  • Ceramic Color Standards
  • Spectralon Diffuse Color Standards
  • Gloss and Matt Standards
  • Care & Measurement Guide
  • Color Measurements at NPL
  • Thermochromism Data
  • ICC Recommendations for Color Measurement

Project Information

  • Project Brief
  • Project Outline
  • Machinery supplier - Italy
  • Machines & spare parts
  • Ceramic Colour Production systems
  • Glaze Formulations
  • Handbook - Clays Glazes Colours
  • Ceramic Colours-Project Profile
  • List of Consultants
  • Consultant - technical
  • Company for Transfer of Technology
  • Technology Company - Italy
  • Ceramic Glazing Experts
  • Glaze preparation equipment
  • Ganguli Ceramic materials
  • Raw materials suppliers
  • Reference & Guide

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers

  • Ceramic Colors Manufacturers in India
  • Ceramic Colors Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
  • Ceramic Colour Wholesaler in UK
  • Ceramic Pottery Suppliers
  • Ceramic Glazes Worldwide Suppliers
  • Glazes and Colorants Suppliers
  • Ceramic Glaze-Trade Leads
  • On Glaze Ceramic Colors Supplier
  • Ceramic Colors & Glazes Suppliers
  • Ceramic Color Buyers
  • Ceramic Glaze Buyers
  • Ceramic Colours Importer in India

Manufacturing Company

  • Shepherd Color Company
  • Gare
  • Ceramic Colours India
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Ferro Corporation
  • Colorasia
  • Sukaso CeraColors
  • Chaozhou Baoshi Ceramic Industrial

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